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The “Ransom-Ware” which looks for Games : TESLACRYPT

Teslacrypt is a type of ransom ware which was made to target the computers which had specific games installed in the computers. The subtype of this ransom ware is crytovirus. It is classified as Trojan horse with the operating system of windows which was affected the most. When it used to affect the computer the malware software started to search 185 extensions of 40 different games which included the call of duty series, world of war craft, and world of tanks. As soon as it found the extensions it started to encrypt them. Mainly the saved data used to be attacked. Not only the saved data used to be attacked the player’s profiles, customs maps and game mods stored on the victim’s hard drives were also be attacked. For unlocking all those files and data the victim is promoted to pay a ransom of 500$ in order to get the key to unlock the encrypted files.

While assembling the crypto locker, teslacrypt never used to share any code with crypto locker. The malware which used infect the computer it used to infect by angler adobe flash exploit. It was also claimed that teslacrypt ransom ware used asymmetric encryption to lock the files of the victim. There were researchers from Cisco’s tales group found that symmetric encryption was a tool which was used to unlock the victims file. Mostly this ransom ware was infected to the computers which had the software of windows. Now they are analyzing that which program can be found out so that the victim can use the same master keyword to lock and unlock the files. There are many versions of teslacrypt. But only of two versions the key is given which are as follows:

  • The systems which are infected by ransom ware stores they have a encryption key word to unlock the files which is key.dat
  • The ones which have to delete the encrypted files after finishing they have a different version plus the different key to unlock which is RECOVERY_KEY.TXT

They also have started using the malicious program which actually uses symmetric encryption algorithm which is known as AES. This algorithm uses the key to lock and unlock the files. While the researchers are developing a new tool so that the victim can decrypt the file as soon as it is locked. While the victims are should save a copy while unlocking the file and even when they are typing the master keyword. This malware is very dangerous for the people who are game lovers. Playing games is not harmful but you should always check the site and play the games. The researchers are still in process of finding more keywords so that the users should not through any problem. Now gradually they are increasing the money to unlock the files which have been locked.

The researchers have recently said that they are working on the algorithm used by attackers to lock the users file. Then people to do these things are very dangerous as they can lock there any file and for unlocking the users have to pay high amount which somebody likes and somebody doesn’t likes. If, the researchers are successful the files will not be locked at any cost because the master key they use will be given to each user whose files will be locked and that user can unlock the files, games and, may more things which have been locked. As mentioned above, the Teslacrypt which uses the asymmetric encryption is totally based on the RSA public key. If this statement comes out to be true then that store key will be given to each user whose files, games and everything is blocked.

Facebook videos will FLOAT as you scroll

The Social Media Giant has introduced a new feature to make Facebook more creative and more flexible which has already rolled out to many users at this point of time. If everything goes well, then all the Facebook users will be able to use this feature. You will love this video feature which enables you to watch video while reading your favorite article.

It can be accessed by a new button located on the bottom right of all embedded video. Click on it and it will pop-out from News Feed and it will float as you browse your news Feed. It is ideal for you to keep browsing your News Feed while the video is still playing. If your video is long and you do not want to watch it completely so you can scroll your News Feed along with the video, the video will float at the same time you can browse your News Feed. Right now Facebook is in the testing phase. But if this feature works well then Facebook will be marching towards online video dominance. With this new feature Facebook is targeting more audience to view its video content.

floating video - facebook

This video is actually built in a video player and if you click the new button you can detach the video and place it anywhere in your browser. You can basically drag it around your browser. The functionality of the player like play, pause, like, share and options will be the same. The video will keep playing while you browse down the News Feed till you click button to switch pages or post or logout from Facebook.The video disappears once you switch to a different page. Other than dragging and scrolling the video you can also place the video into any location within the webpage while you continue browsing you favorite post.

This feature is currently available to only the desktop version of Facebook. Clicking on the video on the Newsfeed will open the video in full screen mode as it is yet not available on mobile apps. This is only the testing phase and there is also a possibility that the feature will not permanently be released. Facebook has been making a big push in to online video content in the last few months. It has made lot of changes to its video approach and in March it launched a way to let users embed Facebook videos on websites. Facebook’s floating video is right now in the experimental phase and this additional feature is a way to increase viewership on videos.

Facebook is in news since long that facebook wants to get into video as a major force. Adding a new feature means people will spend more time reading posts, including viewing sponsored posts that advertisers pay for. They are trying to implement this feature as they recently faced criticism for the fact that they are charging advertisers for sponsored videos the moment they begin playing. The battle cannot get more interesting than this. Facebook has been trying to challenge YouTube’s video supremacy since long. Facebook is offering video creators cut revenue from ads that display before or during their videos. It’s the first time Facebook has shared video revenue and may challenge You Tube for the attention creators.

One of the limitations is that you can’t resize the video window and the popup is too small to see the details. But it’s better if you are viewing the window as well as scrolling your browser. This feature is pretty useful if you don’t want to just sit watching a longer video or just want to keep aimlessly browsing your feed. Now keep an eye out for the function to hit the Facebook mobile app.

Bug on Instagram !

Social networking site plays a very important role in our life these days. These sites have entered our reality. Followers, number of likes, number of comments matters a lot to few users. For them this virtual world is there real world and they keep on doing things to gain popularity on this virtual world. They keep changing their profile pictures and videos to gain popularity on this virtual world. This virtual world is going crazy on having increase in number of followers.

Followers on Instagram were delighted to see sudden increase in their number of followers. This made them feel that they have suddenly become popular. Few of them were confused and few were happy to see their followers increased all of a sudden. They started noticing that count had risen drastically over the past few days. Seeing increase in the number of followers made them feel that their photos and videos were gaining popularity.

The random increase in number of followers was affecting people. Some accounts reported an increase of 100 followers, some by 500 followers. Some people even noticed as many as 100000 new followers being added to their accounts. There seemed to have no explanation for sudden increase in number of followers. Lot of anxious and curious users took this issue to twitter to express their confusion. Many users thought that it could be that the site must have been hacked while some thought of some security threat. Few users were anxious and happy to see that their popularity levels were going high.

Twitter users were seen tweeting that they were confused to see so many followers. They thought those were real followers or if instagram was hacked. A search on Twitter showed many users with smaller following also saw an instant increase over the last few days. Instagram Help center provide this information “We’ve identified a bug causing incorrect follower counts to appear on some profiles .We’re working to fix it, and any counts that have been affected will be resorted when we’ve resolved the issue.”

So Instagram is working on the issue and once done with the problem the follower count will be back to normal. With the problem being resolved follower count will be back and the so called fame of few users will also come back to normal. The users will soon start seeing the exact number of followers who follow them. Instagram has 200 million users who share an average of 60 million photos per day. Instagram
however did not say how long it would take to fix the problem or how many accounts were affected.

But actually it was not that users were being followed or unfollowed on Instagram but only the count had changed or increased on the profiles. So if you were happy to know that your popularity has suddenly increased so come back to senses and bear the harsh truth that nothing happened. It was only the change in the count of followers not the actual followers. This all happened due to a bug and the increase was thus a mistake.

Once Instagram fixes this bug users will regain their actual number of followers and the actual count of followers they hold. So it was a bug which made you popular overnight and not your photography skills or anything else. The bug was found and is being fixed by Instagram.In the past also Instagram has deleted fake spam accounts at once which dropped the follower count of few users. Users were confused and panicked to see the less count in followers as they though they must have offended few followers and so the less number of followers.

WixEd a free online school for Website Design

With the rise of online education, online course providers are embracing the web’s potential to match students with the kinds of timely knowledge and skills to enable them to thrive in the global environment .It’s not enough for a course to be accessible online, it must be designed in a way that keys into the digital pulse of current events, trending topics and insider knowledge.

DIY website creator Wix has come out with an online education program. WixEd is now out of a month long beta period. WixEd is a free online education program that teaches Wix users everything they need to launch a Website. It is for those who want to learn more about being a Webmaster. Through Wix’s easy to use drag-and-drop, no coding needed tools, anyone can create their unique website and manage and grow their online business. The aim of the company is to get interested web designers start their own Web design business.

What is WixEd?

WixEd is free learning program that teaches you to build beautiful websites for clients and make a successful business out of it. It is perfect for designers and students with a creative streak looking to enter the digital industry as freelance web professionals.

WixEd program leader Yuval Finkelstein says “all of the strengths that online marketing had two years ago are now available for small business owners, they just need the professionals that can do it.”He further said that “It’s not only about building websites; it’s about being the person who is responsible for the online presence of a small business.”

WixEd is broken down into courses and classes. It provides both theory and practical advice of each topic. You will also learn technical tips on creating websites, business tips on finding and managing clients and all that’s in between.

The course contents are:-

–    Wix Webmaster-Learn about web design services from finding new clients to creating websites. It teaches web design with the tools Wix          provides
–    Two courses on business and marketing. WixEd offers all the basic tools necessary like SEO training, accounting and Web design using Wix products.

WixEd has added a layer of human support and carefully designed the content to make the course as efficient as possible. Wix is prepared to scale the program quickly to keep up with demand and Finkelstein says it will be free forever.

Lessons are in video format just like other learning courses. You learn through watching videos, complete assignments, and track your progress on the website. You earn points as Wix coins. As you advance in the course and submit upgraded client sites, you’ll gain career points which will convert into spendable Wix coins. These coins can be used in marketplace where Wix sells gift cards and various goods. As you reach each milestone throughout the course you will receive badges to help you showcase you progress.

Features of WixEd :-

–  You can turn your business skills into a business.
–  You earn WixEd certificate.
–  You learn to create impressive websites without code, using stunning web templates and powerful drag and drop editing tools.
–  It is great for designers and students with a creative streak looking to gain real job experience.
–  You will get reward point for motivational support along with acquiring skills and confidence.

A group of Wix instructors are on call to answer questions and review the homework that’s assigned after each section, including building website for a real small business client. Once you complete and pass the course WixEd will send you a physical cop[y of a certification award. It will take two to three weeks to complete the course and already WixEd has seen a couple of beta user’s blaze through the entire program in the course of a weekend.

Re Timer : Treatment of Insomnia With Light Emitting Glasses

There are countless wearable that flaunt about health benefits and demonstrate many experimented evidential proofs of improving the health of the people. It is very clear that there is a long time to wait for when these wearable accessories would become necessity. Researchers at University of Buffalo, last week, revealed their work and progress they have achieved on the pair of LED eye glasses that would be used to treat insomnia with the help of light therapy.

There are countless wearable that flaunt about health benefits and demonstrate many experimented evidential proofs of improving the health of the people. It is very clear that there is a long time to wait for when these wearable accessories would become necessity. Researchers at University of Buffalo, last week, revealed their work and progress they have achieved on the pair of LED eye glasses that would be used to treat insomnia with the help of light therapy.

There is a large variety of phones and smart watches that hype about features that track sleep. They have been able to manage offering accurate measure of how acute the problem has turned up. You surely do not need a tracker of your sleep that would share and would provide you the information regarding that how much rest you are receiving that night, if you are up around 3 in the morning. Even though few medicines are successful in providing relief with the problem of insomnia but the side effects caused by the intake of medicine are no less than malaise.

Here enters the Light Therapy. Re Timer light emitting glasses are used to treat insomnia. To combat insomnia practices like using selective lighting to reset the biological clock of a person are in use since several decades. But, the success in the technological file sets back due to many hurdles and obstacles in development and usage of technology. Earlier, usage of light therapy was such that it involved breaking from the regular activities of a person so as to make the person sit in front of a device that would emit light at the wavelength that would be equal to that of the bright sunlight. While conducting these sessions, light is directly flashed into the field of vision of the person or the user while triggering
the neurotransmitters that are actually dependent for setting up of the biological clock of the person.

Researchers although use the same method but have changed the light source and have placed it on a pair of glasses that emit light, at the University. They are not different from the Google Glasses.

Sleep being a major problem for the patients of Lung Cancer, the study was conducted by the researchers on the patients of Lung Cancer. Also, people who reside far away from the equator also are prone to risk of insomnia. There are a separate group of insomniacs, people who use mobile phones and other gadgets which make them sleepless at nights and hamper their biological clock.

The time is not so far when every disease would be cured using products like Re timer which is a very commercializing product these days what emits lights within the glasses to cure insomnia.

Selfies to check Authentication of MasterCard Payments

The major concern of the bank these days is more of retaining and preserving their customers over attracting the new customers. A very recent study conducted, stated that most of the applications that are provided by the banks for the ease of their customers are majorly prone to phishing and attacks by viruses. There are a lot of security issues which are related to the banks and hence to the customers of the bank. Well, you don’t have to worry much as here enters the savior; MasterCard. The companies have now developed a new way of checking and authenticating the credentials of a person without leaving one percent chance of cyber-attacks.

The major concern of the bank these days is more of retaining and preserving their customers over attracting the new customers. A very recent study conducted, stated that most of the applications that are provided by the banks for the ease of their customers are majorly prone to phishing and attacks by viruses. There are a lot of security issues which are related to the banks and hence to the customers of the bank. Well, you don’t have to worry much as here enters the savior; MasterCard. The companies have now developed a new way of checking and authenticating the credentials of a person without leaving one percent chance of cyber-attacks.


The customer only needs s to download the MasterCard app and while making a purchase they could be easily able to mark their authentication by their selfie or finger prints. You need to blink for the application to be able to click and capture your photo. The characteristics of your face would be examined and coded into an algorithm and would be sent to the server.  The company ensures that the selfie would only be used for the purpose of examining the identity based on the face features of the customer and would not be saved by any chance.

The company has a belief that this system could be the solution to stop and end any sort of cyber attacks like hacking. The test would be soon conducted in USA on 500 participants to check the vulnerability of the application along with the quality of its authentication and after the success of the trial run this feature would be introduced all over the globe.  The developers expect it to be a success as the features of the face can’t be faked which would lead to a safe payment method.

There is a little chance of failure in the PIN approach and OTP authentication methods or maybe at times if the website of the bank is closed for the purpose of its maintenance which would lead to problems in coding.

Even after this the user tries to hack or misuse the system, it is almost next to impossible to replicate the finger print of the other user and also not the features of the face, like moles on the face, eyes color, etc.

This extremely new way to confirm the authentication of the user is quite fun and very trendy and above that the effectiveness of this app of matching the selfie with earlier clicked slefie. The question is how fast the application would cross check the two images.

How to Improve Site Speed in WordPress ?

WordPress is a very handy and useful platform for designing and operating websites. With such a wide range of plugins & themes WordPress can be used to make many different types of websites. However one issue that most WordPress users have to face is the problem of speed. I guess the saying you can’t have everything comes in play here, or can you?

We will start by highlighting the importance of site speed. Slow sites not only end up losing on users, since users obviously would prefer an alternative website which would load faster, but most search engines include site speed in their ranking algorithm. So your website will have
a lower search ranking as well.

Now, to speed up your site follow the following simple steps and your life is going to be a sea of sheer bliss-

1.  A good host however somewhat expensive is way better than a shared host. If you are planning on uploading viral content which you of course are, shared hosting will ensure that your content never goes viral. That slow speed is going to make users disappear.

2.  Always go for simpler themes. The default WP themes are usually the speediest options available. Their speediness maybe attributed to their
light framework.

3.  Some of the most useful plugins which you will come across WordPress are the caching plugins which help immensely in speeding up your
page load time.

4.  Content Delivery Networks (CDN’s) are your saviors since they take hold of your static files and serve them on a platter to the servers nearest to the visitors allowing them to download them at great

5.  Optimizing your WordPress database is a very simple but essential step of speeding up your site. You can do it manually or use a plugin like the WP-Optimize or WP-DB Manager plugin which will automatically do the optimization for you.

6.  Usually, when a visitor opens your websites, all the images on your homepage start loading. Since so many images are loading at the same
time, the images in the visitor’s browser window also appear to be loading, something which is sure to turn away visitors. You could, by using a simple plugin called the jQuery Image Lazy Load, ensure that only the images in the visitor’s browser window buffer first, effectively decreasing their load time. This process is known as LazyLoad.

7.  WordPress, being the reliable platform it is saves each and every draft you make till the end of time. You can reduce the number of drafts saved by WordPress to a reasonable amount by using the Revision

8.  Most of the themes have a typical PHP code which can very conveniently be replaced by some basic static HTML in order to increase your site speed time considerably.

9.  Off-loading content to an alternate server is a very effective way of decreasing server load. For example, if you want to upload some images to your blog, what you can do is upload them first on an image sharing site & then embed them on your page. This would mean that the images are being loaded on the servers of that image sharing site instead of yours, decreasing needless load and allowing you to gain precious speed.

Hope it helps ! 🙂

2015 ‘s Leap Second makes compter chaos panic.

Computer giants are under panic situation as this month will be slightly longer than the most with an extra second called ‘leap second’. Leap seconds are adjustment to the international time that is concerned with the slowing of earth’s rotation. On June 30, the commonly used time standard around the world, coordinated universal time (UTC) will add an extra second to the day at 23:59:60 GMT.

Why do we have a leap second ?

The universe seems constant, but lot of insignificant changes is going on in the background. Such an example is the Earth’s spin, which is slowing down continuously in a rate of 2000ths of a second per day. Which simply means Earth is taking 1 second more than its usual time in every 2000 days. This is causing notable time difference between the constant nuclear clock and computer server clock.

Cyber Problem

By virtue of the time difference several major technological problems are arising, this can wreck havoc the whole internet. Modern computers which sync up with the atomic clock are affected the most. As atomic clock is a constant unit and stays ignorant of these kinds of changes, the computers synced with it recounts the same second twice.

This is an exasperating issue as emails sent after that time period may find wrong bit of servers and end up vanishing without the writer’s concern. Not only the public users, but also the tech giants are harassed due to this additional second.

The last leap second in 2012 meant some websites like Qantas, Reddit, Gawker, Mozilla and LinkedIn were ceased for a while. Flight networks and railway networks were badly affected which caused majority of flights and trains cancelled and some delayed. Several servers working with unitary nuclear clock around the world were affected with troublesome issues.

The world is also concerned about impact to the stock markets; as now trading are occurring in short time even less than a second. The widespread online business arena can be highly impacted if bank’s server gets even a microsecond delayed.



Google™ accepted it as a major concern as it is causing millions of dollars for the gigantic multinational tech companies to loose. In 2011, a server named ‘Leap Smear’ was invented by Google to confront with these types of obstacles. Under this method it can modify the network time protocol (NTP) of servers used by its internal systems to keep accurate time. It works on a simple mechanism by adding a little bit of time periodically every time the servers were updated replacing the age old concept of sudden time change. With the new concept, before leap second the servers are already getting caught up with the new time.


This year the company’s approach is to smear away leap second during a 20-hour window when international company’s servers will be slowed down roughly by 14 parts per million, Noah Maxwell and his team, Google site’s reliability engineers, wrote in a blog post on May 21. “This problem is accentuated for multi-node distributed systems, because a one-second jump dramatically magnifies time-sync discrepancies between multiple nodes” they wrote. As Google is prepared, the cyber world can hope for a diminished or even nullified property and content loss this year.

History and Views across the Globe

The first ‘leap second’ concept was initiated in 1972. Thereafter, in total 25 extra seconds are included within 50 years, the last one was in 2012. In between 1972-1979, each year had an additional second. Then, the rate of introducing of leap ‘second’ was decreased to save the web from financial crisis from 1979-2012.

It has controversial views in the world. The United States has a clear intention against the Leap second and wants to get rid of it. The reason is clearly disruption of cyber world. But along with some European countries, Britain is in support of this extra second. Because the end of it stands for the end of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) vastly used in Europe and African countries which is conducted by the help of sun measurement.

“The value of a second is not negotiable!”