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Facebook launches a tool, Signal for Journalists to compete with Twitter

Facebook launched a new tool called Signal in order to help journalists to track the trending news. This tool challenges the method of Twitter for tracking any new updates and news. The Tool called ‘Signal’ is available for both Facebook and Instagram. This tool is specially formulated for journalists who use social media to find the news and generate reports.

Facebook’s Andy Mitchell post revealed that they had constant demands from journalists to make Facebook an easier medium of accumulating information and news along with features that support the surfing and gathering relevant trends, videos, photos and posts on Instagram and Facebook that the journalists can use in forming the stories and creating relevant authentic reports.

On the launch of the tool, Facebook discussed about certain features that the tool will be consist of. The tool will be free for all the journalists who want to gather, source or embed any newsworthy content from Instagram and Facebook. They can avail information from a wide number of categories including news, entertainment, culture, sports and many more from one single place.

Signal tool

Signal tool

Using Signal, Journalists will be able to monitor all the topics that are trending and then immediately exhibit the relevant and related content that the public has shared. Besides, journalists can also avail the lists of public figures depending on their rankings on the Facebook. This involves, ‘Real-time conversations’ of the politicians, actors, authors, athletes, musicians and other. On Instagram, this tool can be used to display visual content. Every post on Facebook, every image or video on Instagram and every other detail and metric found by Signal can be saved by journalists in the custom collection option for later use.

This is the very first step taken by Facebook and Instagram to help media and journalists ease their process of finding news and generating reports through social media more effectively. They will collect feedback from the people who use Signal and make changes in the tool as required by the industry professionals.

As of now, journalists had been using Twitter to track, updates and breaking news. Besides, twitter was also a platform for them to share the refined news and re-distribute their work. But this Signal is apparently quite a challenge for Twitter.

Facebook launched Signal only after couple of weeks of its ‘Mentions App’ for the journalists with verified profiles. ‘Mentions’ was only accessible by actors and athletes before journalists could use it. That app let users track the mention of their name and their streaming live videos.

Basically, the app, Mentions is for self-promotion and outward-facing content while ‘Signal’ is desktop-only app formulated to make the process of the backend news-gathering simple and easier. Signal will give the journalists a behind-the-scenes look about the latest trends on Facebook and find more relevant and related content on that topic.

Signal is simply a way of Facebook to make its connection stronger with media organizations and journalists who have been lately using social media to attract voluminous number of users for their feeds and posts.

Microsoft officially updates Office Apps to Support iOS 9 Features

The popular brand Apple is set to launch the new iOS 9 emphasising on the key feature of multitasking. Microsoft, another popular brand in the same field, has come forward to support the idea and have started updating the office apps so as to make them run on iOS 9 platform. The new versions of the office applications like Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote already include the multitasking features like linking, Slide Over, Split View, Presenter View and more. As of now, these features will only be limited to iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro.

With the new updated office apps, you can do the following:

  • Slide Over: Use another app quickly

You can use a second app without leaving the one you’re working in. Slide Over will allow you to note down a reminder in OneNote while you are checking your emails or refer your notes while working on a PowerPoint presentation and so on.

  • Split View: Use two apps at one time

You can use two apps simultaneously. Split View will allow the users to have two apps open and active at the same time. Users can copy data from Excel into PowerPoint.

  • Use Outlook side by side PowerPoint, Excel and Word

Users can run Word, Excel and PowerPoint side-by-side using Outlook. Select the Word, Excel or PowerPoint file attached to an email message and Outlook will automatically launch the corresponding app with the file ready for editing, right next to Outlook. You can still read the email message while you edit the document. After editing, tap the back button and the document will be attached to a new email message in Outlook, ready to be sent.



  • Better presentation

Users will be able to add confidence in Presentation. Though this feature is only available on iPad Pro2, users will be able to use Pen, laser pointers, a thickness controller, highlighter and more through an inking tab to make your presentation more presentable and impressive.

  • Better search option

The content for the One Note which are typed, handwritten or scanned and even Outlook messages based on its protection, can be searched using the updated version.

  • Use Time saver shortcuts

Many additional shortcuts are provided to make our tasks easy. On top, you can just tap the Command key to view all the shortcuts and therefore, you need not remember them. IPad users can use wireless keyboard for time-saving. For instance, you can start with a new email on Outlook and move it between Settings, People, Files and Calendars by numbering them.

  • Use Apple Watch

Apple watches had been claimed to be complicated for operating. With new enhancement, Apple watches will now be better in communication via text display with more options. Even the working has been made simpler for the users. With the updated apps, outlook will show you vital information about the incoming email and your next appointment. Using Time Travel, users can turn on the Digital crown of the Apple Watch to check the outlook calendar and be informed about the appointments of a particular day. Besides, time travel on the watch also enables users to use phrases for a later time that eases the communication while travelling.

Besides, update in Outlook will allow user to move quickly between Email, Calendar, Files, People and Settings with cmd+1, cmd+2, cmd+3, cmd+4 and cmd+5 respectively. Dropbox is also updated for iOS 9 supporting new features like 3D touch input for the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Spotlight search in both Outlook and OneNote will allow you to search through your notes and email from the iOS search interface.


Google Play gift cards finally land in India

Google wants Indians to purchase applications on their play store. Earlier in June, Google introduced Google Play prepaid vouchers i.e. Google Play Gift cards that allowed the users to purchase pre-paid vouchers to make purchases on the play store. However, Google understood that most of the Indians are still not comfortable making online purchases. So they came up with an idea for offline buyers to help them buy apps. This time, they launched Google Play prepaid vouchers via physical stores of retailers across India. This device is available for people in India from several stores like Vijay Sales, Spice Hotspot, Planet Mobile, Sangeetha Mobiles and Planet M in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Jaipur.

Prepaid vouchers are basically Google Play redemption codes. Earlier, these vouchers were available in three denominations: Rs. 500, Rs. 1,000, and Rs. 1,500. This time, Google announced that these play cards available at physical stores will be available starting from Rs. 750, Rs. 1,000 and Rs. 1,500. The vouchers can also be brought from Snapdeal where cash on delivery option is also available for consumers. It is very easy to redeem these gift card vouchers. Users can enter the gift card code on the redemption page on the playstore or enter the code on page and purchase the particular app in the valid denomination.

google play

google play

Launch of the gift play cards during festive season is a very smart move by Google. Physical Google play gift cards will be an ideal gift for all the smartphone users and dedicated app users. With Diwali coming up, consumers can gift their family and friends with Google Play store credits.

These gift cards or prepaid vouchers were launched in US in 2012. Since that time, their roll out across the world has been real slow. However, with the launch of these vouchers in India, users will no longer have to depend on electronic payment methods to make any Google rentals or purchases. They can simply use cash at the physical outlets that sell these gift cards.

In an official blog post, Saurabh Agarwal, head of Retail partnerships, Google Play, commented on the availability of play cards. He said that with the increase of the prepaid voucher availability, it will be much easier for users to enjoy their favorite books, movies, apps, games and magazines on any device. Indians can purchase games such as Prince of Persia for 10INR and even avail great discounts on various movies including Sherlock Homes and The Great Gatsby during the promotion of this launch.

Things that can brought using Play Store Gift Cards:

These prepaid vouchers can not only purchase new applications or in-app purchases but also a wide range of digital content offered by play store. So, if you have been finding it difficult to make online purchases, go to the mentioned physical retailer and get a gift card of your budget to enjoy you favorite popular books, movies & music, digital magazines, apps and games.


MapMyIndia launches SafeMate, A device for Women & Children’s Safety

GPS based applications and devices are being used widely for women safety. And now, a future-based device has been invented. Delhi based company, MapMyIndia, a provider of GPS navigation, digital maps and tracking devices announced the launch of a device, SafeMate. This device is dedicated for personal safety of women, children and families. It is available exclusively on Flipkart for Rs. 6990. The device is GPS based and can send information to the registered contacts in case of any emergency.

SafeMate weighs 50 gms and is a matchbox sized device that fits in a purse, school bag or in the pocket.  Using internet connectivity and in-built GPS system, it can securely transmit live locations on the desktop and mobile phones. In case of emergency, users can press the SOS button and an email and SMS alerts will be sent to the designated people.

However, this topic has always been controversial; as applications and devices cannot be completely relied upon. The person in trouble may or may not be able to intimate others about his/her situation quickly. It completely depends upon the person’s situation.

Nowadays, plenty of devices are sold exclusively on particular e-commerce portals. Similarly, SafeMate will be available on Flipkart on which Amitesh Jha, vice-president-Retail, FlipKart said that this device is a great way to incorporate their safety products segment. Flipkart is very keen and excited to launch this device on their portal. Jha believes that SafeMate can create a benchmark in personal safety segment in India and it will be hit among customers of all ages.



The major advantage of the device is that it is lightweight. People will not be very interested in carrying a different mapping device everywhere; especially now, in the era of smartphones that have several applications that are GPS based. However, because of uncountable crimes and rapes on women and lack of government measures for women safety, SafeMate would actually be a safe mate for women to go around with confidence, especially for those who travel alone, during odd hours and at secluded places.

Director and CO-founder of MapMyIndia, Rashmi Verma ststed in an email that the beginning response from parents, women and young children who used SafeMate was positive. She also said that SafeMate was born because of increasing crime rates against children and women in India.  The team of MapMyIndia infused their sophisticated technology with innovative idea and created a safety device for individuals. The technology used in the device is simple so that people can easily operate it in stressful situations.

SafeMate can also help stop the child trafficking activities which are increasingly growing in the country. The device is really a tiny little thing that can fit in school bags and alert parents with accurate location in case their child is lost or kidnapped.

The advantage of SafeMate over smartphones is its in-built GPS system. Users turn off the GPS in mobile phones to keep the battery away from draining. Besides, mobiles phones are not allowed to carry in many schools.  MapMyIndia claims that the battery of the device lasts for around 3-4 days and it takes only a few hours to charge it completely. Also, operating SafeMate is easy. One click on the button and the message reaches the designated contacts, unlike in the smartphones where they have complicated applications which take time even to open.

Although, this device has many advantages, it is priced a little high for middle class people and will not appeal to many because of the same. Let us see, how far the SafeMate goes!


Issue configuring log4j in Tomcat

Hi Friends,

Issue 1 :

I was trying to set up log4j for a REST application I wrote and got the below exception. [ I’m not pasting the complete exception ]

Apache Tomcat/7.0.64 – Error report HTTP Status 500 – Servlet.init() for servlet Jersey Web Application threw exceptiontype Exception reportmessage Servlet.init() for servlet Jersey Web Application threw exceptiondescription The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.exception javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet Jersey Web Application threw exception org.apache.catalina.authenticator.AuthenticatorBase.invoke( org.apache.catalina.valves.ErrorReportValve.invoke( org.apache.catalina.valves.AccessLogValve.invoke( org.apache.catalina.connector.CoyoteAdapter.service( org.apache.coyote.http11.AbstractHttp11Processor.process( org.apache.coyote.AbstractProtocol$AbstractConnectionHandler.process($ java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(Unknown Source) java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ Source) org.apache.tomcat.util.threads.TaskThread$ Source) root cause java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/apache/log4j/Logger; java.lang.Class.getDeclaredFields0(Native Method) java.lang.Class.privateGetDeclaredFields(Unknown Source) java.lang.Class.getDeclaredFields(Unknown Source) org.glassfish.jersey.internal.util.ReflectionHelper$ org.glassfish.jersey.internal.util.ReflectionHelper$ Method) org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.IntrospectionModeller.checkResourceClassFields( org.glassfish.jersey.server.model.IntrospectionModeller.doCreateResourceBuilder(

I was able to resolve the above issue using the below steps :-

Right Click on the Project -> Properties -> Deployment Assembly -> Add -> Java Build Path Entries ( Make sure you add log4j jar to the Build Path ) & select the logj4 jar.

Note : By using the above steps what you are doing is putting the log4j jar in the classpath, specifically in the WEB-INF/lib of your deployed application.

Issue 2 :

The second issue what I faced is; the project was not able to find the file which I had created.

Solution : Place the file under src -> main -> resources folder & you can use




Apple can launch a way of deleting pre-installed apps

Apple products have been very popular in past years. However, these products lack the option of deleting apps that uses a lot of space on the devices. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus don’t come in 32GB and thus users have to opt for 16GB instead of 64 or 128 GB models. This makes inconvenient for people to store enough information on their phones. People install some apps but then hardly use it. Unlike android, iOS devices do not have option of deleting or uninstalling the apps and many people have complaints regarding that. Apple has given a thought to it and is soon going to come up with a solution for the same.

With an interview with Buzzfeed, Apple CEO, Tim Cook revealed that they are working on methods to uninstall or remove the pre-installed apps which are not useful for the iOS users. According to him, this option was not considered as it is more complicated than it seems to be. There are certain apps in the iOS devices which are linked to something else on the product. Removal of those apps can cause severe damages elsewhere in the devices. Although, there are many other apps that work independently. Solution for removal of such apps will be soon launched by Apple. This feature will appeal the users and solve their problem of storage and space in iOS devices.



For instance, SIRI is tied to other apps in the iPhones and thus getting rid of Tips & Stocks apps will be complex. Not everyone might be using these apps, but for those who use, Stocks & Tips apps are equally important. However, Tim acknowledged the problems of users who do not use these apps and is working on finding some way to provide a solution for these customers.

The possibility of  Apple allowing the de-cluttering of apps by deleting the visible shortcuts of the non-essential applications like Apple Music, iBooks, Stocks, Newsstand, Tips, Passbook, Game Center, Reminders and many more without affecting any other iOS file is negligible. Also, he doesn’t support any promotional motivation enforcing the presence of few apps.

Apple is not alone in promotion of non-essential apps through its enforced and persistent presence. In Android’s play store distribution, even Google does not allow users to uninstall or delete apps like Gmail, Drive, Google Plus, Sheets, Games, Play Newsstand, Docs and Slides. This is also the case in Windows 10, 8 and Windows Phones. However, Android and Windows phones have a separate place where a comprehensive app drawer is located. It is differently situated and users can customize their home screen by only keeping the apps that they use daily.

Cook also discussed about some other feature additions to iPhone 6s like Live Photos. According to Cook, Live Photos has never been existed before and this feature is similar to discovering something new. However, many people have compared this feature with HTC’s Zoe and Lumia living images. These features were available with those brands for some period of time.

Besides, Tim also gave a brief about the apple’s long term commitment to Mac with the launch of iPad Pro and live demo of Microsoft office. The combination of these two features can be a great productivity tool in new tablets.

Cook believes that after a few years, people will stop purchasing computers. According to him iPad has all those things and functionalities that a PC has and people will go for iPads instead of PCs. But there are people who prefer using PCs and hence Mac will never get out-dated as they form a major digital solution for them.


Facebook To Launch A Dislike Button Soon

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg revealed about a dislike button on Facebook. He shared that many people have been constantly been asking for the same and now, Facebook is working to accommodate their needs. In his town hall Q&A session held at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park at California, Mark said that his team has been hearing about the dislike option from people and shared that, a dislike button doesn’t mean down voting people’s opinions but instead express empathy to certain moments.

Mark said that not every moment is moment of bliss and happiness. If someone shares something which is sad like an expiry of a family member or a refugee crisis, then liking such a post is uncomfortable. He believes that it is essential that Facebook provides more options than merely liking it.

Mark said that the entire process is complicated but they have figured out an idea and will test it soon. It the idea apprehends, they will roll out the dislike button broadly. In a Q&A session previously, Mark said that Facebook was thinking about a dislike button and now that concept has moved forward and is being closer to get implemented.

dislike button

dislike button

In 2012, there was a post about the dislike button on Quora which completely made sense. The post said that Facebook has been consistently listening about a dislike button from a lot of users. While there are many reasons for Facebook to not implement a Dislike button but there will be no negative impact on advertisers or everything is being speculated. The decision of not having a dislike button is because of the negative impact that a dislike button will make on the user experience. However, disliking is relative to any post and not any pages or advertisements. Besides, no celebrities, businesses, advertisers would want their posts to be disliked and commenting option is strong enough to demonstrate negative feedback by the people.

For more than 1.5billion Facebook users who have liked all the posts irrespective of its negativity like- a lost job, funeral, missing a special discount, Facebook is finally providing respite. It will not be called a Dislike button, although. The dislike button will demonstrate empathy of people towards certain sad situations and incidences.

There are many passive and aggressive ways of communicating on Facebook liking poking to manipulative read recipients. This can certainly have different hidden meanings and these meanings can change depending on which friend people are interacting with. So, Facebook is all set to execute and launch the Dislike button in order to express the sentiments more openly. They have been put this idea to vote to decide whether any posts should deserve any ‘dislike button’ similar to its companion, ‘like button’.

There were numerous other questions including whether Facebook would involve in affordable housing. Mark responded that as a responsible community member, it is vital to be involved but no further details were provided. He also discussed about Facebook’s association with Oculus virtual reality platform. The experience will not only be real time things happening in the world but also those things that are not actually possible to be experienced in the world such as zero gravity environment.

A question on artificial intelligence was also raised where Mark said that he was optimistic and fearless of its consequences as many prominent tech junkies have warned that it could be a threat to humanity someday. He believes that being too negative is dangerous and that any long term prospect would be unleashed in about 20 to 30 years and his team is working on its positive impact to help people and improve their lives by developing this technology.



Printing Transparent Glass in 3D from Computerized Designs

3D printing is not a challenge when it comes to materials like plastic and metals. However, the process is quite difficult when tried over delicate material like glass. A team for MIT is all set to perform the difficult task. The process of 3Dpainting is simply an example where different departments of MIT involving members from Media Lab, Department of material science, Department of Mechanical Engineering and MIT Glass Lab have made a disciplinary contribution. The researcher’s team at MIT also includes members who joined from James Weaver of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute and the University of Padova in Italy.

The usually preferred way is sintering where the tiny glass particles are fused together at lower temperature. However the low temperature affects the strength and transparency of these glass objects. In order to overcome the problem, MIT has developed high temperature system which can retain both the strength and transparency of the glass on 3D printing. Thus, the desired 3D print pattern can be curved without more of human intervention using computer-assisted design program.

printing 3D glass

printing 3D glass

The concept began as a project in a course on additive manufacturing. Additive processes are used in 3D printing where successive layers of material are laid down under computer control.The team including Klein and others decided to refine the concept when initial work showed the idea was quite promising. However they agree that it was still a long and laborious process, with a lot of trial-and-error. Material as delicate as glass is very difficult to work with considering its viscosity that change with temperature. The temperature at all stages needs to be controlled and monitored in this process.

In the process, the tiny particles of glass are molted in high temperature system. The molten glass is gathered from a conventional glassblowing kiln and moved into a hopper in the top of the device. The hopper and nozzle, through which the glass is extruded to form an object, are maintained at temperature as high as 1900 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is far too high than the temperature used for 3Dprinting. The honey resembling stream of glowing molten glass from the nozzle is coiled onto a platform, cooling and hardening as it goes. At the completion, the finished item must be separated from the moving platform on which it is assembled.

Initially the challenge faced by the researchers was keeping the glass hot enough to let the next layer of the structure adhere to it, but not so much that the structure should collapse into shapeless lump. As a conclusion they targeted three separate components that can be heated independently at required temperatures. These three components include the hopper, the nozzle at the bottom of that chamber and the lower chamber where the printed object is built.

With the success of this procedure to make 3D printing with the glass objects, it can bring a revolution to the modern art of today. New designs, shapes and structures can be obtained which was never possible before. Once we learn to control the procedure, new concepts and technologies can be added for better and efficient results. People in MIT have strong belief that the process if successful will change the traditional architectural methods and a new refined era will be available for the new generation.

Several ideas have come forward to increase the performance of this process. One of them includes adding pressure either through mechanical plunger or compressed gas to produce a more uniform flow. An improved version of this method will include addition of colors in glass which is already into testing as of now.

Apple TV blows a strike to Cable Companies

apple tv

apple tv

According to Apple, their new TV unveiled in the 1st week of September can revolutionize the television industry. Similar to iPhones, Apple TV will play a major role in home entertainment.  This new advanced Apple TV hardware was supposed to be releasing in late October wasn’t expected to bring a change in the television industry but adversely affect the cable companies that enjoy the superior position in delivering shows and other content on the TV.

Simon Khalaf, Senior Vice President of Yahoo said that all the fears surrounding the long-term prospects of the cable industry turned out to be well warranted. It is known that his mobile analytics company, Flurry was purchased by the Internet pioneer last year.

According to Apple CEO, Tim Cook, the telecommunication industry is revolutionizing with applications, app stores and Apple products. The launch of new Apple TV will not necessarily stream films or shows from studios or networks but instead will have an exclusive version of App stores which is big success on the iPhones. The strongly believe that apps is the future of television.

A software kit was released by Apple for outsiders wherein the early version of Apple TV applications was demonstrated by streaming services like HBO, Hulu and Netflix.

The unveiled product: Siri Search Shows

Launch of this new Apple TV moved the cable industry specifically and the media industry. Rather than watching dozens of TV channels, US consumers can browse among thousands of apps to enjoy their TV shows and films ranging from e-sports apps, games, and live entertainment apps to everything that these developers will create in coming years. This Apple TV will have in-built Siri virtual assistant software that will allow searches for natural language shows like asking for certain actor or something funny by name.

Analysts emphasized on the fact that Siri will search across hundreds of applications on Apple TV, which basically means that it will be absolutely unimportant to the viewers from where the films or shows being displayed. Besides, people should be able to see whatever they want at any given time instead of following the cable broadcast schedules. These options can set a trend of ‘Cord Cutting’ or simply banish the custom of paying subscriptions to the cable and satellite TV firms.

Applications Gratify TV

According to a Flurry report, people in US spent most of the time on mobile applications than watching television. This happened for the first time in the second quarter of this year. The daily average was spending 198 minutes of several mobile apps and 168 minutes watching films and shows on TV.  Just as people download app on iPhones and iPads, they will be able to download these apps and spend ample of time on them involving the cable channels in the ocean of apps.

Apple can enhance their business model by letting the media companies in charge of their content in apps while cease the worries about the studios having issues relative to distribution rights. Since games have been constant ranked amongst the top popular applications, this genre is expected to be blooming on the Apple TV as well. An Apple TV remote control will be absolutely unique as it features a touchpad with sensors that enable it to act as motion controller similar to Video Games joysticks or Nintendo Wii controllers.

The New Apple TV will probably be launched in late October from $149 onwards. Analysts believe that Apple is aiming to diversify its product line amidst the competitive global smartphone market and its new gadgets, iPad Pro, Apple Watch and thriving Apple TV will be of great help.

Zomato’s new venture: white label

Zomato has almost become synonymous to the restaurant and eatery places. It is like the google of food places and undoubtedly, a very convenient and easy option for anyone to operate and make the best use of it. Zomato has come up with a new venture called as white label which would help the restaurants to brand themselves and create their own restaurant’s app.

Basically, the white label aims to give an exclusive app to the restaurant so that they can market and brand themselves in a better way.  The restaurants can customize the look and the feel of the app as per their wish and can make the best use of this new venture.

This step is taken to ensure that each restaurant can record and analyze their own presence and growth in the market. Zomato’s official blog states “With Zomato Whitelabel, restaurants will be able to launch market-ready apps in a matter of weeks with absolutely no technical knowledge required. These apps integrate seamlessly into all of Zomato’s ancillary features such as Online Ordering, Table Reservations, in-app Cashless payments, Loyalty programs and our soon-to-be-launched Zomato Base.”



The Zomato whitelabel has the following features: –

  1. Tailor-made design: – one can create and customize their own design for their app. No need to be confined or limited to a particular type of design and feel.
  2. Easy app building: – the app just needs to be downloaded and asked for from Zomato. They would give it within 3 weeks of time. It needs no technical knowledge and anyone can do it.
  3. Online order: – one can order online through this app and get an in depth detailed view of the restaurant !
  4. Analysis and studying: – the app simplifies the tedious task of meticulously studying and analyzing the response of customers and the presence of the brand in the market.
  5. Easy to use: – the app is very easy to use and one can control anything and everything from it. One can upload and control the menu, photos, offers, etc. by this app.
  6. Easy add-ons and integrations: – one can easily add and integrate more features such as table reservation, advance booking of the restaurant for some function, payment, etc. advance booking of the restaurant for some function, payment, etc.


Zomato has started this service and many restaurants in cities like Melbourne,  Delhi, Dubai, etc. have already subscribed to this service. In fact, a total of 100 people have subscribed to this new service by Zomato and it is surely grabbing the attention of the masses.


Thus, Zomato is taking a perfectly well planned step to make sure that it satisfies both, the customer and the buyer. The new venture has umpteen potential and can become a great convenience to everyone if it is applied in the correct way by the restaurants and eateries. Although the service charges are yet to be announced, it is going to be a breakthrough in restaurant marketing!

Know more about the Expansion of Amazon


Amazon, the ecommerce giant, have spread their wings and launched two new subsidiaries of it. Amazon basics and Amazon kindle scout punishing platform are its two new ventures.  Let us take a closer look at each of them:-


  • Amazon basics:-Amazon basics is the electronic good supplier and Is already functioning superbly in America. The range of products are electronic goods such as USB cables, wires, Ethernet cables, AUX, DVDs and CDs. Additionally, it also has other range of products which include bedding products, stationery, bathing accessories, pet products etc.

Recently, this venture of Amazon made entry in India and it can be easily accessed by  Currently at its start, only products like apple cables, android USB cables, adapters, audio-video cables are only available. This would surely expand in the future. Besides being cheaper, Amazon basics has the concept of frustration free packaging which is easy to ship, open and eco-friendly in the USA. Let us wait and watch what plans Amazon has for India.

amazon basics

amazon basics


  • Kindle scout publishing platform:- this platform is like a crowd source book platform. Here, the writer uploads their unpublished novels on Amazon and it is open to vote for the visitors and the readers. If the book idea receives enough of up votes and support, the Amazon Kindle press would publish the book. Additionally, it would also give the author 1500$ and 50% of royalties. This would encourage the readers and the writers to get more involved in this literary process and give them a platform to share their ideas and the talents to the world.  The published book would have 45 days to prove its mettle to the company.



Dina Hilal, General Manager of Kindle Scout, “Expanding our platform to authors and readers outside the U.S. has been one of the most frequent requests we’ve received since we launched. With today’s announcement, we’re eagerly awaiting the great new stories that will come from opening to even more talented writers and Scouts from around the world,”


Thus, Amazon is on an expansion spree in India and is coming up with more and more ventures to capture this diverse country’s market. Their Amazon fresh venture, which deals with food and beverage, had recently come up with kiranapoints. Moreover, it is also a great platform for B2B businesses and has seen huge growth there too. They are not stopping here and they have also announced mighty plans of hiring 8000 more employees and unleashed a whopping amount of 5 million dollars for Indian operations. This aim is surely a great one and they have already started to get equal to their competitor flipkart and have also come up with 7 fulfillmentcenters in India to cater the needs of Indian audience.

Therefore, amazon is on the path to captivate the Indian audience with its wide range of products and services. This ecommerce giant is definitely a threat to the existing giants such as flipkart and snapdeal.

New Microsoft Update, Unveils The All New Camera Application For Windows 10

Alike, the all new Skype an unified messaging application, The Microsoft is set to roll out an ultimate and unified application for Camera and Video on its all new Windows 10.

Recently updated blog of Microsoft reveals that the pre-existed camera applications on windows 8.1 devices won’t receive any further updates and support as the windows makers are ready to unveil its all new camera application on windows 10.

The application which are set to be affected due to the recent announcement of Microsoft are Lumia Beamer, Lumia Storyteller, Lumia Refocus, Photobeamer,Lumia Panorama and Video Uploader. Applications like Storyteller, Photobeamer and Refocus won’t get any support and update from October, 30.

Offical blog of Microsoft states that in order to focus on its ultimate windows camera application for windows 10, they are discontinuing the current windows 8.1 camera app support and upgradation services.  Though the users will still be able to use them, the bugs if any faced by the user won’t be solved.

New Microsoft Update, Unveils The All New Camera Application For Windows 10

New Microsoft Update, Unveils The All New Camera Application For Windows 10

The blog also says that the features in the new application might be less in comparison to the multiple application existing at present but it will provide an ultimate experience to the users of the device and Microsoft will strike to achieve that. This app also becomes handy for lower range windows decive users who use to face lagging between switching between previous applications.

Windows 10 is still in development stage and with the unofficial announcement of the all new skype and the official announcement of new all new Camera App, the eye balls of tech world are set to roll for the official roll out of the all new windows. The balls are already placed in the Microsoft’s court as they have strongly pitched for their new OS which is set to be the only so well organized and unified OS existing.

Coming in sharp contrast with the Apple OS, the merits and de-merits have already been started to be discussed at the tech world. Microsoft’s windows 10 is not for the growth of OS but its an OS for survival, one wrong act by Microsoft and it may lose the already ignited mobile market to either Android or to iOS. Taking small steps might increase the anticipation of the user but it gives a sign that team of StayaNadella does not want to do anything wrong this time.

Windows 10 Mobile Operating System is still in developing stage and is been tested by some of Microsoft Insiders. Officials are yet to state that by then they are going to launch this OS or if this will come only with new windows 10 devices or update on the existing Lumia’s running windows 8.1 will be upgraded to windows 10 or not. Unlike Laptop and Desktops, the mobile OS will be more compatible and will fill the gap between the PC and Mobile by universal synching on regular intervals. More security features are to be added to this OS and the compatibility with the ongoing hardware used in the current Lumia’s might become an issue in upgrading the current devices. Previously, Microsoft faced trouble and a lot of criticism on upgrading devices from windows 8 to windows 8.1 but this time it seems that Microsoft is in no mood to do anything in a sluggish manner.

Finally, Windows Launches a Unified Messaging Application- Skype.

With the upcoming of windows 10 for desktops and laptops, the mobile market is set to race for the latest windows. A few weeks back, Microsoft launched the tester or the so called developer version for windows 10 for Mobile and Phablets. The windows 10 is said to be the most reliable and the most unified version Microsoft has produced till date.

Microsoft unveiled the beta version of its popular video calling app ‘Skype’.  Application is set to be rolled out as a teaser version of just 24mb through the windows marketplace and shortly the full version of this application will be launched after the testing is over. The app is now set to integrate the Windows messaging application with an uninterrupted sync with all the other devices attached with the same Email ID.

Skype is the most widely used video calling application, which is now set to be one of the unified messaging app as well. The email id used to create or login into the skype application will be used on all other platform to sync the laptop or desktop with phone. This will help in reducing the data lost due to theft of phone or caused due to some other unexpected activity.

skype messaging

skype messaging

The new skype chat has also an all new voice calling function which will help Voice Over Internet Protocol service for free calling from wifi or good speed internet services. The all new app will help users to switch between the default messaging app and skype with ease. Additionally this app also comes with an all new application for Video Calls, this will be named as ‘Skype Video Preview’, this comes with sharp contrast to Apple’s face time application and comparisons with Apple will be unavoidable for the Microsoft.

The two new apps will let users be on a video call and at the same time chat with people through texts as well. Microsoft promises smooth experience between the applications. This will certainly give an edge to Microsoft in comparison to all other mobile software’s and applications.

The all new Skype message application will also be compared with the Google’s Hangout which was launched a couple of years ago. The Hangout also integrates the default messaging application on Android phones with the Hangout version. This helps in synching the messages from phone to all other devices which uses Google products. Unlike Hangout, Microsoft has kept the video calling feature aloof from the application. This has both merits and demerit, talking about the former Skype will rather have a seamless experience on switching between the apps, discussing the latter the lower range windows phone might hang cause of installation of multiple apps.

The Unified Application includes the following features-

  • Identical Microsoft Login across all platforms.
  • Integrated conversation of Device texts and Skype messaging.
  • Integrated conversation history, with internet synching.
  • Integrated history of chats available at all platforms with the Microsoft login.
  • Integrated history of phone calls and video calls.

The appstore gives the following description of the all new Skype-

“Skype Messaging, Calling and Video ‘Preview’ is a new way to experience Skype features. It integrates individual Skype features where you’d expect them – Skype messaging into Messaging and Skype calling into Phone apps for the fastest way to make calls and send messages. It also adds quick access to Skype video calling. With Skype built in, you’ll be able to reach anyone who uses Skype on iPhones, Androids, even PCs with just a couple of clicks.”

Check out the all new application Today…J


Google’s OnHub Router Illustrates Innovative Approach to Wi-Fi

Google, one of the biggest company in the world has a huge number of users day-by-day, and now google collaborated with one of the top most WI-FI router company called TP-Link. By these two companies together launched a new ”WI-FI router –Onhub.“ The Wi-Fi comes up with the new features of latest technology in our homes, and formulates Wi-Fi faster, extra security, with a smart user interface.

It comes with 11 inch height and 5 inch diameter and weighs about a kilogram. And the price of the product is about INR 12,500/- . The router contains 4Gb of internal storage, which is not used for storing data, but to update the softwares and some other technical things. This works with a speed of 1900 Mbps by supporting both 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies.

The router automatically installs new  features and security updates. It’s already involves the most significant features and challenges related with Wi-Fi up-to-date! It has less wires, to maintain cords neat a shell is present and lighting.

As per todays technology each and every one is aware of every thing, and every home contains Wi-Fi with a lot of poor connecting speed and fed up with buffering videos and the google comes here with this router which is a solution for all the problems. It has an antenna design and coupled with smart, easy interface software that continually works with the same speed without any interruption. The device has a circular antenna with 13 built-in, hidden antennas that decrease the intrusion of the network and optimize network with an appropriate connectivity.

Google router

Google router

While mobile technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in recent years , the routers we use today –and their associated problems haven’t really made similar advancements the solution is “Google Onhub.“

It’s also designed with the great blinking light to create the Onhub look excellent and it’s in cylindrical design, you can experience a high speed connectivity and performance. The device supports not only 802.11a/b/g/n/AC, but also Bluetooth 4.0 and few smart home protocols. And It is an android –based brilloOs.

A light ring on the top of the black or the blue device serves as a status indicator for your connection. A green light means your internet is up and running. While orange means there’s a problem, the speaker is utilized for ultrasonic communication during setup, just like a chrome cast. Inaudible tones are picked up by the app which identifies your specific On hub Router and ties it to the app. The device is controlled with an app called “Google On” which is available for android and iOS, at the present the app prioritize traffic to a specific device, monitor internet usage, and helps with a setup and troubleshooting, it is not available in India yet. Onhub has been listed on google play store and

So, the technology has raised up with different innovations and the google Onhub can become ,the most demanded Wi-Fi router in these days . Buy the device for your better performance and speed internet connectivity.

Refurbish in Facebook and Google Products

In this month, so many transformations are created by major social media providers like Google and Facebook pull towards their websites. Both the social media giants has been initiated a few main modifications to their creations, designed at elevated commitment and additional usage.


Now, Facebook desires it utilizer to blog on their dashboard; and to facilitate huge extent of blogging, they have refurbished their Notes characteristic. The innovative appearance is related to medium, one more blogging area.


In the innovative Notes, utilize can currently comprise a bigger, superior resolution picture as the front page, and the size of the text and the appearance has been prepared bigger. Other than this, individuals can tag other users in Facebook, comprise hyperlinks and hashtags inside the body.


To help long type articles, Facebook as well altered the font from Arial to Georgia. No sidebar or advertisement options are noticeable in the innovative notes. These innovate characteristic are being experienced among a little grouping as of now, that will be shortly rolled out to all the clients.


A speaker from Facebook told, “We are testing an update to the Notes to create it simple for the individuals to generate and comprehend long-form tales on Facebook.”


Facebook launched the Notes in the year 2006, and it has been deceitful quiescent for a few years. At first commenced as a medium to allocate bigger posts when the Facebook wall-post limited the size of the posts, Notes was by no means a ‘champion’ for the Facebook, and its utilization more weakened when the Facebook eliminated character bound from the wall-post.


Google messaging edge expected a fresh nudge of improvement, when the Hangouts was altered into an unconnected website. Clients can easily stay connected to and establish the chat facility. Currently users can utilize the Hangout separately, without using google or gmail (even though the login details are the same).


Previously, Hangout was easy to get on the gmail or through the mobile app. Currently, the website is developed with sleek, and lively altering background. One of the major characteristic is the capability to obtain personal chatting windows left from the tab, as it unwraps into a fresh window, facilitates user to chat without wedging on a single tab.


Facebook google

Facebook google

Google has reconfirmed their promise of getting all their services in dialect languages. Google has previously optimized voice based search for English speakers in the Hindi assent. Quickly, Google maps will comprise the directions in Hindi.


In their recent Google event in Bangalore, Sandeep Menon, Marketing Director, Google India stated that – ‘Hindi content utilization on the web presence has grown rapidly to 94% year-on-year as evaluated to 19% increase for the English content. Whereas there is an estimation of 500 million speakers of Hindi, there are currently 100000 articles in Wikipedia.’


During the Google event in Bangalore, a house demo has been organized, quite a few celebrities likely Kanan Gill, famous for YouTube comedy, Dabboo Ratnani, well known fashion photographer, Kunal Kapur, chef and Anushka Menon, emerging photographer has enlightened how they used the Google inventions.




Smartphone Addiction Causes Digital Amnesia: Kaspersky

Nothing in the world remains hidden or unexplored from human’s naked eyes. The need to visit libraries and read those big books to gather information about something has changed a lot by Google. Besides, Facebook was the next revolutionary term to change the communication fashion after Google. Shopping online was once an alternate option for physical shopping, but today online shopping has faded the color of physical shopping from everyone’s lives.

Smartphone has connected our lives entirely to the digital world. No wonder our smartphones have a lot of memory to save our contacts and other things which has in turn reduced our brain usage. This is one thing to be concerned about.

Kaspersky the commonly used security software recently conducted a survey and was repelled by the results which stated the increase in number of people depending on smartphones. The survey states that 7 out of 10 men were able to recall their wife’s phone number without checking the phone and only 2 out of 10 can recall their child’s school phone number.

The research also stated that from over thousand people most of the people are more interested in source of an element than the element itself. Only 25 per cent of the people agreed on the fact that they should know the reality and not depend on their smartphones to do all their work. This dependency has created negative impact on human memory.

digital amnesia

digital amnesia

The investigation also stated that most of the smartphone users are young and middle aged. The youth of our society is fully dependent on their phones and users will only increase with the time.

The research also revealed that most of the people feel that internet has expanded their brains storage. No wonder people are more interested in finding the digital source of something but not at all interested in finding the reality. Human eyes have becomes almost of no use due to the rapid use of digital cameras. Phone cameras are trusted more than a human eye in this digital era.

This subject clearly states that this is not just a subject matter to study or debate, it’s becoming an addiction. Our brains are losing the human essence due to our addiction towards to the digital world. Almost half of the population in India is not interested in recalling facts as they are interested in recalling the digital source of those facts. So when it comes to collecting and storing our happy and sad memories, people are dependent more on cameras.

One can find it amusing that even our smartphones understand that we should spend some time without them and take a break from this digital world. A digital detox of about a week is all a person needs to go back to natural world to gain physical focus. In this present era only a week’s digital detox is suitable to keep you physically fit, but in the past it was not even needed. No wonder, it is said that the future is something to worry about.

In order to be both physically and mentally fit, the researchers of Kaspersky urge the people to go into a week’s digital detox. No connection to the digital media for a week will help reduce all your stress and anxiety in a natural way. The digital amnesia should be taken into account by everyone. Not only the smartphones are necessary for today’s generation but they also consist of helpful applications used as communication tools in both personal and professional lives. The memory of smartphones should be used less and our brains should be used more in order to keep our brains active.