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Cortana Arrives on Android in Beta

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Microsoft’s Cortana digital assistant app is now available for Android phones as a public beta stated by an official announcement in May. There are some easy steps to download it and the good news is it’s free for everyone.

The launch of Cortana is not just an experiment of Microsoft; it is looking to spread the app as far as possible in the world. Recently, Microsoft has come up with Skype and office even for the non-Microsoft users. Microsoft company’s best app were used everywhere and no wonder they earned a dime from these apps despite the increase in competitive apps.

The Cross Platform Lineup :-

Cortana is considered to be the best cross platform app in Microsoft’s list. In order to serve their users the best app experience in market, the Microsoft, iOS and Android borrow features from one another with some changes that makes them different from the other.

Voice technology has also made its way in the other niches list with the smart homes, smart TVs, modified cars and all the digital devices connected to our mobiles. If we connect our mobiles to every digital device nearby, then the voice technology will help control them in an easy way.

Over a period of time, Microsoft has reduced the value of Google. Google has been replaced by Cortana on home button and desires to climb higher. Microsoft has even launched arrow for Android users which means that users can experience both Microsoft and Android in one phone.

iOS, one of the best operating system in market also has Google now as a app in its App store but not in detail. iOS does not allow any other app to come into competition with Siri. Undoubtedly, Apple is more restrictive and in demand.

It is necessary to have a windows phone or windows 10 to experience Cortana, though the app is similar to Siri and Google now. Cortana allows the user to fit in all the information one desires to keep stored in a phone. For instance, calendar events, reminders, stories and other essential things.

Similar to the Siri and Google Now users, Microsoft’s Cortana also has come up with voice command option for a smooth experience. It can be used as virtual personal assistant. For example: Who was the first President of USA or which is the nearest park can be found out by a simple talk with Cortana.

Like Siri and Google Now, Cortana also needs access to your Google mail and other things to work smoothly. The iOS and Android users mostly prefer their own apps rather than using apps like Outlook, Skype, and Sunrise. These apps only run smoothly in Windows devices and that is another bug to be fixed by Microsoft.

All three companies Apple, Google Now and Microsoft give some freedom to their competitors in terms of various levels, but how long or deep this freedom continues is likely to be seen.  For example: If you say “play music” to your device, it will be answered by Google Now in Android, Siri in iOS, and Cortana in Windows 10 phones.

The Android users cannot control their devices with the help of Google Now as Cortana can in Windows phone. Cortana can control the settings of your windows phone like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; you can even chat with Cortana.

In order to gain success and reach as far as possible the next platform to reach for Cortana will be iOS. The Cortana public beta version is launched for Android users in US and Microsoft is even planning to launch it in other markets but it’s not fixed as to when.

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