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Bug on Instagram !

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Social networking site plays a very important role in our life these days. These sites have entered our reality. Followers, number of likes, number of comments matters a lot to few users. For them this virtual world is there real world and they keep on doing things to gain popularity on this virtual world. They keep changing their profile pictures and videos to gain popularity on this virtual world. This virtual world is going crazy on having increase in number of followers.

Followers on Instagram were delighted to see sudden increase in their number of followers. This made them feel that they have suddenly become popular. Few of them were confused and few were happy to see their followers increased all of a sudden. They started noticing that count had risen drastically over the past few days. Seeing increase in the number of followers made them feel that their photos and videos were gaining popularity.

The random increase in number of followers was affecting people. Some accounts reported an increase of 100 followers, some by 500 followers. Some people even noticed as many as 100000 new followers being added to their accounts. There seemed to have no explanation for sudden increase in number of followers. Lot of anxious and curious users took this issue to twitter to express their confusion. Many users thought that it could be that the site must have been hacked while some thought of some security threat. Few users were anxious and happy to see that their popularity levels were going high.

Twitter users were seen tweeting that they were confused to see so many followers. They thought those were real followers or if Instagram was hacked. A search on Twitter showed many users with smaller following also saw an instant increase over the last few days. Instagram Help center provide this information “We’ve identified a bug causing incorrect follower counts to appear on some profiles .We’re working to fix it, and any counts that have been affected will be resorted when we’ve resolved the issue.”

So Instagram is working on the issue and once done with the problem the follower count will be back to normal. With the problem being resolved follower count will be back and the so called fame of few users will also come back to normal. The users will soon start seeing the exact number of followers who follow them. Instagram has 200 million users who share an average of 60 million photos per day. Instagram
however did not say how long it would take to fix the problem or how many accounts were affected.

But actually it was not that users were being followed or unfollowed on Instagram but only the count had changed or increased on the profiles. So if you were happy to know that your popularity has suddenly increased so come back to senses and bear the harsh truth that nothing happened. It was only the change in the count of followers not the actual followers. This all happened due to a bug and the increase was thus a mistake.

Once Instagram fixes this bug users will regain their actual number of followers and the actual count of followers they hold. So it was a bug which made you popular overnight and not your photography skills or anything else. The bug was found and is being fixed by Instagram.In the past also Instagram has deleted fake spam accounts at once which dropped the follower count of few users. Users were confused and panicked to see the less count in followers as they though they must have offended few followers and so the less number of followers.

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