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Real Time SOS Alert System For A Secure Ride : UBER

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Recently, Uber has publicized the prologue of a ‘Dynamic & Integrated SOS Revise Solution for Law Enforcement’, which assures a superior, strong and incorporated security system for riders, especially women.

Uber’s India Safety Lead, Deval Delivala, said, “We welcome the prospect to collaborate with more police departments around the nation to make sure your safety, and support law enforcement agencies to clinch onto new technology and get better liability and trace ability in inner-city mobility.”

How Will It Work ?

In February 2015, Uber had introduced a sequence of safety measures to make sure that their customers are secure during a ride. SOS feature was element of this novel stratagem.

From now, wherever or whenever an Uber rider will press that SOS button:

The rider would be capable to unite with the police through a call, without delay. A real time ‘SOS alert’ is produced, which is delivered to the nearby police control room at once. This SOS Alert will enclose the precise vehicle spot, tracked by a GPS which is anticipated on safety devices watched at the police control room. This will facilitate the law enforcement agencies to take action quickly and accurately during any real-time issue.


Captivatingly, Uber has installed such monitoring devices at all major police control rooms, at their personal expenditure. Deval further said, “Yes, we’ve voluntarily paid for the equipments and have  installed at all major police control rooms across the nation.”

Uber & The Matter of Safety

Previous year, the online taxi service business in India was flustered after an occurrence of rape that happened in a Uber cab. There was a gigantic public anger over this event, which provoked the Govt. to straight away ban all such apps such as TaxiForSure, Ola and prominetely Uber. Though Uber re-entered the market with a broadcasting taxi license in the month of January this year, Delhi Transport Department (DTD) discarded their license, and the issue of survival emerged large over them. If truth be told, Govt. even considered about barring their IP address to discontinue people from exercising their apps and to travel through those cabs.

After the all-purpose govt budget, Uber and other taxi aggregators were incorporated in the service tax group, which aided them to make lawful standing. They straight away increased their fares after addition of this service tax, and at present as they are paying taxes and familiar as a radio taxi aggregator, their business is functioning without any difficulties.

When questioned about these sorts of partnerships, the past Commissioner of Police, Delhi, BK Gupta, proclaimed “It is significant that business and law enforcement take a strapping collaborative loom towards guaranteeing passenger protection. Uber’s pains to this matter are highly praiseworthy; their technology resolutions which bring unparalleled simplicity, traceability and responsibility are making riding around cities safer. Partnerships like such, where all stakeholders work jointly as a squad with the preeminent interests of the community at core, will go an extensive way in making India secure.”

This superior tech promotion to the accessible SOS feature facilitates the authorities to take action within moments of being alerted in the rare occasion of an emergency, and some times, a few seconds make the real difference. With the help of this technology way out, local authorities will be able to keep a track every SOS alert sent by an Uber ride real-time within their city.

The San Francisco-based company Uber at present operates in around 11 Indian cities such as Mumbai and Delhi, but Deval is reserved about which cities this feature will be accessible in.

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