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Android Flaw Lets Attackers Into Your Phone Through MMS Videos

Never let a stranger don’t send you a video message in the future, if you are using an Android operating mobile. Hackers constantly send you an infected MMS video message. It has been revealed that the assailants hack the Android operating mobiles by distributing a malware-laden MMS video and consequently receiving the power over that Android phone. The assailants utilize the stolen data  to rob the banks, blackmailing for money, and there are numerous ways to utilize that data to earn money.


These innovations were finished by the mobile security researchers of Zimperium. According to the researchers there are numerous prospective approaches of assault for the reason that media content commencing any resource will sprint in the course of that structure. When those messages received, your mobile instantly hangs out and without human intervention processes the video, as a result the video is prepared for screening in the phone gallery.  Unpatched mobile phones can be assaulted generally by forwarding a multimedia message.


So far a bit of excellent information is that, there doesn’t appear any confirmation that hackers have taken an advantage of the stagefright. Stagefright is a code in Android library which processes quite a lot of extensively used formats of media. The scheme of hacking frequently exertions most professionally at night when the notifications of the audio are disabled. An MMS message can be sent to the consumer, and then MMS message is consequently erased following the mobile is digitally hijacked. The hackers send an infected MMS, which frequently doesn’t require to be opened or activated, and they download the required data from that device, and you don’t know until unless anything happens erroneously.


The mobile manufacturers took these issues very acutely, and applied patches to its Android internal code base within a schedule of 48 hours. Google already moved out the appropriate patches to the partner original equipment manufacturers, most of the manufacturers (other than Google) have not so far sent the update to their respective customers.


Android operated mobile owners can accomplish to their respective telecom providers, and manufacturers of the devices to make sure their mobile phones get updates. Most of the Android operated devices, including new devices, have numerous technologies which are designed to create mistreatment  more complicated. Android operating mobiles are designed with a security sandbox which prevents most of the apps from being proficient to access the data utilized by other apps.


The Android operating mobile phones are extremely different from the iPhones, for instance: Apple works on a closed method: They control the software and hardware, and its practically effortless to send out a key refurbish. Apple says the 85% of their iPhone users are having the latest iOS 8 operating systems.


Google thanked the Zimperium, mobile security researchers for their contributions, and said that the security of Android operating users is exceptionally important to them, and so they responded very quickly and the patches have already been supplied to the partners which can be functional to any device.


However, you will get that fix is depending upon your phone manufacturer. The Blackphone and Nexus 6  is currently out-of-danger as they are safer against related flaws, but commonly third party mobile phones from HTC, Samsung and other manufacturers are still defenceless. It’s unclear as these manufacturers will fixes to their recent devices or not.


These types of exploitations should be monitored before they damage the entire network with these types of malware, and the internet and mobile security researchers should closely monitor on these type of issues before hand so the manufacturers will take immediate response and arrange the required actions to their respective OEMs.



Android Users Can Now Say ‘Ok Google’ To Send Messages via WhatsApp, Viber, WeChat & Others

Android is an operating system which powers one billion smartphones & tablets. As these devices create our existing so memorable, each version is named subsequent to a dessert. The 1st version is 1.6 Donut, 2nd version is 2.0 Éclair, 3rd version is 2.2 Froyo, 4th version is 2.3 Gingbread, 5th version is 3.0 Honeycomb, 6th version is Ice Cream Sandwich, 7th version is 4.1 Jelly Bean, 8th version is 4.4 KitKat, 9th version is 5.0 Lollipop.


There are lots of apps are released in the market for various applications for Windows, Android and iPhone, and they are few more apps are upcoming to get marked with their presence. Currently, Android operated mobile users are able to utilize Google functionality ‘Ok Google’ for lots of reasons. The Android is presently expanding their service to messaging apps that include NextPlus, Viber, Telegram, WeChat and WhatsApp.


As per the Google’s Blog, users can able to utilize this feature initially in English, and they will be functioning to add more languages and apps in upcoming days. By just saying, “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Joy”, users can get a prompt asking to say your message. In addition, user can shorten the process and do it all in a single step. For example, “Ok Google, send a Viber message to John: let’s go for lunch tomorrow noon.”


‘Ok Google’ delivers direct answers to verbal questions, by just saying ‘Ok Google’ to solicit queries, such as how many calories in a banana, the score of the cricket game, and at what time your flight arrives. Or just say ‘Ok Google’ to get the stuff complete, sending text, calling a taxi, setting an alarm or making a restaurant reservation. Or you can say ‘Ok Google’ casts a move to your television, fire up a music playlist on the phone.


‘Ok Google’ is a revolutionary feature that changes the entire messaging system into verbal messaging, this provides uneducated people who know’s the operation can easily utilize this feature without any hesitation. For teachers and students even college students can get their questions, answers and clarify doubts with this feature by saying ‘Ok Google’ get this answer from Joseph teacher or clarify my doubt.


‘Ok Google’ delivers answers to your queries without any delay, this feature sets a record by sending text messaging to history as people are mostly addicted to this feature in the upcoming future.


As we are all searching in search engines as well, the app will illustrate the business around the globe, and busiest times of the week at millions of places. Users can explore immediately for a meticulous place, by typing the title and observe how eventful it acquires all through the day.


‘Now cards’ commencing 40 new third party apps, service was updated back to its card list. Google partnered with 40 popular apps to create their description of Now cards. These apps comprise news sites like The Economist, and the Guardian; travel sites like TripAdvisor and Airbnb, even language guidance apps like Duolingo. And other sustained apps include Runtastic, Shazam, Pandora and so on.


Google has currently introduced a free app of the week. Whatever, app developers who build up for Android has faced unique trouble. If an app is a paid app and changing it into free app is good. But Once it is free, the developer wouldn’t able to change it back to paid app.

Google and Android are developing some more exciting products in the upcoming season, as their developers are continuously hard working to launch more new products into the market.



7 reasons you should make Microsoft Edge your default browser

Microsoft lived up to its reputation of being a tech giant by launching its innovative and productive Windows 10, which is the mixture of the best features of Windows 7 and 8.1. The new Windows 10 features with a new and more promising browser known as Microsoft Edge. Apart from being scaled back appearance and lightweight, Microsoft Edge offers much more, making it a perfect contender to replace Chrome and Firefox as the default browser. Here are the top 7 reasons that why you should make Microsoft Edge your default browser:

microsoft edge

  1. Faster than the Internet Explorer and Chrome

Nothing is permanent and time never stops, do not get stuck to slow and old when fast and new is available! If Internet Explorer’s legacy is the reason that is holding you back to move to Microsoft Edge, then it is time to say goodbye to it and give a chance to new and innovative Microsoft Edge.

It is a true Internet Explorer was slow to start, loaded the pages slowly and was also a bit ugly as well, on the other hand, Edge is pretty pleasing and fast. Its high speed and efficiency is proved by its score on the Futuremark Peacekeeper browser performance test, which was 1248 but failed to pass the HTML5 test.

Speed wise it leaves Chrome far behind too, because Chrome just scored 447, but it was a few steps behind when it comes to HTML 5 test. The Internet Explorer’s score was 929 and it also failed in HTML5 test.

Edge seems to be far better than the IE in most of the aspects. But, HTML 5 support feature is the area on which Microsoft is still working on, so you really can’t count this as a win. With its Edge, Microsoft has also dropped its support for VBScript, Microsoft’s ActiveX and Browser Helper Objects, which will allow the third party developers to developer extensions with JavaScript and HTML5.

  1. Convenient to manage reading list

Similar to the Reader mode that which can use a third party service such as Pocket to keep a track on what you want to check out later, Edge features with its own Reading List included in its UI. All you have to do is to click the favourite icon to add any item and from there itself, you can decide whether you want to go to bookmarks folder or the reading list.

  1. Safe and secure

Internet security is important, otherwise you can get hacked! Microsoft has made several changes to enhance the security of its new browser. The improved security minimizes the risks of malware, hacker and virus attacks.

  1. Designed to increase efficiency

Anything that is confusing has been eliminated or hidden to offer a non-confusing and hassle free browsing experience to you. If you wish the change any option in the browser, you can do it easily from the Setting option located at the top right hand side.

  1. Cortana provide added benefits.

Cortana will search the words or phrases on the internet and provide you with relevant information when you highlight something. To reap the benefits offered by the Cortana, you have to dig your advanced settings and make the necessary changes.

  1. Convenient Reader mode

It also allows you to include add-on to integrate the reader mode in some other browser or just change the setting a little bit and get most incredible and less distracting reading experience on the Edge.

  1. Convenient to share and annotate

Edge offers you to annotate any webpage easily to highlight the parts and share it through the apps installed in your PC. You can also save them to your local network by adding them to your Favouites, transferring to the reading list or sending them to OneNote.

Flipkart’s New ‘f Qck’ Hyperlocal Service To Deliver Orders Within Hours; To Compete With Amazon’s Kirana Now

About 70 percent of the market is occupied by the ecommerce websites that offer wide variety discounts, which forces an individual to shop through these sites and they also containing a wide range of products including every single brand available in the market. Flipkart is India’s most valuable ecommerce site, founded in 2007 and now it is one of the leading ecommerce company which is headquartered in Bangalore (Karnataka), Flipkart is testing a programme to deliver their orders within hours by contacting their neighbourhood merchants, which is direct competition to Amazon India’s ‘Kirana Now’ programme launched earlier in 2015. Currently, Flipkart is testing their new added service: “fQck”, which will actually mark their entry into the hyperlocal vertical of eCommerce market.


According to the media reports, Flipkart’s new service “fQck”, which assure the delivery of your package within few hours. Now, for the time being, the testing phase is on, wherein they are trying their level best to tie up with local Kirana stores for the package delivery. Flipkart has tie – ups with RoadRunnr for executing speedy deliveries, which is on – demand delivery service. Other future tie – ups may be with Parcelled, a startup, which provides online courier service to ensure speedy delivery during the festive season or the time with heavy discounts.


With the help of “fQck”, Flipkart is directly giving a tough competition to Amazon’s alikehyperlocal centric ‘Kirana’ service. The growing hyperlocal vertical in India, approximately $140 million of investments have been for the purpose of this service from last 7 months. Different ripples were felt for this niche, when Amazon decided to come to India for ecommerce, with its  “Kirana service” in March of this year. Amazon through “Kirana service” ensures deliveries within 2 – 3 hours, for executing fast deliveries, Amazon tied up with local Kirana stores for order fulfilment. Last year, Amazon came up with a new Amazon hyperlocal model: “Kirana Store delivery points”, where customers can order their products online and can collect them up from nearest Kiranastores which proves to be an effective way of delivering.


Tryst With Hyper Local:


In the past few months, Flipkart has made a decision that they will no longer ignore this important phase, which was earlier thought of as a miniature model for ecommerce business. With contenders, such as PepperTap and Grophers quickly making inroads into this aspect, the experienced ecommerce industry has no option left to enter into this service. The Co-founder of Flipkart said, lots of changes are on the way (hyperlocal), and hyperlocal needs to be implemented in a right direction. Flipkart is ramping up their in – house logistics ekart to ensure their speedy delivery of orders. According to updations, flipkart is emerging with the service of 3 – hour delivery mechanism for them to stay in the market.


In fact, Specialist logistics, such as Ecom Express, GoJavas and Delhivery have yet to search perfect, unbroken delivery system, mainly because they are performing into a large scale logistics platform, using hub and spoke model which particularly demands volume based consistent deliveries with the time constraint factor.


After the research, Flipkart has realized that hyperlocal on – delivery demand is not an easy after all, which is the reason of teaming up with the RoadRunnr, local Kirana stores and other On – demand delivery partners are quite serious about this topic. According to the sector experts, “Hyperlocal” needs depth analysis and fixed costs. There are many companies, focussing on within – city delivery in a few hours, DHL in the field of local deliveries found it hard to do this task efficiently and profitably.