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All you need to know about the new 4.7 inch iphone

Apple has recognized that there has been a good demand for smaller Smartphone and keeping this in mind, the company came up with the new phone iPhone SE. iPhone SE means special edition. It is expected that this phone would be out for sale from 31st March 2016, even though the pre-orders have started since 24th March. Here are the features you need to look into, if you are planning to order this for you. Just read them and take the final decision.

iPhone SE

Features of iPhone SE


iPhone SE has A9 processor. The same processor was present in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. This processor is a 64 bit processor and it truly holds very good power with beautiful graphics and gaming capabilities.


The display has 4 inch Touch Screen and has the resolution of 640X1136 pixels. Even though it’s a smaller screen size you would still find it easy to handle and look at things.

Rear camera

iPhone SE is equipped with 12 MP rear camera. It is true that it does not have 3D touch like 6s, but still the live photo shoot is truly going to be quite amazing on this.

Front facing camera

This phone is equipped with front facing camera with 1.2 MP sensor. This phone uses entire screen for flash and based on the kind of light it would even change the color of the screen. The camera capabilities are amazing and you can just click and record the best memories ever.


iPhone SE is perfectly designed to make it look attractive. It comes in rose gold color too. In looks and design, this has similarity with iPhone 5S. But with the letter SE you can actually realize that it is iPhone SE. The design is quite easy to handle and you would surely love to hold it in your hands.


iPhone SE runs on iOS 9.3 and this seems to be quite amazing . iOS 9.3 quite ahead and smooth by all means.


The phone is handy and is very simple to handle. It has 123.80 x 58.60 x 7.66 (height x width x thickness) and weighs 113.00 grams. You would just be able to handle it easily.

Apart from the above leading features, Apple iPhone SE comes with single SIM facility. It accepts Nano SIM as well. As far as connectivity is concerned you will see that the phone supports Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, 4G.

Launch date

Since long the dates were speculate din regards to iPhone SE launch. In fact, people had been waiting for the same since a while. But now you will be happy to learn that the phone’s official sales are starting from 31st march. In fact, even the pre-orders have started since 24th. So, if you have been looking for the best and affordable option then this would be something for you.

Price of iPhone SE

It is expected that the price in USA would be around USD 399. In India it is expected that the phone would launch at Rs 39000. This phone is really worth the price.

There was a time when people would just get charmed off with the bigger Smartphone. But now the trends have changed. In fact, Apple could find it quickly that the trends have changed and now its time to adopt the smaller stuff. Apple has got things right at the bang. Do you believe that small is beautiful? If yes, then this is the time to look out for this amazing thing. The best phone with the perfect look and design is here on the platform! Just read on with this and get ahead.

Best Games for iPhone

iPhone is a perfect multimedia smartphone in  which one can have a better interaction, be it communicating with friends, listening to music, browsing internet,  watching videos or playing games. iPhone has some of the most amazing games every. This is owing to its various features like 3D positional audio, real-time 3D graphics, GPS, accelerometer etc. Listed below are few of them:


  1. Cannon Challenge

There is a revolutionary gun named Non-Lite-Of-Sight and you have to take charge of it. There are some amazing velocity controls and stimulated elevation controls so that enemy targets are destroyed with indirect fire.

  1. iBasketball

This is the coolest way of shooting baskets. Use this phone to make shot motions or playing the game globally for seeing how many baskets are made.

  1. iBall3D

You would find it similar to Labyrinth game but is the 3D version. All that needs to be done is guiding  the ball across several locations and avoiding the holes.


  1. RhinoBall

By tilting the iPhone right, left, backwards and forwards, Rhino has to be guided through the streets, thereby avoiding obstacles and car on the way to the finishing line. You would get bonus lightning bolts as well as hits to launching ramps to make this adventure an awesome one.


  1. Diamond Twister Lite

This is an intuitive, simple and addictive puzzle. Pairs of gems can be swapped up for lining up 3 or more identical diamonds. There are total 64 levels and 8 modes in this game.


HTC Perfume: Know All That You Should Know

HTC 02 is a smartphone which was earlier believed to be a great phone was reportedly been shunned by HTC. The company instead of HTC 02 is planning to launch a new device named as HTC Perfume. This device is also believed to be the next flagship.


The rumored HTC Perfume would be the company’s next flagship, as is read by a tweet posted on tuesday by a tipster @ LlabTooFer. This handset would run on HTC Sense 8.0, which would be based on Android 6.1, which is a Marshmallow version. The best thing about this handset is that both the system property i.e., Sense 8.0 and Android 6.1 is not available in any of the handsets currently.

HTC Perfume has an amazing 5-inch full HD with 1080p. It has a strong protection of Gorilla Glass 3. HTC Perfume is powered by Qualcomm’s 64-bit Snapdragon 617 octa-core processor. It also has 3GB RAM. An in-built storage of 32 GB is also one of the interesting feature of HTCperfume. This phone also supports microSD card slot with an expandable memory of upto 2TB.

The smartphone has a great metal unibody build with rounded corner. This curved look makes it one of the best looking Android smartphone. It even sports a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner also acts like a home button. Since this handset already has an on-screen home button, this sense UI seems to be a bit confusing. The handset even has a 13-megapixel camera with OIS (optical image stabilization). There is an illuminated sensor at the backside of the phone, f/2.0 aperture and optical image stabilization. The phone can shoot videos in 1080p.

Photos can be even clicked in RAW format. It also has other features like Pro mode camera where you can control the white balance, ISO, aperture, exposure and manual focus. The tipster in its site tweeted, “Do you still remember the reports about the HTC’s next flagship named as HTC 02? IT IS DEAD NOW..HTC Perfume is the company’s next flagship with Android 6.1 and with Sense 8.0_GP.”

But the tipster has still not announced as to when this handset named HTC Perfume would belaunched. The company’s Vice President of Product Management, Mo Versi on Monday announced that some of the HTC handsets would be receiving Android updates. Amongst the HTC handsets,HTC One A9 is a smartphone which would be getting its system updated to Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow this month itself. He then added that the previous flagship handset One M9 which is of unlocked US version will also be getting its system updated to Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Some of the users of HTC One A9 claims it to be a look alike of the iPhone 6. Jason Mackenzie, HTC America President had made an announcement related to this handset. He had said that an Android update would be received on One A9 within 15 days of the Nexus



Windows 8.1 has some very satisfying life optimization because of Action Center and the Other Things that makes it possible to use without any need of unlocking the phone.

Following are few tips that would help you get the maximum out of your Windows 8.1 phone that would help in making you use your phone with much more ease and that too without wasting anytime in entering the password.


  1. That Snap

You pet or new born baby in your house are not going to make that adorable faces all the time for you. Till the time you will enter your password and open the camera they would have been long gone. A better and easy of not wasting your time in entering the passwords is; press the camera button and hold it then slide up the camera and take as many pictures as you want without wasting even a second.


  1. The speed

When after a long tiring day you check your phone and it has got a never ending list of notifications it becomes irritating. All you want to do is clear them all at once but you waste your time sliding each notification either left or right. The easiest way is to either click the “clear all” option or you may slide two fingers instead of one and all your notifications would be waxed off in less than a second.


  1. Quick action

You get notifications related to who messaged you, mailed you, tagged you in some photo on social media site, and poked you or who liked or commented on your status. Swipe down from the very top and pull down the action center to see all your notifications at one place within a second.

Action center is a very convenient and very quick. It is a very easy way to swipe down from the top of the screen to see all the notifications.


  1. Quick check

For some more specific and particular tips for action centre that let you change or alter the settings of your phone like airplane mode, Bluetooth on or off, rotation lock, and many more. You can swipe part way down to check your quick actions and not your notifications. This is quite handy as you can quickly turn the rotation lock on without swiping the action center and then location the option to turn on the rotation lock. It is the best when you are reading a message or article and the screen does not moves even if you hit the pillow.





  1. Personalization banner

Windows 8.1 hits the right spot by providing granular control that too without creating any confusion or by overwhelming. The new settings for the notification banners are a right example for it.

Go to the settings and then open notifications and actions, tap and select each app and choose whether notification from a particular app should vibrate or make a sound or just show up as a banner or as a notification in action centre.