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Motorola G4 and G4 Plus Coming in June?

The current Smartphone technology belongs to shatter proof technology. Motorola feels that this technology is going to be very much in demand and so it had come up with Moto X Force with this technology. Now, in regards to the new versions of Moto G4 and the Plus version reports suggest that Motorola will come up with Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus soon. These are supposed to be G3 successors. These reports had come from Gizmo China. But there were no confirmations as such. However, the confirmation came from Lenovo CEO that perhaps a phone will be launched on June 9th. It is a known fact that Motorola is now owned by Lenovo. But there is no word that the phone that is going to launch on June 9th would be Moto G4 or G4 Plus.

moto g4

The leaked specs


As per the leaked specs Moto G4 is expected to be having the following features:


  • 5.5-inch display
  • 13MP camera
  •  16GB of internal storage.


Moto G4 Plus may have


  • 5.5-inch display
  • 16MP camera
  •  16GB of internal storage


So, there doesn’t seem to be too much difference except for the camera. It is not yet clear as to what would be the price. But if Motorola comes up with the affordable deal then perhaps this would be an added advantage for the Smart Phone buyers who have been looking for the best options and that too within the budget.


The finger print sensor is set to come up on thee phones in the middle of the screen. If you are looking for something like this then you just have to wait till June 9th. Apart from all this, it seems that Motorola has something more in his mind and so there would be one more Flagship phone ahead. It can be somewhere after June 9th. What it would be is not clear. Motorola always likes to create some suspense and that’s the reason why it has created this novel thing on the line.


Is the new product really G4?


As per the CEO and as per the leaked images, the sign actually shows that the new product would be G4 and G4 Plus or G4 or G4 Plus. But what it would be is still the suspense. So, all you can do is simply wait and watch. The rear camera has been upgraded in the upcoming models and so this really seems to be something you must look out for. Now, what you should see to is whether the June 9th event would be a grand one or it would just be a small launch! Whatever it is we would soon let you know as soon as we get some hints or leaks. If you have been looking for a decent deal then perhaps you should wait till June 9th and this will really give you the very best options.


Acer Liquid Zest Plus Announced with Big Massive Battery

We have often seen that when there is a big battery in the Smart Phone that would pretty be expensive. But here’s Acer Liquid Zest Plus coming up with a massive battery. Liquid Zest Plus has come up with the 5000 mAh battery and this really seems to be the perfect option for those looking for a reasonable or mid-budget phone with a big massive battery. Recently, this phone was announced in New York in one of the events. As per the available reports, the price of this phone should not exceed USD 250.


The specs of Acer Liquid Zest Plus


It seems that this new phone Acer Liquid Zest Plus would bear the large battery as said before. Apart from that it seems that the phone would come with MediaTek MT6735 chipset coupled with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage. There seems to be 13MP rear camera too. The front camera would be 5MP camera.


Even though the company has been marketing this phone on the basis of the battery, this is not the first phone that has come up with bigger battery. Gionee is the first one which came up with 6020 mAh battery.


Recently, in India Liquid Z530 was launched. Even Z630 Smartphones had come up sometime back. So, this means that even this mentioned phone would come to India soon.


To brush up with the specs look here:


  • 5 MP front camera
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 6020 mAh battery
  • 16GB Storage
  • MediaTek MT6735 chipset coupled with 2GB RAM and 16GB storage


It is not yet known that what the other features of the phone would be. But this seems to be all we know at the moment. So, since this would be less than USD 250, this would really be a smart deal and people would love to buy such a phone! In the times when budget smart phones are tough to find Acer always comes up with the best mid-range phones. There are many players in the market apart from this. But since Acer has made a reputed name in the market, it has its set of customers and so the company need not worry too.


It seems that the device would also combine laser, contrast and phase detection autofocus. The company has strategically worked towards gaining better position and so it seems that it has followed the strategy of a bigger battery.


Benefits of having bigger battery


Having a massive battery can really help you in gaining better control over the phone. You need to charge the phone again and again. In the times when power banks have taken over, charging the phone is not the major issue. But what makes sense is bigger battery can really be a good thing as it would make the phone work well. So, if you really want to buy a better battery phone then here’s the best deal coming on the way. Wait and watch.

Most Awaited Phones Of 2016! Here Is The List.. Check It Out!

Most Awaited Phones of 2016


When the Smart phone buyer wants to buy a new phone his eyes would be on the upcoming phones of 2016. So, when you are looking for upgrades just look out for the best options that would be available in the year 2016. The year 2015 was too good and it had witnessed the launch of many leading Smartphone like OnePlus 2, Google Nexus 5X and 6P, Huawei Honor 7 and Lenovo K3 .

1124201530015PM_635_xiaomi_redmi_note_3 (1)

The best upcoming phones of 2016 India


  1. Xiaomi Redmi 3: This phone was launched in China  afew days back. But it is not yet entered in India. It is expected that soon it would be there. The features of this phone include 5 Inch display, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, 5MP front camera and 13MP primary camera. The phone has a powerful 4100mAh battery.
  2.  One Plus Mini 2: One Plus Mini 2 is about to release soon. It has 16GB internal memory, 3GB RAM, 4.99 inch display is some of the leading specs. Apart from that the phone has 13MP primary camera and 8MP selfie camera.
  3. ASUS Zenfone 3: This flagship phone is expected to release around May. It has 5 inch display with capacitative touch screen. It sports the fingerprint sensor. Runs on Android Lollipop and has 2GB RAM. Also has 5 MP selfie camera.
  4. Lenovo K80: This phone is just launched in China. It is not yet clear as to when it would come in India but it is very much speculated to be making good sales figures. It is not even clear that what would be the price tag for India but the major specifications are 5.5 inch display with touch screen, 5MP selfie camera, Android Lollipop, 4GB RAM.
  5. Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini: If you are a Samsung fan then you should wait a bit for Samsung Galaxy S6 Mini. This phone was listed on one of the e commerce sites in China but then it is not at all revealed that when it would come to India. It would come with specifications like 2GB RAM, 4G enabled phone, 16GB internal storage etc.
  6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 3: This is a phablet and it is also expected to launch in India soon. It has 5.5 inch display. This is a dual SIM smart phone. It is expected that this high end Phablet would come in two variants. The one would be with 2GB and the other would be with 3GB.


The above phones seem to be much awaited phones. In the year 2016, Android Lollipop has taken over and thus it is expected that the Android phones that would be released would have Lollipop as the OS. People expect that India should get more of budget phones with high end features. The above phones are such that have amazing features and at the same time reasonable price. Thus it seems that even the makers and manufacturers know that what are the current demands and based on that India would witness the Smart Phone release in the year 2016.

The Best Deal on Motorola Moto X Force! Hurry Up And Take It Now!

Have you been looking out for a smart and affordable Smartphone? Well, Motorola’s Moto X Force is available on Flipkart with the best discount ever. This phone is a shatter proof phone and comes in the variant of 64GB and 32GB. There’s a limited time offer on Flipkart and the discount seems to be around Rs 15000 which is not a small amount. This means that Motorola Moto X 32GB which was initially available at Rs 49999 is now available at Rs 34999. The price of 64GB initially was Rs 53999 and that is now available at Rs 37999. So, if you calculate exactly then the 64GB model is giving you the discount of Rs 16000 and the 32GB model is giving a discount of Rs 15000. Both of them are amazing deals.


Now, coming back to the time when Motorola Moto X Force was announced, it was announced in February 2016. Flipkart has started this deal and has not mentioned as to how much time this deal is on. But since this is a hot deal, the Smartphone lovers should grab the deal. Here are some of the features that you would love to refer to of this device.

Features of Motorola Moto X Force

The phone comes with the shatter shield technology and also has Snapdragon 820 chipset. The device has 5.4 inch Quad HD P-OLED display. Apart from the dual touch layer, the company also boasts that even if this phone falls from the height nothing would happen to the glass display. The company also gives a 4 year warranty on the screen of Moto X Force. This is just the launch offer and therefore this has to be grabbed quickly.

 Here are the specs that you need to know


  • 4 inch QHD AMOLED Display
  • 3GB RAM
  • 31 MP Rear camera
  • 5 MP selfie camera
  • 3760 mAh battery
  • Wireless charging and Turbo Power quick charging
  • 4G LTE support

Looking into the above features and specs it really seems that the Smart phone is worth the money that you pay. In fact, this is just the launch offer and it seems it would get very good response and even when the discount would be over; the features seem to be very good in compare to the price. What are you waiting for? Just grab the launch offer and save your money.

When the phone was announced in February it was going to sell on Amazon and offline as well with the discount. But somehow the discounts have started on Flipkart. Also, the phone came bit later than expected. So, if you have a big budget and have been looking for a different and high profile phone with shatter shield technology then this would be the best deal for you. Where you would get Rs 15000 off? So, just do not think much. Grab the offer before it gets expired. It seems that the deal has got amazing response.

A New Software Is Developed By Researchers Which Helps In Detecting Flaws n web Apps!

A new team of researchers has developed a new software which is definitely a breakthrough in security mainly for programs that are written in the popular framework of web applications, Ruby On The Rails.

The researchers have exploited some peculiarities of Ruby On Rails, the popular framework of web programming. A system has been developed by researchers from MIT which can very quickly comb through a thousands of lines of application code so that security flaws can be found.


The software was tested on around 50 popular web applications that were written on Ruby On Rails. In this, around 23 undiagnosed security flaws were found. Moreover, it didn’t take even 64 seconds for analyzing the given program.

As per Daniel Jackson, the system which is newly developed makes use of static analysis. This describes in a very generic way how the flow of data takes place through the program.

A perfect example of this is that if abstract analysis of the program has to be done which helps in manipulating integers. The integers can be divided to positive integers, zero and negative integers, explained Jackson.
Then, with static analysis, all the operations in the program are evaluated as per the effect on the sign of the integers. 2 positives if added will yield a positive. If 2 negatives are added, it would yield a negative. If  2 negatives are yielded, it would yield a positive and the thing goes on.

The problem with this is that there is no complete accuracy since the information is lost, says Jackson. If a positive as well as a negative integer is added, you wouldn’t know whether the answer is zero, negative or positive. Majority of the work that is on static analysis has a focus on making the analysis more accurate and scalable for overcoming these kinds of problems.

With web applications, there is a high cost of accuracy said Jackson. He also stated that if the program under analysis is added, it is huge. Even if a small program is written, it would sit atop vast edifice of plug-ins, libraries and frameworks.


The results would be presented in the month of May at the International Conference On Software Engineering.

Chrome 50 Released For Linux, OS X And Windows

Chrome 50 has been released by Google for Linux, OS X and Windows. With this update, several improvements have been brought about along with security fixes, bug fixes and loads of new features. There is also an expectation that soon Chrome OS and Android would roll out very soon.

As an announcement was made in the month of November, Google had ended support for operating systems that were mainly OS X 10.8, OS X 10.7, OS X 10.6, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

With Chrome 50 for Linux, OS X and Windows, PushAPIis updated for adding push notification payloads. This means that notification deliveries are made more efficient as notification data are sent simultaneously along with message.


With this, notifications can be customized by the developers with time stamps and buttons. Also, the site would give the users vibrating, sound and silent notifications. Webmasters would be given an information that when a user closes a notification, sync notifications can be helped across various devices and analytics data would be provided.

Another new features that are there in the Chrome 50 have a declarative preload wherein site developers can help browser know which resources are needed for properly displaying a page along with the link rel=’preload’ attribute which brings about a significant reduction in the page load time.

For showcasing this, a video has been published by Google that contrasts the page load times without and with implementation. There were also some other developer facing features that were unveiled.

In the meantime, Chrome 50 for Android would be getting a cancel and pause button for the purpose of downloads. It was also mentioned that Chrome 50 come along with 20 security fixes. The most important contribution that external researchers made were highlighted.

These are Universal XSS in extensions bindings, out-of-bounds read in PdFium JPEG2000 decoding, out-of-bounds write in V8, use-after free that have relation to extensions, memory read in media that uninitialized, address bar spoofing, Android downloaded file path restriction bypass, as well as potential leak of sensitive information to dangerous and virus filled extensions.

Best 5 Powerbanks under Rs.2000

Nowadays, powerbanks are considered to the ‘LIFELINE’ for smartphone users. With increasing apps and addiction to social media, there is no doubt that the phone battery drains too quickly. Obviously, it is impossible to stop this addiction! So what should be done? Well, you can choose from some amazing powerbanks under Rs.2000. We have compiled the list of some of the best powerbanks under Rs.2000 to ease your job! Have a look at them:

  1. DigiFlip Power Bank 11000 mAH price Rs. 2000


This powerbank is surely an amazing one under this price range. Featuring 2 USB outputs, it comes with Built-in Intelligent IC. Don’t worry, the company has also taken care of short-circuit, temperature, over-discharg, over-current and over-charge issues by providing appropriate protection. Fuelled by a 11000mAh lithium ion battery, you can charge it for 500 cycles. It is available at a price of Rs.2000

2.      Honor Power bank 13000 mAh price Rs.1399


Nothing can be best than this high-power power bank by Huawei. Having 2 USB ports, it is supportive of 5V 2A output to enable quick charging.It is fuelled by a 13000mAh battery and offers a great performance. Depending on the capacity, you can charge your phone for around 5 times. As of now, it is exclusively available on Flipkart but check some offline retail stores near you too! It comes with a price tag of Rs.1399

3.      Asus Zen Power 10050 mAh price Rs.1599


Known for its excellent performance, this power bank can be availed for a budget-friendly price. If you find it out of stock, leave an email to the company and they would get back to you once they have an adequate stock. The main highlight of this power bank is its ultra-fast charging technology which enables charging the smartphone faster. You can avail it in blue, pink, gold, silver and black color variants. It also comes with a  months warranty.  Its charging time is 6 hours. You can avail it at a price of Rs.1599

4.      Intex 10000 mAh IT-PB10K Power Bank price Rs.949


If your budget is below Rs.1000, then this is definitely a very good option. The performance offered by this power bank is simply amazing. It is fueled by a 10000mAh battery and is definitely a good deal. To add to it, there is a blue color variant too for those who love some style in the gadgets they buy. It takes 5 hours for complete charging and it also has a torch. You can avail it at an unbelievable price of just Rs.949. 

5.      Mi 16000 mAh Power Bank price Rs.1500


This super-sized 16000mAh power bank offers excellent performance. it has 2 USB ports and have LED indicators to show how much battery is charged. It provides adequate protection from over-cha

Chrome’s New Mute Tab Helps Silence Auto-Playing Video/Audio Menace

Imagine you clicked on a website’s link to read an interesting story or an article or you are browsing through online shopping website, and suddenly you hear some jingle, music or random audio through your PC speakers. You waste several minutes figuring out the source of that audio. This irritating situation might have occurred to you multiple times.

If you have multiple tabs open, situation gets worse. If you are clumsy like the majority of the users, then you might have 10-15 tabs opened simultaneously in your Chrome Browse. During this time, it is nightmare to find from which tab that particular sound or advertisement is playing.


It’s so embarrassing when you are sitting in a library with your laptop. Suddenly, audio sound starts playing and you have no idea from where it is playing. So you can’t shut it down immediately. Thankfully now there is a feature to save you from this kind of embarrassment.

Up to the present time no easy solution was available to combat this problem. You had the option of muting audio sound completely. But then you couldn’t hear audio when needed. Fortunately Google Chrome noticed this error and introduced a mute button in the latest version. Users are loving this feature already. From version 46.0.2490.71 onwards, you will find Mute button. To stop your sufferings, switch to Chrome, to take advantages of the Mute button.

Using Mute Tab.

To avail the mute option just go to any specific tab you wish to mute and right click on the top header bar of that tab. Then click on Mute Tab. So any auto playing audio, video or ads will be muted in that particular tab. Because of this you can open any link without stressing about unwanted audio. The tab specific option makes it easy to play audio or video in the tab which you want. Muted tabs will have a mute sign displayed so you will distinguish between non-mute and mute tabs easily.

Although the mute option is really helpful, people would have liked it more if it was more intelligent. For instance it would have been good if Chrome itself could figure out any auto playing ad or music and mute it. Instead of making the user mute various tabs. Maybe we can hope for this too in later versions. For now Mute tab can make your life a little bit easy by taking away Audio menace.

YouTube Red Will Provide Viewers an Ad-Free Experience; But Content Creators Given Just 2 Options: Signup or Disappear

Finally YouTube launched its anticipated paid subscription service plan. This will allow users to experience ad-free content and a bunch of other perks. Named as YouTube Red, this might be the redefining moment not only for YouTube but for the whole digital industry. Finally it can leverage their zillion hours of videos and billions of users. This can be an eminent case study on how the digital services are monetizing their content without ads.


YouTube Red is scheduled to launch initially in US. Later on it would be available across other countries too. As for now, Subscription charges are $9.99 per month. That’s roughly Rs 7400 INR per year. Google’s official blog post said that they are giving their fans exactly what they want by introducing YouTube Red. Launching on 28th October, it is designed to provide users the ultimate YouTube experience.

Some of the features of YouTube Red:

  • Ad free viewing of all content on YouTube
  • Option of saving videos offline
  • Saved videos accessible on cross platforms like tablets, movie, Cloud and desktops
  • Option of playing videos in the background
  • Membership perks will include across YouTube Gaming app, YouTube Music app (which will launch soon) and Google Play Music.
  • Access to the exclusive YouTube content. This content won’t be available on any other platforms like Cinema or TV.

YouTube specifically stated that accessing YouTube will still be free. However by subscribing with YouTube Red, users will be able to support their favorite YouTubers while watching what they want, when they want and on any device which they wish, uninterrupted.

Way back in 2013 and 2014, people had speculated about YouTube’s paid service, which now is a reality.

Option for Content Creators: Signup or Disappear.

The most important aspect of this platform are the content creators. And it seems amidst this paid service, they are being taken for a ride by YouTube/Google. Apparently the content creators are being forced to be a part of YouTube Red. Otherwise they can face extinction. So they don’t have a choice of refusing.

It’s kind of a Signup or Disappear situation for the content creators. Google has made clear to them that if they don’t sign up for YouTube Red, then their channel and their content would not available in the existing old format or in the paid one.

Hence this makes the negotiations very difficult for the content creators. Their hard work is being strategically monetized by YouTube. Many YouTubers have felt that YouTube is bullying them to sign up for this and isn’t being very fair towards them.

This is common sense that churning free viewers into paid ones would make content creators more money. Although many things are hazy and ambiguous as of now. Some tech bloggers have said that instead of coming with ‘Signup or Disappear’ tactic, YouTube should have flagged videos as ‘Not available on Red’. But forcing the content creators to join Red isn’t fair.

This situation is not being very desirable for the content creators as of now. During April, YouTube announced that they will paid 55% of the earned revenues via paid subscriptions to the YouTubers. Whereas Spotify pays around 70% overall revenues to their content creators. Apple Music gives a share of 71.5% to their artists. But here with Google, revenue sharing ratio is much less.

Regarding this issue, Google gave a response saying that it was the wish of both, creators and users for paid YouTube service. Further continued saying that due to overwhelming majority of their content creators, compromising nearly 99% of YouTube’s content, have signed up. Also videos of partners (YouTubers) who do not wish to update to Red will be made private. Although it will remain Google’s priority to work closely with partners who don’t sign up and try to bring them on board eventually.

There are several YouTubers who provide content for mass entertainment such as standup comedy, challenges, DIYs etc. They still feel that ad based income would not surpass subscription based one. However, YouTube Red isn’t giving them much freedom to choose. Either they can sign up for Red or their content will not be accessible. Hence it is believed this is the reason 99% of content creators have signed up for YouTube Red, with or against their wish.

You Must Check Out These Features Before You Buy A Laptop !

There are a few essential things to be considered while buying a laptop. Today’s current scenario makes it an indispensable part of the modern lifestyle. Below are a few elements that can be considered to buy one:


  • Compact – A laptop is an everyday use thing and hence might be needed to be carried on a regular basis. So a compact and lightweight options will make things easier. Apart form the laptop’s portability, you also need to pay a close attention to the display size. The normal size can range anywhere between 11 to 12 inches till 17 to 18 inches.
  • Screen Quality – This is becoming a significant aspect to look out for. You have good quality Full Hd systems easily available in the market. The more pixels you will have, the sharper the display will look giving you a contented feeling.  There’s an option of in-plane switching screens these days which makes the color and display better. A good resolution of almost 1920×1080 could be an ideal option.
  • Keyboard and Touch quality – A comfortable keypad or keyboard is a must if you are looking for a long typing session. Look for a full-sized keys on the keyboard and enough space between the keys. For Touch screen, look for an option which will give you good results when you get into multitouch gestures. Its always a good idea to get a touch screen laptop with a stick for easy browsing and efficient work.
  • CPU & RAM – Intel’s Core-based CPUs with options like Core i3, Core i5, and Core i7 are the best buying bet.  These are good choices for doing a lot of multitasking and are looking for best performance options. These also help in causing lesser heat at the base of the laptop. It is suggested to have at least a 4 GB ram for a smooth functioning. As we tend to run a lot of applications simultaneously and want easily accessibility of a lot of data.
  • A good battery life – It is an ideal option to have a 8 hours battery life option. If you will have to work for a lot of time away from a  socket or on your lap, minimum 6 hours battery life without interference should be considered. While considering the battery life, its always a good option to check for reviews of that particular model as getting first hand information is a better way of determining the actual performance.

Above shared options form the main base of checklist for buying an efficient laptop. There are other aspects as well like storage, wireless networking and Bluetooth, accessories, sound system, etc that can be useful.


New Modem Hardware Technology Makes SMS Eagle Smarter and Pliable

The new SMSEagle, NXS-9750 is equipped with not one, but two 3G modems, each with full bandwidth coverage, making it compatible with almost any 3G network in the world. The device is powered with the latest Linux kernel bringing its security and reliability to a top level. New NXS-9750 have also new failover functions for 3G modems (if using two SIM cards). Failover operational mode assumes functions of a system modem by secondary modem when the primary modem becomes unavailable through either failure or scheduled down time.

New SMSEagle NXS-9750 additionally offers high-accessibility group highlight (with two or more gadgets). The gadget coordinates with more than twenty NMS and Auth frameworks, for example, Nagios, Zabbix, PRTG, Solarwinds, RSA and so forth. This makes it simple to coordinate with various existing IT situations.


SMSEagle, item supervisor, Radoslaw Janowski  added, “We anticipate building up ourselves as a go-to equipment SMS entryway answer for IT experts, around the world.”

SMSEagle equipment SMS door is an EU-started item for programmed sending and getting of SMS messages. SMSEagle permits you to send SMS alarms originating from system checking frameworks (NMS), SMS tokens for validation frameworks, change over email to SMS messages, send and get SMS writings utilizing HTTP API. The portal is intended for experts who depend on dependability and simple mix with existing IT frameworks.

With the running stride of time, a number of new technologies have made their place in the market scenario. Some have survived the demand, some have lost the pace and become obliterate.  SMS Eagle technology has not only made it easier for your company to incur a considerable amount of profit, but also opened a new path to burst forth like never before.

With this cutting edge technology in process, it will be smoother for you to interact with all your consumenrs, thereby taking your entire venture way ahead of success. No matter whether you have started up your firm lately, or have been running the business for years, you customers no more have to experience a tough time while reaching to the concerned departments in your organization. All they have to do is send SMS to the unique number they are provided with and with the automated process, everything will get generates as easily as you expected it to be.

So, what are you still mulling over? It will now just be a sheer act of stupidity on your part, if you waste your time and think over it much. Go and grab the technology as soon as you can. Your organization can reach the summit of success in a very short notice.

SMS messages are sent specifically from the portal to a 3G system. This abbreviates the basic way (contrasted with utilizing online SMS benefits), and permits communicating something specific notwithstanding when web association is broken. The outer recieving wire enhances signal quality in ranges with restricted 3G scope (ex. server rooms, datacenters). Inward SNMP operators permits you to screen the gadget’s execution utilizing SNMP measurements.