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The New Wearable and Stretchable Circuit for Future Gadgets

A team of engineers in USA have created integrated circuits that come in wearable form. They are flexible enough to wear and can be worn by anyone. These are stretchable. These integrated circuits can help in IOT and it’s a step forward to wireless future. This project was initiated and led by Zhenqiang “Jack” Ma from University of Wisconsin-Madison. In fact, it is believed that the team that created the integrated circuits could get this inspiration from twisted cables of telephone. In the repeating S curves, there would be power transmission wires that would initiate transmission. This is the concept of telephone. With this kind of transmission lines, there would be uninterrupted transmission without any issue. This is what makes it important to use the stretchable option so that performance is better. It is seen that this kind of lines would help in avoiding any sort of outside interference and also avoiding any sort of current loss. It is seen that the integrated circuits can operate at radio frequency levels up to 40 gigahertz.



This is one platform which the other manufacturers can use for getting the ideas about better wireless products and the stretchable options or gadgets. It seems that in future the manufacturers would be motivated for the new generation wireless broadband and this would be 5G.

In fact, these wearable can be used as temporary tattoos for the skin. Also, this can come up as revolution for healthcare industry wherein the healthcare staff can check the patients even from remote place with such gadgets. The coming generation would have lots of options, if this project gets initiated in the right way. Let’s remain hopeful that this new technology can provide the push to creating a different outlook for internet and wireless options. The integration would be like 3D puzzles. Thus you will see that the complex circuits actually will help in developing newer devices for future needs. This work was supported by Air Force Office of Scientific Research. Thanks to such powerful technologies, in future we have loads of options.

The signals of such circuits are pretty strong and they would actually help in cordless developments for the remote options as well. So, just do not get astonished when you would see many other things in future that would be based on this platform.

Intel’s Strategic steps to Take Forward Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Digital India Dream

Intel’s new steps are towards supporting digital India program. This is an initiative to provide support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of digital India. The company plans to set up three programs and the main aim of these programs would be to let the people know about digital India via grass root levels.  The company plans to get in touch with urban and non-urban India and encourage people to take steps towards this new initiative.


As per of Robby Swinnen, general manager, Intel Corporation (Asia-Pacific & Japan)  “We are thrilled to see the progress made through our collaboration with the government of India on various initiatives like ‘Digital India’ that are bringing technology and innovation mainstream in India,”


Intel India has started Unnati Kendra at Common service center in Karnal. It is the very first center in Haryana. This will be a place for digital learning. This is just one step. The company is planning to set up even more spaces like this. You will see that the company is soon coming up with the website and this would be in collaboration with CSC e-Governance Services India Ltd. its good that the beginners will also get a chance as to how to assemble PC online. People should have idea about technological know how and so this step would encourage people to be technically smart and perfect by all means.


India has got too much of scope and so it is important that there should be support from all levels. The company feels that people from all levels should take part in this and it will therefore bring in the best results. Intel has been quite impressed with the prime Minister’s work in favor of India gaining better exposure to such things and so it is taking a step forward to make things more potent and productive. In fact, this step is also looking forward to calling new entrepreneurs and even the solutions to get on with the perfect options.  Innovation and skills are the things that need to be developed among the Indians and even the non urban people should be part of these things.

May Madness! Shop For PS4 Games At A Price You Wouldn’t Have Imagined!

The dates of the Steam Summer Sale have been leaked and it seems Sony has taken the decision of pre-empting Valve’s week of discounts with 2 weeks of what is termed as May Madness. Over the course of around 2 weeks, you get to access a variety of PS4 games and that too at extremely discounted rates.


Some of the irresistible deals include Driveclub which is half the price i.e. at Rs.1,248, then Evil Within, the horror action game at a price of Rs.998, which is usually priced around Rs.2750. Then there is this Tomb Raider Definitive Edition which is available at a price of Rs.832. also, there is the Witcher 3 which is available for Rs.2,750, the retail price of which is Rs.4,578.

Other deals include a Grand Theft Auto V for a price of Rs.1,710 as compared to standard of Rs.2,799 and also the Elder Scrolls Online Tamriel Unlimited for Rs.1,997, instead of the original price of Rs.3,999. The validity of the deals is till the 1st of June. Some deals are sounding quite great but a lot better can be done instead of buying used ones or then waiting for sale on sites such as Flipkart or Amazon.

If you aren’t having a PS4 or don’t have plans of upgrading, Sony is offering deals for PS Vita or PS3 and promises to offer 60 percent of the deals updated fortnightly.

Some stellar offers include the Undead Nightmare Expansion for a price of Rs.599, then there is the Red Dead Redemption at the price of Rs.599 again. Apart from that, there is the LA Noire for a price of Rs.665 instead of its original price of Rs.2497 and then the Grand Theft Auto:Triology which can be purchased for a price of Rs.832 as opposed to standard price of Rs.2497.

The action platformer Bastion can be snagged by PS Vita fans at a 46 percent off i.e. for Rs.665 and also the fighting game Mortan Kombat for a price of Rs.832 as opposed to the original Rs.1,999. Then, there is Indie Darling Thomas Was Alone at a 50 percent discount for a price of Rs.332.

Always remember that some of these deals are extremely cheap but still the games need to be downloaded before playing them. On an average the PS4 game clocks at 50GB but ensure that the necessary bandwidth is there before making the purchase.

Intex Aqua: the New Budget Phone to Bet On Launched at Rs 2799



Intex Aqua has had a habit of secretly launching Smart Phones. You can see that soon after Intex Aqua Lions G, the company has now launched a budget Smart Phone with the name Intex Aqua Joy. It is expected that the price of this phone would be around Rs 2799. In fact, this price has been listed on the company’s website. It is not yet on sale. But soon it would be. People who have been looking for a budget Smart Phone can settle their likes on this one.

intex aqua

Features and specs


This would be a dual SIM Smart Phone and has 4-inch WVGA (480×800 pixels) display. The phone would have Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. Apart from that the phone would also have 1.2GHz quad-core SC7731C processor along with 512MB of RAM. It would have 4GB of inbuilt storage. There is 1450mAh battery with up to 5 hours of talk time and up to 160 hours of standby time.


Intex aqua Joy really seems quite amazing at this rate. But you won’t find any fancy colors or designs. They would be available in black and white colors. You will get front and rear cameras as well. Just last week the company came up with Aqua Lions 3G phones and it was priced over Rs. 4990. But it has 5 inch HD display.


But as compared to the competitors, it seems that the prices that Intex has kept are quite nominal. Perhaps, this is the strategy of Intex to gain control over the Smart Phone market. So, all those who have been looking for a budget phone yet that one which has some amazing features then this deal would seem to be really quite good. Just wait till the time, this phone would come into the market for sale.