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Android App And Google Play Available In Chrome

Android App and google play support is now available on Chrome OS Device. Asus Chromebook is the first laptop which contains the support in it. The support app will be visible once the user downloads beta Chrome OS 53.

Google recently made an announcement that android apps are coming to Chromebook with support for google play as well. Google employee Francois Beaufort made an announcement that the support for Android application and google play is now slowly rolling out on Dev channel especially for Asus Chromebook flip.


If you are an ASUS Chromebook flip user then all you need to do is to download the alpha version of Chrome OS 53 and the google play store icon will automatically be visible in the desktop. All the popular games in android will also be available in it.

As per the recent update with Chromebook flip, acer Chromebook R11 and Chromebook pixel will also be having this support soon.Also Beaufort says that there are several other device which will have the support soon without reliving the timeline detail.

As per the recent update 50 more Chromebook are expected to get the application support in the coming months. Most of the Chromebook starting from Samsung to HP will be getting google support page. Once the user gets access for android app he can easily download any kind of app from google play and enjoy the experience.

The director of Products management Kan Liu also showed a demo of the new integration and gave a detail briefing on how this application will work on Chromebook. Also music, movies and videos can be used offline on chromebooks in the same manner like it does on smartphones.

Now An AL-Based System Allows Adding Sound To Silent System

MIT has recently developed AL- based system which has a special feature to add sound to silent videos. This is done by MIT researchers which enables the silent videos to get realistic sound independently with the help of computer system. The technology is quite innovative and automatically adds sound effects for any kind of silent video or movie.


The music is set in a very distinctive manner where the computer understands to pair up a fitting sound effect like sound of drumstick which hits the wood or shaking leaves. The innovation they have brought it stated that they had a deep power of learning and an intelligence which was used in a very trendy manner. The computer system easily learns to recognize the patterns and automatically piles up the information and applies it wherever needed.

During the process the researchers from MIT computer science and artificial intelligence lab almost did live recording of 1000 videos of drumstick scarping and banging on real objects. These videos are then uploaded and then fed into computer system. The system in return learns and starts adding sound which are associated with different action. The sound are totally different and has a range of options available.

Later the computer was provided with silent videos of various instruments created and was instructed to pair it with the video to give it a finishing appeal. The system was set in such a manner that the computer automatically selects the pitch and loudness which fits as per the flow of the video. It automatically chooses a sound clip from the play list and streamlines it with the video. For demo purpose the researchers played the video for half second and it worked out in the best ways. One of the computer had added the sound in the perfect maner and gave out the best video output.

New Feature Gets Added To WhatsApp! Checkout What It Is…

WhatsApp which is one of the most popular application available in the digital world today. They have recently added users quote message while replying. The new feature is made in a very distinctive manner which appears along with the original message like quote. This newly added feature is available on both Android and iOS. These quotes can be seen in both individual conversation as well on group conversation. This features is now easily rolling out for Android as well as iOS running which is a generally built in from google play and the app store.


The feature added is self-explanatory and the user has the facility to long press the message and reply option comes up in the screen. As soon as you click on the reply button the original message will pop up in the form of quote, and the user can easily reply to that particular quote easily. The quote message will appear in a grey color box in the receiver’s end.

The company has recently started testing video calling feature as well in a brief manner. WhatsApp has always been one of the preferred platform worldwide. Everyday there are billions of people who use this application. I can say this is the online ruling in the market today which keep adding some or the other feature to it on regular basis. This actually keeps the masses connected to each other from every corner of the globe.

There are some more features which will be added in WhatsApp soon as its one of the most trending application in the social media applications.


Now Facebook Will Allow You To Post Videos In Comments.

Facebook has recently introduced a new option to allow users to post videos on comments in all kind of platform may it be android, iOS and web.



Facebook has always been one of the top most platform for people to express their interest and feeling in different ways. Facebook has added the feature to post videos in the form of comments and reply in any kind of social network. The new feature is available in android, iOS and also for all the web user.At the end of the camera button you can find a comments field where you can upload photo or a video. It’s slowly getting rolled out worldwide so be patient till it reaches your screen. With the recent innovations from Facebook there are various options available for users like pre-loaded texts, photos and emoji’s.

The product engineer Bob Baldwin says that the video feature works for people, pages and even in groups and events which are created. This feature was introduced on Facebooks 50th hackathon in the month of February 2016. The team took some time to polish this project and spent some months to give it a distinctive approach now it’s all live.

Today internet and social media is pushing video in a wide manner as most of the people these days like to watch live videos rather than reading written content. Every second there are hundreds of videos uploaded on social media. The video media is growing at a faster rate today

at a 360 degree rate as most of the people today are addicted to video. Everything is made easy with video tutorials, clips and short films to make life simple.


Synaptics comes up with the USB Fingerprint Module

If you have not heard of Synaptics before then know about it now. This company deals in products that would be associated with touch, biometrics and display for PC. In short this company deals in natural finger print authentication for PC. This name was not much heard initially but then it was creating finger sensors for Samsung and this is how the company attained popularity. The new USB dongle would be out early next year or late this year and this would be the best solution for OEM and ODMs. So, you can say that, this would turn out to be an affordable option for PC as the finger print module.


The reason why this dongle would do very well is because, as per the company, this new biometric solution would cater to both Windows Hello and Microsoft Passport. Also, this system is FIDO certified.

Its good that such a system has been developed as due to more relevance of online shopping and online payments people find it hard to protect the PC’s important data. This can happen at the personal level or the company level. So, due to such a reason too the biometric solutions have been in trend. The fingerprint sensing can be installed for the desktop too.

The company is also working on anti-spoofing technology and its not yet clear that when will this come out. But when this technology comes, the reliance on secondary buttons would be controlled. It’s good that Synaptics took this decision as people have been working a lot online. There are many cases of frauds and spoofs happening. But once such systems are installed you will see that things would be very much under control. It is expected that there would be introduction of these systems on the gadgets later this year. So, what we can do is just wait and watch.


The GoPro Camera Products Soon Available in India through Reliance Digital

GoPro is a popular name and it was this company that provided action camera culture. Now, its good news for all Indians! The company is partnering with Reliance digital and is launching in India. Getting Hero4 Session, Hero4 Silver and Hero4 Black is now going to be very easy for you. Of course, even the accessories like Chest Harness, 3-Way and Head Strap are now going to be easily available to you.


A few words on the products


The GoPro Hero4 Session has been quite popular and the main reason for the popularity is that this camera is small yet it performs so smoothly and perfectly. Its very much light and the operational buttons are so simple. Just start the recording as you like. You can take time lapse photography as well. It is waterproof to certain extent. It has many other amazing features.
The Hero4 Silver is also an amazing camera that has 12MP sensor and video trimming program that can be customized. The connectivity is awesome and you can actually find the very best features.


The company is aware that in India the creative professionals and the young crowd have good hand at technology. When they would be offered with these products it would mean that there would be better exposure to the youth in regards to new technology. So, reliance Digital would partner with GoPro and would promote the products as well as would educate the people so that the consumers get the best products at the end of the day. To work out further on this, Reliance Digital would also keep some stock of popular and useful accessories from GoPro.


The youth and the creative professionals in India seem to be very happy with this. As, GoPro has always been a popular choice in action cameras all over the globe! So, this partnership seems to have lot of potential and it seems that people will really love these options as available to them.

Xperia Smartphone Heating Issue Comes up Again to Scare

In past there were many reports suggesting the heating issue in Xperia Smart phones. But then in between times this news did not erupt much. Now, it seems that the problem has come back to scare the users. In the popular Xperia blog, one of the users had posted the video showing that how Sony Xperia X faced the heating issue. The comparison of Xperia X was being done with Samsung Galaxy 7 and the user could discover that Xperia smart phone was over heated to a considerable extent.


The experiment included

In this comparison or experiment, Xperia X and Galaxy S7 were recording 1080p videos at 60fps for some time. Within 4 minutes, Xperia had faced slow down and then within 10 minutes, the Xperia camera app had crashed.  Also, the phone was overheated. These things have always been quite common for Xperia. This is because even last year Z3 Plus and Z4 had faced similar issues. Sony had accepted this and it had also released a software update to fix the issue. The company can take similar steps again for Xperia X.

Xperia x specs

Xperia X Dual recently launched in India at Rs 49000 has the following specs:

  • it runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • 5-inch full-HD (1080×1920 pixels) Triluminos display
  • 23-megapixel rear camera
  • 13-megapixel front camera
  • 3GB of RAM
  • 64GB inbuilt storage
  • expandable storage support up to 200GB via microSD card
  • 4G LTE support.
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 processor.
  • Size is 142.7×69.4×7.9mm and weighs 153 grams.
  • 2620mAh battery.

All the features seem to be quite amazing and so it seems that if the over heating issue is sorted out then this can surely get the right reward.