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IPhone Users Can Now Make Use Of TrueCaller! Yes, Good News..

Truecaller which is one of the most commonly used application by most of the android users is now available on iPhone. With Truecaller the user can enjoy call history, it contains built-in dialer and various other features. This software has been recently rolled out specifically for iOS which helps the user to make calls within the application. The application is designed in Version 7.0 which is still lacking to deliver the function of live caller ID feature which is available in android application. Recently true caller tried to bring in an update in live caller ID with limited functionality.



This feature only enables the user to have a look at the person who calls with a detailed information with the help of Truecaller. If at all the other user does not have Truecaller one cannot use it in their iOS. In android this application is designed in such a manner that the user can see the information even if the other person does not have it installed.

The app for iPhone v7.0 brings in the unique feature of smart call history which helps in replacing the unknown numbers with apt names and faces to make the work easy for the user. Even if the number is  not saved in the contact history this application can help in finding it; the company said . The application has also added the feature which shows the user the contact which is available before you place the call. This was first introduced in the android app and made its first visibility in the year 2015. Users are also provided to make use of T9 search option to find contacts.

The company states that the users can make use of Truecaller instead of stock dialer application. Also the team is working hard to bring in iOS 10 soon which contains the Call kit function. Truecaller also said that Call kit function can allow the app to work in a very smooth manner on iPhone which will be introduced this year.

Amazon Prime Introduced in India

Amazon Prime is now available in India which contains a subscription service of 60 days trial version and if at all you want to go for a paid version it will cost you Rs. 499 which can be used after the trial version gets expired. The paid version is valid for a year, and once you go for amazon prime subscription you will be paying Rs. 999 for a year.When you think about what exactly this includes Amazon prime comes with unlimited one or two day delivery with no minimum order size. Also the user gets the access on some of the important deals on amazon. There are special deals been put up for prime members. Some of the other benefits which prime members enjoy are amazon videos and music while shopping. US customers are currently enjoying this facility which is not yet available in other countries.


In US amazon prime costs Rs. 6700 which shows that in India the cost is quite less and affordable. US users are also provided with lot of extra features like million e-books, storage space to save photos and also music or videos as per their needs.

The vice president of Prime Amazon states that we keep introducing new ideas and items which can be delivered fast and free. There are also digital benefits been added in prime video which enables original series and movies.There is also Amazon rival, Flipkart, which offers in Rs.500 per year and gives free in a day delivery and quick access to various deals. This service was introduced in the year 2014. With this move by Amazon we must see how Flipkart responds to this soon.

Amazon prime members will be able to qualify for free delivery only if they have the prime badge with them. All the products should be qualified for getting free prime delivery. For standard delivery amazon charges 40 rupees which is between 2 to 10 days’ time as per the availability of products. If the customer chooses for 1 or 2 days the delivery is charged Rs.100 and Rs.80. Prime amazon members can make use of this facility for free without paying any kind of extra charge. The prime members just have to pay Rs.50 to get the delivery on the same day and the non-prime members have to pay Rs. 150. The amazon prime delivery option is available to customer in almost 20 cities all across India.

Google Will Help You To Plan Your Trips

Google has introduced a new feature which will give you a detail information on the average time spent at one particular location which will be a great advantage for all of you to plan your visits. Google is much aware about the way we make use of the search engine when we have travel and hence keeps adding features to make your trips convenient and easy.


Recently it has added a new feature at the search which helps you in letting know the total amount of time you have spent in a particular location. When we go to a new place for the first time we are always confused and do not have a proper idea on how much time we will spend in that particular place. The feature is been added under plan your visit in the location card which will allow us to plan our trips without any trouble and also give us an estimated time we stayed at that place.

The company just made an announcement regarding the new feature in its post. We all should keep in mind that it provides estimated time to people who usually spend time in these places and the preferences will vary. It’s very important to do some amount of research on the location rather than totally depending on this feature.For now the company has not given any official word for the location which the feature shall provide however will surely enable the information for selective tourist destinations.

With the demand for this software, google keeps introducing various kind of options and features for its user to help them in the right manner. The company had recently updated a new search engine which helps in finding cheap flights and enable the user to book hotels wherever they plan their visit. The feature is made in a very user friendly way which allows the user to book hotels by filtering which can provide them with the best services as per their requirements. As per the recent updates google will also be bringing in a new feature which will have the hotels with the lowest rate at the top.

Google Hangout Enables You To Join Groups Having Unique Links!

Google has again came up with a new feature in hangouts where the user can join different groups with the help of unique links. The best part about this feature is the user can add themselves in any group with the help of links. It also helps in searching for group chats from the name of the group and participants. The feature will officially roll out within few days’ time on every platform. This will help the participants from individually sending invitation to everyone which brings in lot of trouble.


Google staff software engineer Jordanna Cord says; with this feature people who are not in your list can also search for your name and add you in their group or hangout conversation by just sharing a unique link. The feature needs to be switched on for each individual and one can find the link of the group in the same chat setting menu. It also gives the option to disallow new members to the group from the link if at all you do not want them to join.

The user will also be able to find the group conversation with their name of the group and the participant’s name. One can find the options available in the latest updates on Android however it’s still not available in iOS however will be introduced soon. Also google has started rolling out the new hangout version 11.0 which is now available on android. This will have video messaging which is been introduced almost 2 years after it came in iOS. The hangouts V12.0 update for iOS has an increased duration for video time which is up to 2 minutes however in android its just 1 minute.

The version 11 has also brought in other changes which will get updated in Android and iOS of google hangouts. Google keeps bringing in various options to its clients which keep making things simple for them. Let’s wait for the google handout feature which will enable users to enjoy group conversations.


Want To Enjoy Pokemon Go? Here’s How You Can Download & Enjoy!

The Pokemon Go craze is too much these days, isn’t it? Well, if you are having an Android device, there is no need of waiting for official announcement from The Pokemon company. Now, the game is out in Germany and US along with New Zealand and Australia. However, if you are out of these countries, the APK file can be downloaded. It works perfectly on Android devices even if you aren’t in those mentioned countries.


  • Want to download the APK file of Pokemon Go? Well, here is the link;


  • However, if you are operating from the PC, take a USB chord and connect the phone to it. Then go to the download folder and copy the APK file.
  • Now, go to ‘Security’ option in the settings of your phone. Enable the option to allow installation of applications from unknown sources.
  • Then, in your phone, go to the ‘Downloads’ folder and start installing the application.

However, always keep in mind that before you download this Pokemon Go, there are some in-app purchases for which you might have to pay. Basically, Pokemon Go was discovered in New Zealand and Australia app stores. Don’t you want to know why this market is chosen? Basically, these markets are chosen by developers for testing various aspects of this game like design elements and microtransaction prices. The same is the case other reputed publishers too such as EA and Rovio. Yes, they too have launched their titles in these markets. It might be due to the same reason that they too chose those markets. Now, coming to the US launch, it looks as if it is a knee-jerk reaction. Next month, there is an event which is scheduled. This event is known as Pokemon Outbreak. Everyone hopes that here, a formal announcement would be made and it wouldn’t come out as a surprise, isn’t it?

However, you need not worry as we have already told you how the game is going to work! Just download and enjoy your share.

Chrome OS and Linux Users enjoy phone call from Skype

Users who have Chrome OS and Linux can now easily make calls through skype web version now. Currently they are just audio call available for now. The skype’ s android application can easily be installed on some of the Chrome OS phones. Microsoft has finally chosen an advance feature for their users. However, there is no proper official announcement made for the company.


The user just needs to sign in the application and make voice calls for free. Earlier the user was just given the benefit of checking messages from Skype for web. PCWorld report says; though the feature of Audio call is been added to the Chromebook, the video call support is yet to be provided.

Recently, android app and google play support was been introduced in Asus Chromebook. Along with Chromebook Flip there are various other models from Chromebook pixel in 2015 edition. These models are also going to get support for operating Android application. Chromebook outsold an Apple’s Mac machine in the month of May in US for the first time. As of now it seems to be Chromebook is getting a lot of business in the market worldwide. As per the recent updates skype will be having music to Chrome OS users soon.

Today you can see that with the altering technologies most of the important brands in the market are introducing different kind of features to help the users have the best benefits as per their needs. Samsung also introduced 40 different models in Television recently. These are some of the things which help the customers to buy the best products in the market today. In future we can say there are countless things which will help clients get things done sitting at home itself and also help them communicate for free in various parts of the world without spending much from their pocket.

Yahoo comes up with 4 bots for Facebook Messenger

Yahoo which is the internet giant is soon going to launch 4 new bots which include news, finance, weather and a monkey pet. Three of these bots where introduced earlier in Kik. Yahoo Messenger does not have the feature of bots. The News bot allows the user to have a look on various kinds of current affairs and stories or even learn more topics which matter to the user. The Yahoo news bot also gives the facility to search for various kind of articles and share it on their Facebook wall. You can even make use of the IM app for the regular use purpose.


The Finance Bot is an old one among the three which was developed last month in app Kik. This bot enables the user to have an update on the latest news and updates on the stock market and the changing finance world. Yahoo Says; Go with the market trends, stay updated on the finance news and also play games. You are also allowed to share your news and updates with your friends on Facebook to make things interesting. Have you ever played game inside the finance news bot? Try it now.

The Weather bot is a very unique and straightforward bot which keeps the user updated on the temperature and weather outside with the help of an image off flicker which is designed by yahoo. The last bot is designed with a virtual monkey which has the features to share selfies from its virtual feature and also has the feature to reply to emoji’s.

If at all you get time just go through the Facebook messenger which is been featured with almost 11,000 bots in it. With the addition of these 4 new bots yahoo has attempted to become the new age application for the users.

44 models available in Samsung Tv Now ! Which One Do You Want?

The South Korean brand Samsung which is making wonders in the electronic world have recently introduced 44 new TV models. Can you believe it? 44 different models in India and also the new “Quantum dot” display technology.


The TV which are is introduced contains of SUDH TV range in the premium segment, Smart TV in the mid and Joy beat in the inexpensive segment. The vice President Mr. Rajeev Bhutani, Consumer Electronics, Samsung India says”We are introducing the high quality picture ever in the history with “Quantum Dot” technology in the SUHD range. We are also coming up with various innovation in the smart TV and joy beat segment. With these offerings we aim to further consolidate Samsung as the market leader worldwide”.

The new TV which comes in the SUHD segment with Quantum Dot contains Quantum Dot color and HDR 1000 features which offers great color reproduction, brightness, contrast and details with it. These Televisions will be available in between 49 to 88inch screen sized and the price will range from Rs.1, 79,900 TO Rs. 23, 99,900.

The range of television which comes under smart TV and joy beat comes with a set of features which matches to the needs of our Indian clients. The Smart televion is designed with unique features like Smart Interface, Content, Convergence and smart play which has the capacity to provide the best Smart TV experience.

The smart TV price will range from Rs.34, 500 to Rs. 7, 03,900 which will be available in between 32 inch to 78 inch screen size.The new joy beat range features integrated sound station which contains in tweeters and also help in improving TV viewing experience of the user. These televisions are available in between 32 inch to 49 inch sizes and the price range shall stay from Rs. 27,900 to Rs.69, 500.

Samsung has always been one of the brands that has helped the customer in the best ways by providing something or the other new in every 6 months. Samsung is always been a trusted brand in the Indian market worldwide. No doubt the brand is going to bring in various other innovative features in their consumer products in the near future. Let’s wait for the next trendy feature Samsung brings in for us!



Now Facebook Allows You To Translate Posts Into 45 Languages..

Facebook is soon going to introduce the feature to translate posts in 45 different languages. This will be the greatest advantage to communicate with people worldwide. The company is going to come up with a new software which has the ability to translate every post in different languages. The software is designed in such a manner that it allows the people to see your post in the language they want to read it. While you place your post all you have to do is to type your content and click on the pull down menu which will automatically add 45 languages ranging from French to Filipino.


As per the update from social network it’s stated that this feature is already being used by almost 5000 Facebook pages that are for business and brands however it will soon be available for the masses at a broader manner.The software which translate language makes use of artificial intelligence to short list the translation field when you pick a particular language to post.

To make use of the information like place, language and which language a person mainly uses to post to decide the version of the post to showcase. As per the Facebook study, there are almost 1.65 billion people all over the world who make use of various language apart from English. These are some of the best things which Facebook keeps introducing which keep people connected to each other in some or the other manner.

With time social media is going to be taken up by Facebook rather we can say Facebook has started ruling the world. Everything today is done through Facebook branding of business, increasing communication, making relations, knowing new people, promoting new businesses and brands. It’s actually become an all in one platform which allows everyone to come together and share their feelings, knowledge, ideas and expressions in the best ways. As per research there are almost 1 billion people online on Facebook every minute from some or the other country. This can give you an idea on how viral Facebook has become. People start their day and end with Facebook to stay updated on what’s going around in the world.