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Snapdeal Gold Follows Flipkart First And Amazon Prime

After the Amazon prime and Flipkart First, even Snapdeal has come up with the better feature called as Snapdeal gold. In this feature there is free next day delivery and free shipping. Of course, there is extended purchase protection as well. Its true that Snapdeal gold has followed the footsteps of the counterparts, its features seem to be better than the former ones.




The best thing is you don’t need to signup or get registered for using the service. This is something that happens automatically. If you have just placed an order with Snapdeal and if it qualifies for Gold, the order will get upgraded on the automatic basis but you must pay off upfront either with the credit card or the debit card and even freecharge. If you choose for cash on delivery then this will not work for you.

The returns policy

There is an easy returns policy and so instead of the standard 7 days return policy, there is 14 day return policy. This is the additional feature that the customers get with Snapdeal gold.

You don’t need to be special customer to get access to Snapdeal gold

Snapdeal gold works on the principle of availability as well. Thus, when you place an order and if the delivery is available on the next day then the delivery will be scheduled that way and you will be able to qualify for Snapdeal gold, but yes, you should have the online payment option. In one way, Snapdeal Gold is trying to make people more and more prone to upfront payment rather than cash on delivery. However, the customers are all treated same unlike Amaazon Prime and Flipkart First where the priority customers will be catered to first than the other customers.

All we can do is just wait and watch that which one seems as the game chnager and a perfect solution for the online buyers.


Nokia New Smart Phones With Nougat 7.0 Or Old Versions OS?

Where was Nokia these days? The fans should be asking. But they will be happy to know that the new smart phones from Nokia are expected later this year. In May, Nokia had tied up with a Finnish manufacturer to make the Nokia smart phones and tablets for next 10 years. Soon after that news there used to be a few leaks suggesting the release of the smart phones. However, as per the latest rumor it seems that there are two smart phones releasing soon.


The two Nokia Smart Phones


It seems that the first smart phone will have the name as Nokia 5320 and the second will be Nokia RM 1490. The former one shall have 2GB RAM and it will have KitKat as the operating system. The later one will have 2GB RAM and will run on Android Jellybean.


These features are different from the past leaks. In the past it was anticipated that the two Nokia smart phones will have 5.5 inch displays. The phones would run on the power of Snapdragon 820 chipset and the OS would be 7.0 Nougat.


Thus, it seems that the older leaks were the exact ones and the newer ones are just the test run solutions. The phones are tested and soon they will get a chance to run on Nougat. This is because; where the buzz of Nougat is everywhere it is tough to believe that those older OS will come with Nokia phones. Since Nokia is coming back after a long time and so it has to make a mark so as to establish itself. If it comes with old specs then it will lose the fan following!


Keeping this in mind, we can assume that soon Nokia will come up with something that will have Nougat 7.0. Those who are Nokia fans have no option but to wait and watch till there is some official statement that comes from the company.

Snapdeal’s Sale quite attractive for customers and continues to be hot

Online, you can see sale everywhere. The great Amazon sale is there and to compete with the same there’s Snapdeal’s Wish for India sale. This sale is going to continue on Tuesday as well. There are many amazing deals as a part of the Independence Day sale on 15th august.


There are offers on televisions, AC, washing machines, mobiles etc. Those who are looking for the best brands and that too at a discount should opt for this sale. To name a few, there’s Samsung galaxy J3 at Rs 8290.  Micromax Unitr Pro is available at Rs 6999.

Lenovo A1000 is available at Rs 3799.


This means that just like Amazon wants to keep its products at good deal and discount, the same thing holds true for Snapdeal too. Just check out online as to which products provide you what discounts and just take plunge to buy them. Generally, such sale around Independence Day would be quite productive and there would be really good savings that you can make. There’s good deal for Sansdisk products too. 16GB pen drive is available at Rs 559 and Micro SD card at Rs 278.


If you are looking for the best deal in laptop then Dell Inspiron 3558 Notebook is available at Rs 25699. It is really a hot thing as this portrays the very best features and yet, such rate would be unbelievable. To check out more features on this laptop, just find out from the official site of the company and see how it will help you in your daily office tasks. In fact, this deal seems to be quite potent for the students as this is an affordable offer.


There are fashion products, cosmetics as well as the daily needed products. Just check out the deals as available and see what you would want to buy.

Verify App to Stop QuadRooter Vulnerabilities and Installation of Malicious Apps on Android Phones

A few days back there was news that almost 900 Android devices were affected with the Quad rooter vulnerabilities. This was malicious app and due to that many devices with Qualcomm base got affected. Now, the sensitive data was taken away by the attackers and thus can affect the users in the negative way. Thanks to the Verify app that these malicious app could be blocked from getting installed on the affected devices.


It is important to note that this Verify is available for the Android devices that use v4.2 Jellybean OS. Of course, those using the software above this would also be able to avoid such malicious installations. You can find this Verify app on Google Play. In most of the Android phones the automatic app installation is by default and you have to stop that manually. Thanks to the Google verify apps that the apps that are detected as malicious apps would be stopped and would not get installed on the phone.


It is believed that this vulnerability comes from the Qualcomm chipsets and that they have to be blocked. If they are kept as it is then the attackers will get access to the important data on the user’s phone. Google Nexus 5X, LG G5, Moto X, OnePlus 3, and Nexus 6P, HTC 10 etc are some of the phones that have been affected by these kinds of attacks.


It is important that the users take into consideration the apps that they want to use and they don’t want to use. This means that if there’s some app showing the side loading or installation then before you are actually installing that, just check the authenticity of the app. Don’t download useless apps as that will only take the space on your phone and would pose some danger to your phone if it is malicious in nature.  Whenever you get the installation request, never take the decision in haste. Check the app properly and install that only when it is actually vital for you.