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Flipkart, Amazon and Snapdeal: All Coming up with Grand Annual Sale From Tommorow!

If you are a shopping freak then it’s important that you keep an eye on the various online sales that will just come up before Diwali. Every year you will see that the big E-Commerce sites would announce the sale and this time; these festivities are going to start in the first week of October only. So, you just have to count days now. It’s almost approaching! If you are a fan of Flipkart or Amazon then just wait and watch for all your favorite stuff coming off for sale. You should not miss the opportunity to buy all that you wish. Make a wish list and get ready to shop online! Even though Shopclues and Snapdeal and many other sites have the popularity of being decent, the main headlines are created by Flipkart and Amazon. These two companies come up with the very best offers. So, let’s find out what we have in offer for us.



What Flipkart is unboxing?

Flipkart is coming up with Big Billion Days on 2nd of October and the sale will get finished on 6th of October. There will be huge discounts and amazing offers. If you are SBI credit card holder then there are additional advantages and offers for you. Are you curious enough to know what this additional advantage will be? Well, its flat 10% discount on the products that you shop via SBI credit card. Flipkart has so many items for display right from home décor to mobiles to laptops, electronic items, clothing and books and so on.

The first day would be for the best offers in fashion and home décor items, the second day it would be mobile accessories and third day will be for the electronic items. Thus, everyday you will get some or the other surprise.

What’s there for you at Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon’s Great Indian sale will start from 1st of October and that will finish off on 5th of October. For this ecommerce site, you will see that HDFC credit card holders will be at the additional benefit. There is 15% cash back on app and 10% cash back on the website shopping. There will be discounts in jewelry, television, clothing, and electronic items and so on.

What’s the deal with Snapdeal?

When Amazon and Flipkart are coming up with such bid sale days how can Snapdeal be left behind. So, its time to unbox what Snapdeal has for you. The sale starts from 2nd October to 6th October. There will be many discounts and there would be few hourly deals too. So, the fans or shoppers should keep an eye on what’s the best offer available. Those who have opted for the Snapdeal gold service will get the benefits like next day delivery and free home delivery along with 14 day return option too. Snapdeal also has the new tagline now and that is Unbox Zindagi.

All these three big rivals have launched the sale almost around the same time. This is benefit for the shoppers as they will get a chance to explore so many options and even make comparison that which option is best for what.


Are you ready for this big sale now? Save some money so that you can shop till you drop!

Is It Google’s Birthday Today? Too Much Confusion With The Date….

It’s Google’s Birthday and it is celebrating it officially as Google Doodle is also available with the same message. Its 18th Birthday and G for Google is inflating the balloon and then twisting it and then flying the same off. So, do you agree that Google’s birthday is today? Well, its important to note that if you search for the information on the search engine itself that when is Google’s birthday then perhaps you might get confused and you will feel Bizarre that why is the company celebrating the birthday today.



The incorporation of the company

The company got incorporated on 4th of September 1998 in California. But since last 10 years you will see that the Doodles have been giving the message to the public that Google’s birthday is 27th September.  In the year 2004, birthday was celebrated on September 7th. So, the exact date is bit confusing. But it’s for sure that the birthday month is September only and so if in the coming year you don’t want to get confused, just consider September as the landmark month and watch out for the Doodle as to when it is celebrating.

What to expect this year?

This year you will see that Google will come up with self driving cars as it will have the license now. There is an event today in India where many global leaders will be present of various companies like YouTube and even the top most Google executives.

There have been jokes around telling that now since Google is 18, it can drink, drive and even smoke. But still, it is young enough and doesn’t remember the exact birth date. The competitors have been telling that since the company is not sure of its own birthday, how it can be accurate in giving information to people. But Google really doesn’t mind of all these comments as it already knows that it is the leader in search and many other things.  Some jokes even say that Google is drunk and so it doesn’t remember the birthday. So, it seems that Google is spreading lot of fun around and making people proud of their association with the same.

The Google Doodle

The Doodle looks quite naughty and it is shown to blow the balloon and then fly away with the same. Last year the birthday was celebrated a day back that is 26th September. In the year 1996 there were researches going on as to how a search engine can be helpful to people and then later the company was technically found. The first Doodle came into existence in the year 1998. In the year 2009 officially a Doodle team was created. You might have noted that around 400 Doodles are produced every year and around 12 are those that would fall in the interactive category. Thus, you can see that Google comes up with innovation every now and then.

Last year Alphabet was considered as the independent company and under this there are popular projects carried out like the balloon project, Google driverless car project and so on.

Even though we just love Doodles, it sometimes feels silly that why such animated Google Doodles attract people. It’s something that within us and some idea that we want to share and Google does this on our behalf. So, what special did you do on your favorite Google’s birthday?






Best Things To Try Out In The New Apple iOS Update

The new iOS 10 update of Apple is big and has loads of changes, that are unexpected. Given below are 10 of them, which can definitely bring about a very big difference in your life.

  • Applications in messages

If you get the iOS 10, the messages would look a bit different. However, there are skin deep changes in the messages. Now this app store for messages is placed on the text bar’s left side.  With these applications, you can buy tickets or have a look at the movie times. Moreover, reservations can also be made. Thus we can say  that coordination of plans is made easier.




  • New tricks of Siri

We have a smarter Siri in this. In this version, Siri is comfortable with more applications. For instance, a message can be sent on Whatsapp with Siri or may be $30 can be sent to friend through Venmo. Sophisticated searches can also be made for instance finding emails or finding photos etc.

  • Smart search

The Object recognition technology of Apple can be used for a smarter search. You can type in these searches and Siri would find that for you.


  • Easier to find people

Now, when we talk about photos, there is a feature termed ‘People’ in the Photo app. In this, the facial technology of Apple is used for grouping photos of same people. When the option ‘Select’ is hit, people can be identified in those photos and those identifications can be combined.

  • Email filtering

Many people tend to have a very messy inbox which makes things difficult to find. Now, this new version has introduced a new filter at the bottom, which helps in filtering unread or flagged messages. Moreover, you can even filter the VIP list, messages from people, messages with attachments and much more.

  • Photo editing of RAW files

Although this doesn’t look quite appealing to people, this feature is appreciated. In this version, users can capture as well as edit RAW images with Obscura or Adobe Lightroom. Advanced editings can be done by the photographers even for pictures that are clicked on the phone. Just keep in mind that lot of space would be taken while storing these RAW images.

  • All tabs can be closed

If lot of mobile browsing is done, there are chances that loads of tabs can are stacked on the browser. Earlier, one just had to swipe for dismissing the pages that were opened, but now the ‘Done’ button has to be long pressed from the page management menu for closing all the tabs.

  • 3D Touch

With the 3D Touch feature, the touchscreen can be pushed down for pulling up some more menus. Moreover, 3 levels of brightness are there in the flashlight app. The icon can be found in the control center. Moreover, 3D Touch can be used on the timer icon for quickly setting countdowns of 5 minutes, 20 minutes or a minute.

Moreover the ‘X’ icon on the top of notifications can be used for clearing all notifications.


Finally, You Don’t Need Amazon, Snapdeal Or Flipkart To Buy Xbox One In India

Since a long time now, we know that Xbox One was just exclusive to Amazon India. However, last year, an announcement was made by Microsoft Xbox One can be availed at Priority Stores of Microsoft too. Yes, one can place orders at Amazon India and collect it from these stores. After this, the consumers were allowed to make the purchase from Snapdeal and Flipkart too.


Finally, the company has admitted that there is no need of going online or going to Priority store for buying games and consoles. ‘Landmark’, the department store chain has a good stock of these games and it is selling it since 2 weeks. This means, the distribution part lies  with the retailer.

On asking about this, Microsoft says that the channel strategy is evaluated periodically by the company. Now, Xbox One enjoys a retail presence too. Yes, the same was expanded to retail stores, isn’t it good news.



This wasn’t announced earlier, because Microsoft India and other retailers couldn’t reach a mid-way, with regards to the price. Unlike other consumer electronics like smartphones, these consoles are sold at good discounts; thanks to those rich e-commerce giants that fund them. When one can avail discounted consoles, who is going to buy them from a store? Now, Microsoft India guaranteed that it will definitely offer price parity there. Usually, Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon can’t move this, unless and until there are heavy discounts.

The plan to sell these consoles online might be an attempt of shedding off that excess load from the inventory, before Xbox One S is announced for India. Another electronics chain has said that Microsoft has approached them for taking this stock. However, their only condition is that they will be providing only Kinect bundles, which not many consumers want.

However, these things don’t help! Retailers were asked to pick these units in bulk i.e. in excess of fifty in some cases. Since the month of April, exclusives of Xbox One such as Halo 5 and Quantum Break have been seen across the country’s game stores. Then, this was followed by the console too, which one can purchase off shelves.

However, Microsoft India preferred to stay silent on this and maintained that Xbox One console is not available anywhere but Snapdeal, Flipkart and Amazon. Even Bhaskar Pramanik, the Chairman of Microsoft India defended the narrow distribution strategy of the company.

He said that this would help in reducing costs to a considerable level since it is a very targeted and niche product. He said that it is sold mainly online to see, which people show interest, what are the kinds of customers, what are their profiles, what are their backgrounds etc. This helps in knowing the analytics and also being very efficient. As per them, the online channel is quite efficient, as it helps in distributing the products easily, especially the ones in which mass distribution isn’t needed.

Now talking about PS4, there is monopoly, when we talk of visibility and moreover, it also received the 2nd price drop. In comparison with Xbox One, this was made very affordable. Reduction in Xbox One prices haven’t been announced yet even though there was  a price drop internationally.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

There has been a lot of heating issue in Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and owing to this, the government has issued an official recall for the same. This recall took place on Thursday. Till date, there have been around 92 overheating reports, out of which 55 consist of property damage and 26 consist of burns.

Now as per Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall notice it is said that consumers should immediately power down as well as stop using these Note 7 devices which are purchased on or before the 15th of September 2016.


As per this announcement by the CPSC, it is said that “Contact the wireless carrier, retail outlet or where you purchased your device to receive free of charge a new Galaxy Note7 with a different battery, a refund or a new replacement device.”





This notice by the CPSC follows the voluntary recall of Samsung, due to loads of reports surrounding explosions, burns and injuries.  There were even cases when the phones had caught fire in the flights.


Then, there were 2 cases, wherein the cars had caught fire, just because a Note 7 was kept on charge inside the same. Even the Federal Aviation Administration made an announcement that the owners of Note 7 have to turn off their phones when they are on their flight and that there is no need of putting them in checked baggage. This is because if the phone is kept in the baggage, there is a likelihood of the power button being pushed off accidentally while travelling.


Now, even though there are so many dangers,  the owners have not stopped using this Note 7, stated Apteligent’s recent data. Right from the date the recall happened i.e. on the 2nd of September till the 14th of September, only 13 percent decline was seen in the usage of these Note 7 devices.


Due to such recall, around 1 million units of Note 7 devices were recalled. This is out of those 2.5 million devices that have been sold throughout the United States.

This is the largest recall in the history of the smartphone industry. Yes, Samsung is receiving a lot of praise for the decisiveness and speed of the company.

In United States, safety regulators issued many warnings and also cautioned consumers for the same. There have been continuous reminders about this potential combustibility, which has obviously dented the reputation of Samsung. Moreover, around $14 billion has been shaved off from the market value. There have been many questions whether this hurry of Samsung of recalling the phones has created problems or not.

Some people say that due to this recall, consumers are confused, regulators are frustrated and headlines are generated both in home country as well as in United States.

Apteligent, a mobile analytics firm showed the data and it was surprising to see that the new sales of that device were stopped but people couldn’t get rid of using them.


As per the data, out of 1 million, just 1,30,000 phones were returned. Now, the company has made a promise that replacement units would be available at the nearest locations by the 21st of September.

Chrome OS53 Released But Without Support Of Android Apps

Last week saw the release of Chrome OS 53 for laptops, PC and Android and this week it seems that it has entered a stable channel. It is now equipped with an overview lay out and design. A few days back there were consistent rumors that there will be availability of Android apps, but nothing of that sort happened. Now, Google’s intention is to release Android apps on Chrome. It is important to note that there is just the beta channel for the same till date. There are a few laptops that don’t have this yet.




What has changed with this?


With the overview mode you can open any window or at the same time and it is a useful feature. It is not yet known why Google has not yet added this feature in the three best Chrome Books which are already having the Play Store. It is also not clear that when this update will hit the Chrome Books!


Users would find that with the overview mode things would be pretty simple and that the even the short cuts can be integrated with sheer perfection. Swiping the track pad with three fingers to get the overview mode is something different. Such an option was never given till date. When you see this feature you will remember the Task View feature that is available in Windows 10.


With the availability of the new arrow keys, it is very easy to scroll through windows. If you go down to settings menu then here also you will see a good change. There is a detailed storage manager which shows you the categories of the split stored stuff as in offline files, download details and the Android storage. The accessibility features are now such good and apart from that there’s also new API.


What’s on the cards?                                                               


This is the only thing known till date. In fact rumors were different and the rumors expected that the three chrome books will receive the update very soon. But there’s no trail that shows that it will be any time soon! So, all we can do is just wait and watch as to when the update hits the other laptops.


Even though Android support was expected to be the main feature with this update, it could not come up with that. Of course, there were many other important and useful features that were included. With the overview design, many fans are impressed and they really feel great!



Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Banned on Japan Aircrafts

Reports had suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 batteries are faulty and so the Japanese aircraft staff on Friday requested the passengers to not turn on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or charge the same. Last week the Korean manufacturer had stopped the sale of the phone in Japan.  In Japan the authorities are quite strict in this phone and thus the rules have been cited that in Japanese Airlines the passengers should be strictly told to not switch on the phone.


Even Samsung has confirmed that there seems to be some problem and even it is taking the necessary action. Samsung has quickened the shipment for the replacement of the faulty parts. Around 2.5 million phones were sold all over.


What problem was there in the battery?


The case was reported where the battery caught fire. It has lithium battery and in many cases this was seen as causing the fire. Lithium is a white metal which catches fire when exposed to oxygen. Even Sony Corp started with lithium batteries in 1991 but then there were few iron suspensions too in that.  So this is kind of the safety measure as it is not pure lithium. It is not necessary that every time this will happen. But the company has maintained the word of caution and that’s the reason why passengers were strictly told to not bring the phones along. The stock was also down last week when this news came. But it’s good that Samsung has accepted the problem and have also worked towards replacing the batteries.


It’s always good to use good quality batteries


It is important that you use good qualities battery only and this means that the battery that would stop charging on its own when the battery has charged fully. Also, when the battery gets exhausted it should turn off the phone. But the poor quality batteries will charge even after they have been fully charged and will work even after the battery is over. But these things can put load on the battery and then there are chances that the phone would catch fire. Also, due to over heating issues you will see that the batteries catch fire.


As far as the sales are concerned, the company has halted the sales of this phone for a while till the problem has been solved. Also, the company has found the battery cell issue and it wants to get solution for the same. Batteries in Note 7 are problematic and there should be apt solution for the same very quickly.



iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Pre-Orders Start from Friday


On Wednesday, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus phones were released in San Francisco. In India the prices will be Rs 60000 for the base variant. However, it is not yet revealed that what will be the price for the Plus variant. However Apple has confirmed that in India the date of release will be October 7th.



Price in USA

In USA it is estimated that the prices will be finalzed at USD 649 which comes to Rs 43000 for 32GB and the Plus model will be at YSD 769 which comes to Rs 51000 for 32GB. In Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Taiwan, UK pre-orders will start from Friday. So, if you have been looking to book this phone then you don’t have to wait much.





Colors and features

These latest phones are available in amazing matte black and jet black colors along with the gold and silver colors. There are many other features including water and dust resistance protection. In this new model you will see that the camera is much better than the older versions. It seems to have the improved image processing engine making images pretty faster.

As far as the display is concerned you will see that the new models have 25% brighter display. They also have wider color gamut and better color management options. They have A10 64 bit Quod Core chip which is definitely faster than A9. You can even bet on the battery life of this phone.

Talking about the speakers, it is vital to note that the one in iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are superb and quite loud. Of course you can say that they are much better than their predecessors. As per the rumors said earlier, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, these both phones will not have the headphone jack. There will be use of lighteneing port for audio. There will be similar earpods and audio adaptor. But if you have old headphones so you can use them.

Till date, there were so many rumors in relation to iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But now the news has been confirmed and the phones are on the way. The tech enthusiasts who love experimenting with the new Apple models will surely love this experience.


There are many lovers of this phone and many countries had been waiting long back for the phone to get released. Ireland, Italy, Mexico are some of the names. If you live here then you will get the benefit of Friday pre-bookings. Are you already using the older versions of iPhone? Looking for the new one? If yes, then you will just have to increase the budget as this phone will have a bit more rates, but then the features that it offers are also awesome. Just wait and watch and see how this phone will receive the warm welcome.

Pokemon Go Bug Creating GPS Problems for Android Smart Phones

Pokemon Go is a game where you have to catch Pokemon in real life. This game comes from Nintendo and it’s really something amazing. But since while playing the game, people go and walk on the roads to collect the eggs and then some reports came and suggested that some thieves came and robbed the car.


Thus, this game is not good for the safety purposes. You should know your limits while playing the game. Likewise, some teenagers were reported to be lost in the cave while searching for Pokemon eggs. Thus, there were many accidents seen in the start. Later, there were outrages and many times the servers were down.

Thus, when Pokemon Go was launched it was very much in talks and it seemed that people were quite a lot interested in the game. Every smart phone had this game and everyone played with fun. People madly came out of their homes and played the game. This was the real life game as in you have to hit Pokemon in real life conditions. This means that you will be able to see the same area and location in the game as where you are standing at that moment.

But now the popularity is coming down and there seems to be some bug in the game which makes the Smart phone’s GPS bit problematic. This claim comes from a Redditor named Camcorder. He says that the accuracy of the Android’s GPS gets negatively affected when the game is on. It seems that there is some issue with getting the details about the location when the game works on the background.

The user says that when the game started with the first walk things were accurate and there was hardly any problem. But in the second walk problems starting coming up. Camcorder faced this problem with Nexus 5 and not with the newer versions. Also, no reports have come up in regards to the problems with iOS version.

There are no reports about such a bug from elsewhere. Thus, the chances are that the user might be having some issue with his gadget. This game has not yet released officially in India and so it’s difficult to say that whether there is really some issue with the game.

May be, if more people will download the game officially there will be more responses. Basically, there should not be too many issues with the game because this game Google and Nintendo partnership and they both are quite professional.

If any of the users find some such bug with this game then just get in touch with us and comment below. We love it when you share your opinions with us.




Reliance Jio’s Claims Perfect Or Just Vague: The Competitors Set A Challenge

With the entry of Reliance Jio, many competitors were disappointed that now their subscribers will be lost.  Reliance Jio has claimed that till 31st December Jio services will be free. So, this means that Jio will now have more of SIM card appliers in the line. Also, Reliance Jio claims that they are the lowest priced services in the field of data and in the world. They will charge Rs 50/GB. But Vodafone and Airtel says that they are going to revise the plans and perhaps even they will come out with a cheaper plan.  The plan will be even cheaper than that offered by Jio. It’s true that both Vodafone and Airtel has expensive plans. But they will be revised very soon. The best plan is the 4GB plan which is for night 2 to 5. This will be Rs 499 with 4GB data. Also, if you opt for 12GB data then the costing would be pretty less and it will come to Rs 41/GB. The most expensive plan with Jio is of Rs 4999 and it has 75GB+150GB data. There will be no roaming charges and no voice calling charges.



The problems as associated with Reliance Jio


The issue with the free Wi-Fi option is that if you want to enjoy the free internet then you have to first search for the Reliance hotspot and there you have to go and access it. So, this becomes bit tricky. If you want internet from the comfort of your home then there will not be free Wi-Fi.If there is no hotspot near your home then you will not be able to access the free internet.


In fact, if people want to enjoy free Wi-Fi then there will be more crowds at the hotspot. This will lead to more clutter in one area and of course this will affect the speed negatively. But Reliance Jio is quite confident about the data speed as the company says that they have already tested the speed at IPL with Jio hotspots. Even though the voice calls won’t be charged, the data used in the voice calls will be deducted from the data pack.


Vodafone and Airtel challenging Reliance Jio


Both Vodafone and Airtel have challenges Reliance Jio in regards to the quality of voice calls that Jio will have. This is because Jio uses VOLTE which is subset of LTE and so there has to be special smart phone that will support this feature. Again, a software update will be needed for the regular smart phone to support Jio. Both Airtel and Vodafone think that when the customers will actually experience the solutions they will realize about the quality. Vodafone and Airtel even say that their services are decent with 4G technologies and more stable with 2G and 3G. But where Reliance Jio is concerned there might not be stability with 2G and 3G phones.


Its wait and watch scene and we therefore need to find out what future holds for us!