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Japan to Come up with World’s Fastest Super Computer

The world is changing completely now and so you will see that these days people opt for digital alterations for better. Everyday there are new findings and people are really happy that such changes are coming up day after day. There are two schools of thoughts and the first one feels that the human form of labor is good and easy to hire. But some countries are quite against all these concepts and they want that there should be complete digitalization.


Japan is one of them and it is surely running towards the future. It is believed that Japan will come up with the world’s fastest super computer. As per the reports as availed from Reuters it is believed that around USD 173 Million will be spent on making this machine. This machine would have tremendous capacity and that they can achieve 130 petaflops. Japan has created digitalization in many fields and so the ageing work force feels bit bad due to this. But in one way it can truly give assistance to those who have good hand at technical.

Since a few years Japan has faced slow development in the economy and so the counterparts have been criticizing the country. Japan used to be ahead in the field of electronics initially. But now things have changed and you can see that now its South Korea and China who have taken over the charge. But when it comes to Super Computer, it’s Japan who has always won the race. Even in the year 2011 it was Japan that had topped the world due to Fujitsu’s K Computer with 10.5 petaflops.

Since the country has topped in this year, the country hopes that even now it should come ahead. So, it has invited the bids from various companies to build this machine has been invited. The winner will be announced on the first week of December and the code name for this machine is Al Bridging Cloud Infrastructure.


It is expected that by 2018 the machine will be floated in the online market. It is believed that the platform that Google or Microsoft uses right now will be the one to be used for this computer. These are the only news out till date for this particular super computer. The information has to be unfolded yet and people are quite excited about the same as and when it comes. So, let’s wait and watch how this thing is going to be executed for the future.





Whatsapp Video Calling Scam Links: Beware

Recently there’s news that there has been an update called as Whatsapp video calling feature and this update has just rolled out. If you wish to use this feature then you need to update the app. That’s it and you can start using this feature for sure. But spammers have been sending across the links to people saying that they should download the link and even share the same. With this there are chances that people are putting their data and personal information in danger.


The spammers send the spammed link in such a way saying that click on this link and accept the invite to use the Whatsapp video calling feature. This means that people will get an impression that only those people can use the feature that have got this link. Innocent people who do not know the fact might fall in these icy jaws. So, make sure that you do not click on these links as these are malicious and can actually create problems for your Smart Phone data.


Whenever you have the option showing the word activate, you must understand that it’s a problematic link and that you must not click on the same. It is therefore important to note that there is no need to send people these activation links as the feature is already posted on the platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. So, you can just go through these platforms and select for update. This feature is a hit and around 100 million Whatsapp Video Calls are made everyday. This means that already many people are aware of this. But a few who are not that smart technically might actually miss out on the feature and at such times the spammers come up and spread the wrong word. Innocent people have to put their privacy in danger and their data and important information would be at biggest risk.


There used to be Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Duo till date. But now you also have Whatsapp video calling option and so they all compete together and bring up the best option for you. Select something that will be perfect for you or which you feel is quick and fast. Unless and until this announcement is made officially, you must never click on any link as it will create problems. So, make sure that you have found out the perfect options and you follow the same.



The Home Delivery of SIM Cards By Reliance JIO

There were reports in regards to Reliance Jio SIM cards being home delivered. So, now, the reports have been confirmed now. Reliance Jio has initiated the home delivery of SIM cards and the main target right now is the big cities. Often people feel that Reliance Jio is so much in demand that the customers have to actually take too much of efforts to get what they want. But Jio wants that people should keep away from the hassles and so the main aim of the company is to give the home delivery solution without them visiting the retail stores.




Earlier people thought that there would be a website made for the same and then people will give their applications on this site. But now, it seems that this is going to be pilot project and there would be invite system for this. There will be particular schedule and then based on that schedule there will be home delivery of the cards. The program is on the beta stage and it will start as per the areas in cities going on in alphabetical order as in Ahemedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune, Mumbai and so on.

Well, when we talk of invite systems most of the people will feel that it will be the users who can send across the invites. But in reality, that’s not the case. It is the Jio team that will send across the invitations. Even Reliance employees will not be given right for this. It’s the team which will select the influencers and then there will be home delivery based on this. It is estimated that if the people who have been selected for all these things can actually opt for the delivery schedule for as early as 30 minutes.

It is also important to note that JIO is also running a program for housing societies and so there would be hardly any hassle for the consumers to get the SIM cards. The medium of sending across should be KIOSK. Also, there are facilities for quick and instant eKYC activation and for that there is need for Adhar card copy. There is need for 4G enabled Smart Phone and then things can be initiated further.

Earlier there were reports in regards to Reliance Jio launching DTH and Broadband services. So, every day you will come across news on JIO which are quite interesting. Just wait and watch what else the service comes up with.  Now since you know what are the options for getting the home delivery of the SIM cards you should execute things in that way.

But now, most of the people are asking that what is the basic thing that is considered in order to send the invite? Well, it’s the company who will decide this. So, just wait and watch that what the basic things are coming up.

WhatsApp Has Launched The Video Calling Feature! Use It Now !

Finally, WhatsApp has launched the much awaited feature of video calling. There are over 1 billion active users per month and out of that there are 160 million in India. The latest feature of WhatsApp is definitely a big deal.


For Facebook and WhatsApp, India is a very important market, since China is out of bound. It helps both products surely have an upper hand in terms of time  spent and in terms of user base. Offices and families all across the country have various groups on WhatsApp and this is surely the 1st messaging choice for majority of the people.





WhatsApp says that on the occasion of Diwali alone, around 8 billion messages were sent and this is surely a huge number, isn’t it? Since video calling feature has been launched, the usage of WhatsApp will increase further. Skype has been the best choice for video calling, but with the launch of WhatsApp, things would change.

Moreover, there is also Facebook messenger, Viber, Apple FaceTime also the Google Duo. However, with WhatsApp things, have changed and lot of people are having access to video calling. People who haven’t tried this before can access and try out this video calling. India is surely seeing a revolution in data and with the promise of 4G data, things have changed.

Yes, Reliance Jio has changed the face of the 4G market and this was just the right time to launch WhatsaApp video calling. Want to download WhatsApp video calling? Here’s how you can upgrade it…


  • Open Google Play and search for WhatsApp
  • Open WhatsApp’s Google Play listing
  • Scroll dow towards the bottom of the page
  • In the section that says Become a beta tester tap on I’M IN
  • Confirm on the next screen and wait for a few minutes
  • Come back to WhatsApp listing page on Google Play
  • You should see an option to Update WhatsApp to beta version
  • Update the app

How to make a WhatsApp video call

If you are now running the latest WhatsApp beta – or if the video calling feature is available to you after launch – it’s pretty simply to start a video call with another WhatsApp user.

Here’s how to make a video call within WhatsApp:

  • Open WhatsApp (of course!)
  • Go to the Contacts tab
  • Find and tap the contact you want to initiate a WhatsApp video call with
  • Tap on the phone icon towards the top of the screen
  • From the popup choose Video call

Children’s’ Day Gift: New YouTube App for Kids Only

YouTube is popular in India as well as over the world. In fact you will see that there is lot of content which is most of the time targeted to India and China. This year you even came across YouTube Red and YouTube gaming. And this doesn’t stop it from launching many other things in India. In Children’s Day that is 14th November Google has decided to make YouTube App. Now, it will be very easy for the families to find specific videos on the subjects that they wish. You can find this free on App Store as well as on Google Play. It’s so amazing to open this app. When you do that you will come across the Hindi and English videos highlighted on the screen! In fact, there’s an option to even search for specific language rhymes like Telugu ones, Tamil ones and so on. To name a few for Telugu Rhymes Info Bells channel is quite popular and for Tamil its Chellame Chellame.


But since children using YouTube has to be monitored that they should not come across those videos which are not apt for them. So, here are some of the strict parental controls that are integrated with the app. Generally, YouTube is free and there are no controls. But this special YouTube Kids app will have the controls which is perfect for kids watching the videos when they are parents are not around.

Parental control and search settings

The parents get a chance to choose the videos and then they can flag the same if needed. We often search for various things on the app. But with the parental control on the settings part it is good to turn off a few searches and the history of the same. Now, the child can only go through the things that the parents decide for them.

Timer settings

It is important that parents keep a timer as to they have to watch the videos only for specific time and then allot the remaining time to something else. The parents can even manage the sound effects and other stuff and the parents can surely relax for a while when the kids are having a great time. In order to keep the control stricter the parents can even opt for having pass codes and then this will help them control and monitor the app better.

YouTube Kids on big screen

Thankfully even kids can have theatre like experience and they can watch the videos on Smart TV and Apple TV.

So, YouTube feels that it’s the kid’s generation and for that there is need for kid’s content and so lot of it is generated. Kids learn a lot from these videos and it is also a good form of entertainment. So there will rarely be need for any other channels when this one is such a massive and amazing entertainment source for kids.

This is a smart step taken by the app because now when special YouTube app is created better revenues are expected to be generated. This will be an amazing chance for kids to include fun and entertainment in life.


The Upgrades that You need to checkout for Indian Railways: GPS, Coffee Machines etc


There has been major transformation in the field of Railways and yes, Indian Railways is looking forward to being about a few more so as to give the travelers a world class experience. It is expected that there will be major alteration in the AC coaches and the first change that you will see would be in Hamsafar express series from Delhi to Gorakhpur. The new modern styled coaches will be manufactured in Rae Bareli. Initially, it was expected that the new coaches will be imported, but this news of manufacturing the coaches at The Rail Coach Factory is confirm.


The major changes that you will see in AC3 Coaches of Humsafar Express


  • There will be new GPS system which will provide you the latest information about the journey and so there will be no need of the charts made out of paper.
  • There would be special color scheme to be used to give the coaches a perfect design from outside and inside.
  • You will also be able to see the fire detectors and smoke detectors. So, there would be no issues like people going and smoking in the toiler area.
  • The tea and coffee vending machines will be in the coaches only. This will be an enhanced experience for the passengers as they don’t have to wait for the tea vendor to get in or go and search for the same on the station.
  • The written numbers will now be replaced with the illuminated numbers like in the flights and this would give it better look.
  • The doors of toilets would be graffiti proof.
  • There will be use of curtains for the coupes. This facility will be provided for AC2.
  • The small gaps that bothered the side seats will now be removed.


So, with all the above changes, it is for sure that the passengers will be able to have better journey. Indian Railways have already gone ahead to a considerable extent and this would include 1 paisa insurance, water ATMs at all stations, high quality foods for the passengers while travelling etc. There are also facilities like joining UPI platform for getting the option of easy payments.


Till date people used to think that only air travel is safe and pleasant. But now, even the train travelling has become such an important and awesome thing. So, the kick start for this new drive has already begun. A few changes have been installed and a few are yet to get installed. So, all you must do is that just find out what all updates are expected. Based on that you need to check out which updates are going to be apt for you.





The New Updates and Features Expected on Uber App


Uber ride app is popular all over the world and so there are a few important updates too in order to fulfill the demands of the customers. So, here is some of the upgrade that you need to know about the Uber ride app. The main intention of this upgrade is to bring about perfect experience for the travelers when they have to book the cab from the starting point to the main destination. The mist exciting thing about the upgrade is that when you just open it you will come across a few suggestions that the app will make with the help of machine learning. The app will tell you depending upon the time of the day that where you should travel. So, here’s an insight about the Uber ride app upgrade for you.




Know the highlight points of Uber ride app upgrade


  • There are some changes in the logo. Yes, the design is still similar. But there are some changes in the color schemes. The look of the logo is far more attractive and simple. The experts believe that the cab company has taken this step so as to make the booking pretty easy for the app users.
  • If you regularly use this app for going to gym, office, home or some place then you can just feed the records first. This will help you in avoiding the hassle of putting the inputs every now and then. So, creating the destination shortcuts is pretty easy. You can use these short cuts and booking time while booking the cabs.
  • Once you use the integration feature you will realize that you will be able to jot down the appointments, destinations and the time on the app. So, use this feature and be on the right place at the right time.
  •  There’s one more feature which is most awaited and will be there very soon. You can say that as per this feature people are the new addresses. So, when you have created a sync of the Uber app and contacts and when you have just given the person’s name that you want to visit then you will be able to find the right destination.
  • You will be able to take up Uber tariff comparison and perhaps this will really help you find the cheapest ride around.


Looking into all the above features it is for sure that you will really be a happy customer once Uber has rolled this update. It is believed that in a few weeks, both iOS and Android will get this update and then perhaps booking a cab would be very simple. So, the question is, are these features enough for making you switch over Ola? If yes, then just go ahead and get perfect experience with Uber app. Get ready to use Uber at various destinations without any hassles. With the above, almost all the features are covered; it’s just that Personal assistant Feature is left. But it is expected by next year.







With LinkedIn’s New Feature You Can Check If Your Salary Is Apt!

When it comes to knowing about who’s earning what, people would want to check Linkedin as often money measures what kind of job satisfaction a person might be enjoying. It’s not always money that’s important, but yes, when you want to get detailed idea about what post can fetch how much salary then the sites like Glassdoor and Linkedin can really get you the exact answers. So, Linkedin which is considered as a popular social networking site for professionals is adding one more service or feature to the site. This means that now you will also get the information of the pay on the different jobs. Thus, if you are newbie in this area then perhaps you will get to know what salary you can expect



In fact, with the proper breakdown and as per the details based on location and the educational qualification you will get to know the pay structure that you can expect. So, when the person is making his resume, he will be in the position to maintain proper clarity about the salary expectation. This feature has been added with the help of the data that the members have already put in regards to base pay, bonus as well as the stock grants. Just a couple of weeks before Glassdoor had come up with the feature where the users can determine personal market value. Now, soon after that linkedin also added this feature based on the hiring trends! But the company expects that it is quite important to include the company’s members too in that. If they participate in this program then this will truly be a hit.


It is expected that near about 1 million people will give the salary data to the site and so this will help in determining the base salary of the professionals. It is estimated that professionals from USA, Canada and North America will all take part in the same. However, the sites have suggested that they will never make the salary data public. Thus, the users and the participants should be stress free in regards to this. However, it is seen that often the sites use the data and sell off to the employers who would want some high profile employee in their company or for the salary calculations and so against some charges. So, the users always feel bit apprehensive to reveal the details about the package. The sites are already earning well with the job listings and the hiring tools. So, the main motive of the company is to retain the users and to enhance the number of users for their site.

So, people have different expectations from the sites, but the site is happy with the developments that are coming up. This has helped the people in past and even in future it would be quite beneficial. So, whether you are on Glass Door or Linkedin you will get a chance to get better exposure and better information hereon.







Jio’s Partnership with Apple: Going to Rock!

India is now on the top as far as the mobile data is concerned. Reliance Jio has opened the doors for the best service and data usage. Jio Welcome offer is valid till 31st December 2016. So, this has really created buzz among the smart phone users and many of them are now working towards changing their mobile networks. Now, there’s an announcement that Jio will give free services to those who have just purchased iPhone. The iPhones would include iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6s plus and even the SE. So, this announcement has created havoc in the telecom field. This is because the premium mobile network of India has now joined hands with the world’s best phone. As per the offer the iPhone buyers will get the benefit of Jio plan with Rs 1499. This offer is valid till January 1st 2017.



As per Tim Cook, Apple would be partnering with Jio for proving free services to people who are purchasing iPhones. This will ensure a great experience. It is expected that those who are premium customers at Jio stores will get SIM activation at door steps and even the home delivery option. There are also offers for the enterprise customers and along with discounts there are some special rate plans too for the customers.


Airtel already has announced extra 10GB data for 12 months for iPhone 7. This will be 3G and 4G data. There’s also infinity plan which is in the lines of Reliance Jio plans. Now, it’s the question that when it comes to tiff between Airtel and Reliance Jio what would the customers like. Whether they would prefer Airtel or Jio for iPhone 7? If you choose Jio then there will be 300+ live channels for you. There would be best HD voice calling experience. There’s buffer free Facetime option.    Now, there is news that Apple and Jio are partnering as well…

Talking about the partnership, Tim said;

“Apple’s smartphone has “not done as well” in India in general and one of the key reasons for that is the “(high-speed telecom networks) infrastructure hasn’t been there”. But this year or this year and next year, there are enormous investments going in on 4G and we couldn’t be more excited about that because it really takes a great network working with iPhone to produce that great experience for people. And so I see a lot of the factors moving in the right direction there.”

He also talked about the infrastructure and said;

“I also think the government is much more focused on the infrastructure and on creating jobs, which is fantastic, because you really need the kind of infrastructure and the technology to do that.”

Then he talked about Indian population and said;

“What is important for Apple in India is that there are going to be a lot of people in the middle class who will really want a smartphone, and I think we can compete well for some percentage of those. And given our starting point, even though we’ve been growing a lot, there is a lot of headroom there in our mind, and so we are working very hard to realise that opportunity.”

So, with all these options, the customers have to now decide as to whether they really want to opt for this. There are reliance retail stores where you can get complete details. Hope the partnership will rock!