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Using G-board can Enhance the Typing Productivity: 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

We have been hearing a lot about G Board these days. So, what exactly is that? It is a keyboard app made for iPhone and then it came for Android users as well. The company has used a perfect strategy. By giving G Board to enhance the potency while using iPhone, Apple users are truly impressed. But yes, Google Search remains the main feature and this is actually easy to use and quite convenient in functioning. If you are tired of using the screen keyboards then you should try G Board. Here’s how G Board got released!


These days you can see that people using different keyboards. Like, the Android uses using the iPhone virtual keyboard and so on. Even iPhone users are able to use the third party keyboards like swipe. Now, there’s amazing news that Google released G-board for iPhone and this keyboard is truly awesome. Loaded with the features like emojis, GIFs, Google Search and flow type, this option has created a buzz everywhere. When this was launched it was only meant for the iOS users. But then the same was launched for Android users too.

Most of the people who have the habit of switching the gadgets would prefer to keep the keyboard same. For example swiftkey was one of the most popular options till date. But now with the launch of G-board many people would switch over to this. The G button brings in quick search facility. There’s in built Google Search and GIF support. If you start using G-board you will have access to many languages too on the keyboard. The keyboard supports 120 languages and you can choose 3 languages and give preference to the one that you find as suitable for you. There is voice typing as well and of course how can you miss the artificial intelligence technology which gives suggestions and provides better typos.

If you go through the download details on Google Play then you will realize that there has been more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and the reason is the increasing popularity of the same. People try to hit the key that they want to key on their gadget’s screen keyboard. But sometimes this becomes tough and you can’t get typing speed. But if you use G-board in that place then you can actually get quick message sending solutions. When it was released there were a few bugs. But then they were quickly sorted out. This is what made this a perfect thing to use. So, whether you want to search for the information or you want to use emojis or send information, using G-board can make your solution pretty quick.

WhatsApp Edit and Revoke Feature: Smart Features for Smart Users

There’s news on WhatsApp and that has created buzz everywhere. WhatsApp is coming up with the features that will help you revoke the sent messages. People’s use of WhatsApp is quite a lot and for those who really have fear that the messages might go to the wrong window sometimes this news is very good for them. You can revoke the message or you can even edit the message. Currently this update is available for iOS users. When you are selecting a specific message then you can see the options like edit, copy, delete and revoke. You will be able to revoke the messages only when the messages are not read by the receivers of the messages.


WhatsApp users have to use this update on the smart phone. For that they should enable the same. Until that they will not be able to use this feature. This feature was expected since long. But then it was due since quite a bit of time. Now, since it is out, it would be a boon for the WhatsApp users. For iOS users it is still on the beta mode. Android Beta version is not yet ready. So to come into being, it would take some more time, say a couple of months.

Thankfully, it is also expected that there will be one more feature that WhatsApp would release and that is the ability to view ZIP and RAR files on WhatsApp. This is just an expectation and a small hint has been given on the same. The news has not been confirmed yet. Currently, the company has announced video calling facility and people are already using it as default service. WhatsApp already has more than 1 billion subscriber and it is a preferred platform on Android and iOS. So, the features that it comes up with help the users to enhance their chat and messaging experience. Even though there are more messaging services coming up, it is tough for the WhatsApp users to go anywhere else. This is because the company has been keeping the users engaging quite a lot and this is what makes things perfect by all means.

News that comes up on this has been quite creating a buzz every time. Now when the edit, revoke feature is coming up, it’s really going to enhance people’s experience over this platform.

YAAO 6000 Plus: the Phone with 10900 mAh Massive Battery

Different people have different requirements and so if you are the one who is looking out for a massive battery like the capacity of 10000 mAh then you have to search for the options as available. Well YAAO 6000 Plus is a new phone that has come up in the market and it has huge battery capacity. It has the battery power of 10900 mAh. The Smart Phone is featured with 5.5 inch HD and 720X1280Pixels. It also has 1GB RAM and 64 bit quad core MediaTek SOC. As per, the smart phone is not thin but then people don’t mind compromising in this because they can have the option of big battery capacity. It has 18.1mm thickness. Apart from the above mentioned features the Smart Phone is also featured with 16GB internal storage capacity with the expandable memory up to 64GB. It’s a 4G LTE smart phone and so it’s going to be like a dream come true for the younger generation who want everything to be imbibed in a smart phone.


Details about OS

This phone runs on Android based Yun OS. Also, it is a Dual SIM phone so it would be immensely useful for you when you have been looking for something like this. The colors available are gold and silver. Of course, the look and the style of the phone are quite attractive and it also features 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera.

Online it is available at CNY 1499 which comes to around Rs 14900. Even though the phone doesn’t look quite appealing to everyone, it is gong to create a demand factor for those looking for a big battery life. This means that even without charging the phone for a few days, the phone can run pretty smoothly. The users who have too much of use of a smart phone can think of this as a useful candidate.

There’s not too much of competition

When it comes to choosing the phone with the battery life it means that you will opt for the one that is best of all and is quite massive in terms of battery. Thankfully, the competition is quite less and so this phone might turn out to be the winner among its counterparts.

Do you think this phone is worth the price at which it is being sold? Well, an Android phone with a good battery at this price seems to be a very good deal. It’s not yet known where else the phone would be available for sales.


Samsung launching Gear Smart Watches Variants in India in January

In the month of September, Samsung had launched Gear S3 Smart Watches. There was an event called IFA and the launch happened right here. The company had come up with two variants namely Classic and Frontier. As per the available reports the company is planning to get the smart watches to India as well and perhaps the launch should happen somewhere early next month. There is no exact date coming up till date for the launch. But yes, the company is confident that something should come up in January. The reports from Sam Mobile also provide a hint in this. The people who are Samsung fans are quite excited to get news about the same and they would love to get an idea about the price. But Samsung has kept a mum yet on thus matter too.


When Samsung Smart Watches would come up, it would be a tough competition for the small vendors online who are just selling the unbranded ones. Samsung Smart watches awesome in looks and this means that you can bet upon the same and get them even without giving them a glance. In Gear S3 Frontier model it has features like a bit of rough and rough look which are perfect for the outdoors. For those who love the classy stuff, they should go for the refined version and that is the Gear S3 Classic. These two variants are quite large when it comes to the dial and thus they are suitable for males. But there are no such restrictions. Women who love sporty look and study feel can go ahead with these.

If course, Samsung always tries to follow the Apple’s foot steps! But here you will see that Samsung is trying to be a step ahead. In the Frontier model you will see that there is a special cellular radio chip that would help in connecting with the 4G high speed networks. Thus, there will be no need to get connected via tethering the phone.\

Gear S3 watches will have the best features like dust resistance, water resistance, GPS and even the speakers. One can use Samsung pay and buy the watches that are available in other countries too. If you want to wait till January then it’s not that far. Just keep an eye here for further news so that you can get an idea about the launch date and the other features which were just speculation till date.

Reliance Jio taking a Step Forward to Establish Digital Wallet Service

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has the vision of cashless economy and to support this even Reliance Jio has taken a step ahead with its own Jio app. Till date we thought that it was Paytm who was just trying to help out the smaller and the bigger merchants. But now there’s one more digital wallet and that is for the Reliance Jio users. This is good news for the smaller merchants and so Jio has actually brought about a smile on their faces. With this news there is more scope and demand for digital transactions. This e Wallet is called as Jio Money Merchant Solutions. This service will be promoted to the vendors both big and small. But as per the plan it seems that the service would be highly suitable to the smaller vendors. But there has to be some awareness for the same. So, perhaps Jio will choose to advertise the service too for making people aware about how these money solutions will be useful for them. Jio just like the Prime Minister wants to create a digital economy where there is transparency in all money related transactions.


When is the app starting?

As per the available reports, this app will be starting on 5th of December and this will be made available to all the merchants. It really doesn’t matter that whether the vendor is small, medium sized or the big one. It will be best for small shops, markets, railway counters and even at the restaurants. In fact, it will also allow person to person money transfer.

In one way these services look just like Paytm. The Jio money can be used to pay the merchants and even pay from the bank accounts or receive the money in the bank accounts. Thus there will be quickness in the transaction and so you will not have to wait too much.

Reliance Jio insists that this kind of service is good for urban as well as the rural areas. This is because, even the small villages would want cash related liquidity and in the current times when there are already problems of cash related transactions, this would prove to be a big boon. It’s a challenge to create awareness about such digital wallets in rural areas, but Ambani wants to take up the challenge.

Is this wallet different from the rest?

With this app, the merchants will be able to receive the money from the customers to the bank accounts. So, even if you are a street side vendor or a small shop, you can get this facility pretty easily. Reliance Jio is having a payment license and it is in joint vebture with SBI and so people can use Jio to make payments from and to the bank accounts very easily. As per the company’s officials, the company won’t find this too tough as there are already KYC details with it which were available through Adhar card at the time when SIM cards were distributed. So, let us wait and watch that what more we have in reserve?