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Amazon Prime Introduced in India

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Amazon Prime is now available in India which contains a subscription service of 60 days trial version and if at all you want to go for a paid version it will cost you Rs. 499 which can be used after the trial version gets expired. The paid version is valid for a year, and once you go for amazon prime subscription you will be paying Rs. 999 for a year.When you think about what exactly this includes Amazon prime comes with unlimited one or two day delivery with no minimum order size. Also the user gets the access on some of the important deals on amazon. There are special deals been put up for prime members. Some of the other benefits which prime members enjoy are amazon videos and music while shopping. US customers are currently enjoying this facility which is not yet available in other countries.

In US amazon prime costs Rs. 6700 which shows that in India the cost is quite less and affordable. US users are also provided with lot of extra features like million e-books, storage space to save photos and also music or videos as per their needs.

The vice president of Prime Amazon states that we keep introducing new ideas and items which can be delivered fast and free. There are also digital benefits been added in prime video which enables original series and movies.There is also Amazon rival, Flipkart, which offers in Rs.500 per year and gives free in a day delivery and quick access to various deals. This service was introduced in the year 2014. With this move by Amazon we must see how Flipkart responds to this soon.

Amazon prime members will be able to qualify for free delivery only if they have the prime badge with them. All the products should be qualified for getting free prime delivery. For standard delivery amazon charges 40 rupees which is between 2 to 10 days’ time as per the availability of products. If the customer chooses for 1 or 2 days the delivery is charged Rs.100 and Rs.80. Prime amazon members can make use of this facility for free without paying any kind of extra charge. The prime members just have to pay Rs.50 to get the delivery on the same day and the non-prime members have to pay Rs. 150. The amazon prime delivery option is available to customer in almost 20 cities all across India.

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