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Using G-board can Enhance the Typing Productivity: 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

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We have been hearing a lot about G Board these days. So, what exactly is that? It is a keyboard app made for iPhone and then it came for Android users as well. The company has used a perfect strategy. By giving G Board to enhance the potency while using iPhone, Apple users are truly impressed. But yes, Google Search remains the main feature and this is actually easy to use and quite convenient in functioning. If you are tired of using the screen keyboards then you should try G Board. Here’s how G Board got released !

These days you can see that people using different keyboards. Like, the Android uses using the iPhone virtual keyboard and so on. Even iPhone users are able to use the third party keyboards like swipe. Now, there’s amazing news that Google released G-board for iPhone and this keyboard is truly awesome. Loaded with the features like emojis, GIFs, Google Search and flow type, this option has created a buzz everywhere. When this was launched it was only meant for the iOS users. But then the same was launched for Android users too.

Most of the people who have the habit of switching the gadgets would prefer to keep the keyboard same. For example swiftkey was one of the most popular options till date. But now with the launch of G-board many people would switch over to this. The G button brings in quick search facility. There’s in built Google Search and GIF support. If you start using G-board you will have access to many languages too on the keyboard. The keyboard supports 120 languages and you can choose 3 languages and give preference to the one that you find as suitable for you. There is voice typing as well and of course how can you miss the artificial intelligence technology which gives suggestions and provides better typos.

If you go through the download details on Google Play then you will realize that there has been more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and the reason is the increasing popularity of the same. People try to hit the key that they want to key on their gadget’s screen keyboard. But sometimes this becomes tough and you can’t get typing speed. But if you use G-board in that place then you can actually get quick message sending solutions. When it was released there were a few bugs. But then they were quickly sorted out. This is what made this a perfect thing to use. So, whether you want to search for the information or you want to use emojis or send information, using G-board can make your solution pretty quick.

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