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Facebook gets ‘Save’ element – The Eventual Bookmarker ?

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We all are aware that Facebook is the biggest community on Earth – if Facebook had to be a country, then by now it would have been almost equal or may have even surpassed the population of China. So, noticeably when Facebook launches any new-fangled feature, it has likely that it will be utilized by more than a million people, and that is quite noteworthy.

Presently, Facebook has introduced a new characteristic called –‘Save on Facebook’, which may well be a strapping challenger to a well-liked ‘save and read it later on” mobile app pouch.

If you are a tech-savvy person, you might recollect well that Facebook had obtained a ‘read-it-later’ service called SPOOL roughly 2 years back. It seems like Facebook has at last employed Spool’s technology and incorporated it with their cell phone app. Let us have a glance at this feature in little more specification.

How does Facebook Save and bookmark?

It is rather simple actually – Everything that you are coming across on your Facebook timeline is capable of being saved for accessing it at any date. Plus, this feature is clearly very supportive to nearly everybody as every time you fall across something helpful, you might not have time to discover or learn/read completely. During such situation, Facebook user can purely save it and read it at spare time and gain the missed out information.

The best part about the bookmark is that it can Save not only posts but also a wide number of places, links, videos, movies, TV or music.

Once the user has saved a particular item, it is only noticeable to them, on the other hand, if they desire they can also prefer to share it with their family and friends on their FB timeline.

Moreover, user’s saved topics are structured by category and they can swipe right on every article in order to share it with your friends or into your library list. Facebook has in addition added further a knick-knack reminder feature that will send you timely reminders of bookmarked items in their news feed time and again.

As per Facebook update, Save will be obtainable to everybody on Android, iOS and the web in forthcoming days.

Is there Threat to ‘Pocket’ ?

The question will apparently be raised out if prologue of this fresh feature by Facebook will be menace to bookmarking apps such as Pocket.

When gigantic online rulers like Facebook and Google initiated a new feature, it is definitely going to have an effect on companies that provide alike services. Worst, smaller players might even stop to exist. Nonetheless, when the question is on Pocket, they have time-honored user base and proffer far too many features in comparison to ‘Facebook Save’.

What has to be observed is how Facebook’s Save service progress. In current figure, it may not be a key threat.

About Facebook Bookmarking

Have you ever come across a great Facebook post that you wished to bookmark and save for later reading? There are actually two style to do it, and yes both of them are simple. Here are the 2 steps:

First, find the Facebook post you want to bookmark for later reading and save, then get on on the link that tells you the day and time it had been shared. You’ll get it just underneath the name of the individual or page who posted it.

Second, once you click on the day and time link, you’ll be brought to a new page that shows up just that post and all the comments people have put on it. Here, you’ll see the post URL at the top side. All you require to do now is add it to your bookmark feature and there you’re done !

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