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With LinkedIn’s New Feature You Can Check If Your Salary Is Apt !

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When it comes to knowing about who’s earning what, people would want to check LinkedIn as often money measures what kind of job satisfaction a person might be enjoying. It’s not always money that’s important, but yes, when you want to get detailed idea about what post can fetch how much salary then the sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn can really get you the exact answers. So, LinkedIn which is considered as a popular social networking site for professionals is adding one more service or feature to the site. This means that now you will also get the information of the pay on the different jobs. Thus, if you are newbie in this area then perhaps you will get to know what salary you can expect

In fact, with the proper breakdown and as per the details based on location and the educational qualification you will get to know the pay structure that you can expect. So, when the person is making his resume, he will be in the position to maintain proper clarity about the salary expectation. This feature has been added with the help of the data that the members have already put in regards to base pay, bonus as well as the stock grants. Just a couple of weeks before Glassdoor had come up with the feature where the users can determine personal market value. Now, soon after that
LinkedIn also added this feature based on the hiring trends! But the company expects that it is quite important to include the company’s members too in that. If they participate in this program then this will truly be a hit.

It is expected that near about 1 million people will give the salary data to the site and so this will help in determining the base salary of the professionals. It is estimated that professionals from USA, Canada and North America will all take part in the same. However, the sites have suggested that they will never make the salary data public. Thus, the users and the participants should be stress free in regards to this. However, it is seen that often the sites use the data and sell off to the employers who would want some high profile employee in their company or for the salary calculations and so against some charges. So, the users always feel bit apprehensive to reveal the details about the package. The sites are already earning well with the job listings and the hiring tools. So, the main motive of the company is to retain the users and to enhance the number of users for their site.

So, people have different expectations from the sites, but the site is happy with the developments that are coming up. This has helped the people in past and even in future it would be quite beneficial. So, whether you are on Glass Door or LinkedIn you will get a chance to get better exposure and better information hereon.

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