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Google’s New Product Google Hire Might Prove To Be Disastrous For LinkedIn ?

Google has always created some or the other news and so it is a smart company. Currently, Google has come up with the new project and that is Google Hire. This is a smart thing and now it seems that Google has converted this into its own applicant tracking system. It can be briefed as ATS. This is kind of a competition for the counterparts as in Indeed, Monster, Linkedin and so on.

Google Hire is yet to come on the public platform. But the portal is already there and the job applications are invited. The job providers or the employers have been given access to these profiles through their Google Accounts. However, since this is just the beginning there has been doubts in the mind of people that is there anything specific that Google is going to do with the applicant’s search history? If yes, then this will be a big show down and it will be a bit bad.

How will this tool function?

It seems that Google Hire will work as a recruitment tool and that the employees will send across the resumes; employers will be able to check them out and would appoint them if the job is there. Based on the experience and expertise of the employees, there would be job hire process. However, these things are not yet out. It’s still a question that what kind of options are available for the job seekers.

As per one of the Google’s Spokesperson, Google Hire is something where the process of application and job hiring would be quite smooth.

The G Suite users will be able to check out the applications online and most of the solutions would be sought on the web. There is a sample page folder on the portal and you can just check out the listings. At this point in time the UI looks quite simple and this portrays something like LinkedIn. Some of the market experts feel that Google is up to creating a smart applicant tracking system which will benefit both job seekers and job providers.

The question is that will Google make the information easily available to the rest of the people? Well, if such smuggling happens then it will be quite bad. But as per the past things that Google has come up with, it has never shared the private information and so this is a biggest benefit. This is a big shock for LinkedIn. So, how are things going to be post Google Hire? Well, the updates on these things are yet to come. So, just check out how Google can make things quite easy. Google would never come up with the product unless and until there is a solid plan. But these days you will see that the competitors still feel bit low due to this innovative tool. Just wait and watch what are the other updates in this field and how are things going to be.






LG To Launch A New Set Of “Indian” Phones By Diwali! Check Details !

LG, the South Korean Consumer Electronics master has now once again planned to get good smartphone business; now, it has a very good strategy for the same.

Yes, LG Electronics India is planning a new and affordable range of smartphones that have various features which would fulfill local requirements.

Ki Wan Kim, the MD of LG Electronics stated that the feedback of the customers would be taken into consideration and new products will be launched as per that.

He told that some new products are being prepared and they will be very different from those that exist. He has the eagerness for knowing more about Indian products in the consumer market.

Moreover, when someone asked him as to when these phones would be launching, he said that it would be somewhere around Diwali.

New phones are being benchmarked by the company; attempts are being made for adding some “Value proposition” so that customers can avail the same at affordable prices.

Kim stressed on 1 fact and i.e. the products should be differentiated so that more and more people are interested in buying the same. On the other hand, Samsung, which is the rival of LG has various features in customization for customers. These include “S Bike Mode” which helps 2-wheeler owners to attend calls without any distraction i.e. with automated replies.

However, he said that the number of models will be limited and they will be launched in selected regions only. The main aim is checking on the feedback and then expanding the investments.

Currently, there are 10 models that LG has in the Indian market between price range of Rs 8k to Rs 55k. currently, the smartphone business in India isn’t that vast and hence, some newness needs to be added to the same.

He said, “It is too small and even 10 times bigger would be nothing in number. Even 1,000 percent growth is nothing. It is not the time to talk about what our goal or target is.”

Kim also admitted about making mistakes and said that the company made assumptions that since they had gained success in air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines, customers would readily go for smartphones as well.

He said that it’s not just to select models globally from the platform and add to the shopping list for launching in the market; lot of hard work is needed for the same.

Currently, LG Electronics India uses the Greater Noida plant to produce smartphones. Production in the Pune unit has stopped; earlier it was used for the CDMA phones.
If there is increase in demand, then in few months, mass production would be set up in Pune once again without any investment as such.

Jio In Partnership With AirWire Is All Set To Offer Connected Car Apps & Services!

There have been many speculations of Jio entering the cab industry. Well, Jio has extended its wings and has signed the deal with AirWire for offering IoT devices to the cars.

Yes, this unique product is being developed with AirWire and with this, lots of apps and services will be launched, which will offer the consumers with a unique experience. This AirWire-Jio partnership will take the car device platform to a completely new level. The initiative is known as Jio Car Connect and with this, the way the vehicle is driven, owned or maintained, will be completely changed. A confirmation about the same was given by the spokesperson of Jio.

AirWire has its headquarters in USA and it is known for its bouquet of services and apps such as automobile security, location based apps as well as hotspot features.

Know more about the device!

Basically, an AirWire device can be plugged on the OBD II of the vehicle with the help of a cable. This helps in enjoying uninterrupted connectivity and all this is possible through the 4G LTE network of JIO. This Cloud Framework is very essential for analyzing the data of the vehicle and offering useful and convenient services and apps to the smartphone of the customer.

Once there’s connectivity with the OBD, Bluetooth and WiFi is offered to the device, to enjoy various services such as location data, games, Music, TV and cinema. Moreover, Geo Fencing can also be enabled in smartphones.

The President and CEO of AirWire Technologies Debashis Bagchi, stated that the focus and commitment on this Connected Car Market will make it  first of its kind. The deployment strategy of Jio will help in validating big data analytics, which in turn will lead to enhancement of customer satisfaction.

This is going to be a revolution in the car industry

With this, crucial information can be transferred through the app. The data is vital and consists of water levels, tire pressure, oil stats and alerts about battery change. Even if the car is not locked systematically, alerts will be sent to mobile phone users. All data which is necessary will be provided; these include speed limits, panic braking details and speed alerts. Even in cases of thefts, the owner will be alerted about the car; locating it becomes very easy.

Many people think that Jio’s cab services won’t work well, but taking into consideration all the prospects, it’s difficult to judge what’s right and what’s wrong. As of now, the technology of connected car is moving at a rapid pace.

Apart from Jio, there are many other companies that are entering this market of car technology and are sure to gain a lot of success.

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Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Finally, on Wednesday, the Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy S8 were launched; they come with various technologies like Bixby assistant, face recognition and iris recognition; isn’t that great? The main highlight of this is the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. Indeed, these are the first phones that have an advanced Bluetooth technology; this is the reason it’s getting a good edge over others.

With this, the bandwidth has been increased and so has the capacity of broadcasting messages. This means that even if a person is around 800 feet away, he can access the Galaxy S8.


Moreover, with Bluetooth 5.0, audio can be pushed to wireless devices; this is for the first time that such a thing is happening.  Even the design is a new one and it has given a good prominence to the screen;  new features have been brought about too.

At the back, there’s a Dual Pixel camera and then it has a new DeX desktop dock. Given below are some features that are a must-know;

  1. These phones are known for their fast speeds. Basically, it’s due to Snapdragon 835 chip and Qualcomm X16 LTE modem. These tests are conducted by T-Mobile, after which it has come up with such results.
  2. When it comes to specifications, these Galaxy phones have a super AMOLED display and feature a 6.2 inch screen. There’s a dual pixel camera in both phones along with f/1.7 aperture and OIS. On the other hand, there’s a front camera of 8 megapixels.
  3. The look is refined; there’s signature home button for immersive experience. Multi-tasking has been made quit convenient. Moreover, there’s Corning Gorilla Glass 5.
  4. It debuts the new UX of the brand; basically, it has been developed for enhancing the interactions of the users. The typography and the app icons incorporate the design language of the S8.
  5. Another attractive feature is the infinity display; the display of Galaxy S8+ is large as compared to the Galaxy S7. The HDR Premium capabilities are also being promoted by the phones; the Infinity Display is good and along with that, there’s a Snap Window feature which helps in the enhancement of productivity.
  6. The dual pixel technology along with autofocus and wide aperture is good for conditions wherein the light is low. 1-handed operation is also facilitated. There’s a facial recognition technology in the front camera. Moreover, it sports various stamps, stickers and animated filters.
  7. Bixby, the virtual assistant of Samsung is seen on Galaxy S8. Although it is still under development, it’ll surely bring about an enhancement in the user interaction. Contextual information will be brought based on habits of the users. Moreover, a hardware button is also there.
  8. With the DeX technology, Galaxy S8 will be turned to a desktop. It has compatibility with Galaxy S8+ and S8. The handset has to be plugged into the DeX station and with this, the handset will be converted to HDMI.
  9. This comes with Samsung Connect, through which smart devices can be monitored and managed perfectly. 3rd party devices can also be supported; there’s compatibility with iOT devices also.

Researchers Launched Edible Batteries Which Could Give New Meaning To Medical Science

Usually, when we talk about batteries, the only things to come to our mind are lead, lithium and chemicals. Basically, we can think only and only of hazards. However, what if we tell you that now, you can get edible and safe batteries? Won’t you feel excited? Yes, there’s actually a revolution like this and you will be surprised to know more.

Gone are those days when digestible and edible batteries were just in dreams. Some researchers at US’ Carnegie Mellon University have made edible batteries from melanin (Skin pigment) and other parts of skin; a device of 5 milliwatt can be powered and that too for an impressive 18 hours.

Christopher Bettinger leads this team and says these edible batteries don’t cause any sort of harm; since human parts are used for the same, medical procedures that are complex in nature, can be conducted with great ease.

Want to know about the creation?

Well, we all must have heard of Melanin. It is a pigment that’s found in hair, eyes and skin. It has the capability of absorbing UV rays and protecting us. Moreover, they also have the capability of unbinding as well as binding ions.

With this powerful melanin, edible batteries have been developed. You can consume it and keep it in your body for 18 hours. Iron and copper that are abundant inside the body are used for this creation; it is the melanin pigment that acts as a negative and a positive terminal. Talking about the cathode, 600mg of melanin is used.

Researchers are also testing Pectin, a gelling agent which creates edible batteries.

Drastic change in medical science!

Thanks to these edible batteries that now, a device can be inserted inside the body that reacts perfectly to medical emergencies. These medical emergencies can be observed too; earlier, doctors had to wait for the occurrence but now, things will be changed. A lot of time will be saved and many deaths can be avoided.

For example, vaccine can be released for killing viruses or a life saving drug can be released in the intestine, to save the life of patients. Pacemakers also have batteries but many a times, they are quite toxic. Insulation is needed so that they don’t harm the body. Lot of risks and dangers are there due to toxic batteries; the body can be damaged. However, with edible batteries, the risk is really low.

Medical experts also suggest that these batteries can help in treating cancer; in cancer, the time is very important and such batteries work instantly.

This biodegradable battery looks like a capsule and is enclosed in a shell that’s made up of gelatin. Good therapies can be delivered for fighting various diseases with good safety and precision. After a person swallows the pill, the battery would come in contact with ions and current flow will be activated.

Whatsapp Brings about Two Step Verification for Extra Security of your Account

For those who have been looking for better security, you need to know that Whatsapp has now come up with better levels of security. But this option is not compulsory. It has however been preferred even in the beta versions too since November. People feel that it is good to use such options as it would enhance security of the account. But there is a two way verification which you can think of. Here’s how to enable the two step verification for iOS.

When you change your phone then in the new phone you will have to set up this verification option. You will be asked the email address and also there will be need for a code that you have to put. If you are putting the code then keep it a six digit code and you will also be asked the email address.

In case of Android, there will be need for three step verification and first thing is that you need to go to the account settings and then the two step verification process will follow. Here you will also be given the option of email address as well as the passcode. So, to be on the safer side if you will also be given the email addresses option in case if you use the passcode.

These things also work for the beta users of Android. And to be more precise these things have been mentioned in the FAQ page too of the Whatsapp official page. The page says that the person should give accurate email address. This is because if by chance the passcode is missed then too with the accurate email address you will never lose any kind of information and also the older messages.

The best part is that in between the pass code will be asked to the people to ensure that they don’t forget the same. Also, since this feature is not compulsory, there is one more thing that would come up and that is, Whatsapp will ask that whether you want to carry out the security steps or not. If you say No, then you will be allowed to carry out the regular things on your Whatsapp account.


But if by have generated the pass code for verification and then you forget the same and you have not provided the email link then you might not be allowed to use the account for seven days. So, keeping all these things in mind you need to check out what options are good for you. We all need security and so for that it would be better to try this option. Whatsapp always releases some or the other thing for enhanced security and so by trying this there is no issue at all. So, what’s more on the cards is something we need to check out. Wait and watch and see what Whatsapp has for you. Keep a watch on this news and see what’s in for you.











The Google Play Carrier Billing Option for Airtel and Vodafone

Initially there used to be the say that Google Play carrier billing is just for Idea customers. But now, you can see that even the post paid users are opting for this feature with the Airtel and Vodafone network.


But this feature can be seen on Android Smart Phones. So, the same thing was announced a couple of months back and this has now been a reality. Google Play is not just for apps but there are so many things that you can directly buy from Google Play. This digital content would include things like books, movies, and some paid apps and so on.

For that the payment options generally are debit card, credit card, net banking facility and so on. There would be direct carrier billing on Idea subscribers. But now, even the Airtel and Vodafone users can opt for this.

The purpose of this facility

If you can buy some app or any special digital content then you must check out the carrier bill. This is because the account would be reflected after 15 minutes. This feature has been in use for the post paid users. It is not yet confirmed that what the option is for the prepaid customers! Initially when you used to buy some app then there would be only Idea on the list. But then later even Vodafone and Airtel have been on the list now.

But the only thing that is required to be checked is that the monthly spending limit should not be exceeded. The service plan should also be checked that whether they allow the content packages or not. These are some of the things to be kept in mind and then based on that the action needs to be taken.

Google Play is the best app platform and so it has been used by many users. It is therefore vital to know how to manage the entire thing.



BHIM App By PM Modi : Know the Features and Transaction Limits

On Friday Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has launched an app called as BHIM app. This is Bharat Interface for Money. This is UPI also known as United payments Interface. This is a simple app and in this digital payments can be taken up. It is available for Android and can be directly downloaded. This app is a good option when you have to pay money or receive money and for that you will need this online wallet. Also it is important that first you load the money before you use the money from the app.



If you have a smart phone or a simple feature phone, you can use this app. All you need is just the internet connectivity. But without too this can be done! Thumb is the identity and for using this app the thumb print has to be used as the pass word. So, those who were considered as illiterate and those who cannot sign can now use the angutha or the thumb as an important tool. This app comes from NCPI and so you must get access to this app and download the same for your Android phone.

For those who have an iPhone and have been wondering that when this app will come on iPhone will have to wait for a while. This is because it is expected soon on iPhone.

 How to use BHIM app?

You must first download BHIM app and now your mobile number is the address where you can send and receive the payments. For the simple phone internet connectivity will be a problem and so for that *99# would work pretty well. Most of the banks are supporting this app and for that these are the banks that can be approached. Allahabad bank, Axis Bank, Andhra Bank, Bank of India, DCB Bank, Canara bank, Indian Bank, HDFC Bank, Indusind Bank, ICICI Bank, IFBI Bank, Karur Vysya Bank and many other banks. The maximum limit is Rs 10000 and for one day the limit is Rs 20000.

Once this bank is linked to the bank account, receiving and paying the money would be pretty easy. So, this has been a boon for those who want to use their smart phones for making and receiving the payments. It is pretty easy to download the app and so make sure that you learn the same and start using the app.









Using G-board can Enhance the Typing Productivity: 100 Million Downloads on Google Play

We have been hearing a lot about G Board these days. So, what exactly is that? It is a keyboard app made for iPhone and then it came for Android users as well. The company has used a perfect strategy. By giving G Board to enhance the potency while using iPhone, Apple users are truly impressed. But yes, Google Search remains the main feature and this is actually easy to use and quite convenient in functioning. If you are tired of using the screen keyboards then you should try G Board. Here’s how G Board got released!


These days you can see that people using different keyboards. Like, the Android uses using the iPhone virtual keyboard and so on. Even iPhone users are able to use the third party keyboards like swipe. Now, there’s amazing news that Google released G-board for iPhone and this keyboard is truly awesome. Loaded with the features like emojis, GIFs, Google Search and flow type, this option has created a buzz everywhere. When this was launched it was only meant for the iOS users. But then the same was launched for Android users too.

Most of the people who have the habit of switching the gadgets would prefer to keep the keyboard same. For example swiftkey was one of the most popular options till date. But now with the launch of G-board many people would switch over to this. The G button brings in quick search facility. There’s in built Google Search and GIF support. If you start using G-board you will have access to many languages too on the keyboard. The keyboard supports 120 languages and you can choose 3 languages and give preference to the one that you find as suitable for you. There is voice typing as well and of course how can you miss the artificial intelligence technology which gives suggestions and provides better typos.

If you go through the download details on Google Play then you will realize that there has been more than 100 million downloads on Google Play and the reason is the increasing popularity of the same. People try to hit the key that they want to key on their gadget’s screen keyboard. But sometimes this becomes tough and you can’t get typing speed. But if you use G-board in that place then you can actually get quick message sending solutions. When it was released there were a few bugs. But then they were quickly sorted out. This is what made this a perfect thing to use. So, whether you want to search for the information or you want to use emojis or send information, using G-board can make your solution pretty quick.

WhatsApp Edit and Revoke Feature: Smart Features for Smart Users

There’s news on WhatsApp and that has created buzz everywhere. WhatsApp is coming up with the features that will help you revoke the sent messages. People’s use of WhatsApp is quite a lot and for those who really have fear that the messages might go to the wrong window sometimes this news is very good for them. You can revoke the message or you can even edit the message. Currently this update is available for iOS users. When you are selecting a specific message then you can see the options like edit, copy, delete and revoke. You will be able to revoke the messages only when the messages are not read by the receivers of the messages.


WhatsApp users have to use this update on the smart phone. For that they should enable the same. Until that they will not be able to use this feature. This feature was expected since long. But then it was due since quite a bit of time. Now, since it is out, it would be a boon for the WhatsApp users. For iOS users it is still on the beta mode. Android Beta version is not yet ready. So to come into being, it would take some more time, say a couple of months.

Thankfully, it is also expected that there will be one more feature that WhatsApp would release and that is the ability to view ZIP and RAR files on WhatsApp. This is just an expectation and a small hint has been given on the same. The news has not been confirmed yet. Currently, the company has announced video calling facility and people are already using it as default service. WhatsApp already has more than 1 billion subscriber and it is a preferred platform on Android and iOS. So, the features that it comes up with help the users to enhance their chat and messaging experience. Even though there are more messaging services coming up, it is tough for the WhatsApp users to go anywhere else. This is because the company has been keeping the users engaging quite a lot and this is what makes things perfect by all means.

News that comes up on this has been quite creating a buzz every time. Now when the edit, revoke feature is coming up, it’s really going to enhance people’s experience over this platform.

YAAO 6000 Plus: the Phone with 10900 mAh Massive Battery

Different people have different requirements and so if you are the one who is looking out for a massive battery like the capacity of 10000 mAh then you have to search for the options as available. Well YAAO 6000 Plus is a new phone that has come up in the market and it has huge battery capacity. It has the battery power of 10900 mAh. The Smart Phone is featured with 5.5 inch HD and 720X1280Pixels. It also has 1GB RAM and 64 bit quad core MediaTek SOC. As per, the smart phone is not thin but then people don’t mind compromising in this because they can have the option of big battery capacity. It has 18.1mm thickness. Apart from the above mentioned features the Smart Phone is also featured with 16GB internal storage capacity with the expandable memory up to 64GB. It’s a 4G LTE smart phone and so it’s going to be like a dream come true for the younger generation who want everything to be imbibed in a smart phone.


Details about OS

This phone runs on Android based Yun OS. Also, it is a Dual SIM phone so it would be immensely useful for you when you have been looking for something like this. The colors available are gold and silver. Of course, the look and the style of the phone are quite attractive and it also features 5MP front camera and 13MP rear camera.

Online it is available at CNY 1499 which comes to around Rs 14900. Even though the phone doesn’t look quite appealing to everyone, it is gong to create a demand factor for those looking for a big battery life. This means that even without charging the phone for a few days, the phone can run pretty smoothly. The users who have too much of use of a smart phone can think of this as a useful candidate.

There’s not too much of competition

When it comes to choosing the phone with the battery life it means that you will opt for the one that is best of all and is quite massive in terms of battery. Thankfully, the competition is quite less and so this phone might turn out to be the winner among its counterparts.

Do you think this phone is worth the price at which it is being sold? Well, an Android phone with a good battery at this price seems to be a very good deal. It’s not yet known where else the phone would be available for sales.


Samsung launching Gear Smart Watches Variants in India in January

In the month of September, Samsung had launched Gear S3 Smart Watches. There was an event called IFA and the launch happened right here. The company had come up with two variants namely Classic and Frontier. As per the available reports the company is planning to get the smart watches to India as well and perhaps the launch should happen somewhere early next month. There is no exact date coming up till date for the launch. But yes, the company is confident that something should come up in January. The reports from Sam Mobile also provide a hint in this. The people who are Samsung fans are quite excited to get news about the same and they would love to get an idea about the price. But Samsung has kept a mum yet on thus matter too.


When Samsung Smart Watches would come up, it would be a tough competition for the small vendors online who are just selling the unbranded ones. Samsung Smart watches awesome in looks and this means that you can bet upon the same and get them even without giving them a glance. In Gear S3 Frontier model it has features like a bit of rough and rough look which are perfect for the outdoors. For those who love the classy stuff, they should go for the refined version and that is the Gear S3 Classic. These two variants are quite large when it comes to the dial and thus they are suitable for males. But there are no such restrictions. Women who love sporty look and study feel can go ahead with these.

If course, Samsung always tries to follow the Apple’s foot steps! But here you will see that Samsung is trying to be a step ahead. In the Frontier model you will see that there is a special cellular radio chip that would help in connecting with the 4G high speed networks. Thus, there will be no need to get connected via tethering the phone.\

Gear S3 watches will have the best features like dust resistance, water resistance, GPS and even the speakers. One can use Samsung pay and buy the watches that are available in other countries too. If you want to wait till January then it’s not that far. Just keep an eye here for further news so that you can get an idea about the launch date and the other features which were just speculation till date.

Reliance Jio taking a Step Forward to Establish Digital Wallet Service

Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi has the vision of cashless economy and to support this even Reliance Jio has taken a step ahead with its own Jio app. Till date we thought that it was Paytm who was just trying to help out the smaller and the bigger merchants. But now there’s one more digital wallet and that is for the Reliance Jio users. This is good news for the smaller merchants and so Jio has actually brought about a smile on their faces. With this news there is more scope and demand for digital transactions. This e Wallet is called as Jio Money Merchant Solutions. This service will be promoted to the vendors both big and small. But as per the plan it seems that the service would be highly suitable to the smaller vendors. But there has to be some awareness for the same. So, perhaps Jio will choose to advertise the service too for making people aware about how these money solutions will be useful for them. Jio just like the Prime Minister wants to create a digital economy where there is transparency in all money related transactions.


When is the app starting?

As per the available reports, this app will be starting on 5th of December and this will be made available to all the merchants. It really doesn’t matter that whether the vendor is small, medium sized or the big one. It will be best for small shops, markets, railway counters and even at the restaurants. In fact, it will also allow person to person money transfer.

In one way these services look just like Paytm. The Jio money can be used to pay the merchants and even pay from the bank accounts or receive the money in the bank accounts. Thus there will be quickness in the transaction and so you will not have to wait too much.

Reliance Jio insists that this kind of service is good for urban as well as the rural areas. This is because, even the small villages would want cash related liquidity and in the current times when there are already problems of cash related transactions, this would prove to be a big boon. It’s a challenge to create awareness about such digital wallets in rural areas, but Ambani wants to take up the challenge.

Is this wallet different from the rest?

With this app, the merchants will be able to receive the money from the customers to the bank accounts. So, even if you are a street side vendor or a small shop, you can get this facility pretty easily. Reliance Jio is having a payment license and it is in joint vebture with SBI and so people can use Jio to make payments from and to the bank accounts very easily. As per the company’s officials, the company won’t find this too tough as there are already KYC details with it which were available through Adhar card at the time when SIM cards were distributed. So, let us wait and watch that what more we have in reserve?


Japan to Come up with World’s Fastest Super Computer

The world is changing completely now and so you will see that these days people opt for digital alterations for better. Everyday there are new findings and people are really happy that such changes are coming up day after day. There are two schools of thoughts and the first one feels that the human form of labor is good and easy to hire. But some countries are quite against all these concepts and they want that there should be complete digitalization.


Japan is one of them and it is surely running towards the future. It is believed that Japan will come up with the world’s fastest super computer. As per the reports as availed from Reuters it is believed that around USD 173 Million will be spent on making this machine. This machine would have tremendous capacity and that they can achieve 130 petaflops. Japan has created digitalization in many fields and so the ageing work force feels bit bad due to this. But in one way it can truly give assistance to those who have good hand at technical.

Since a few years Japan has faced slow development in the economy and so the counterparts have been criticizing the country. Japan used to be ahead in the field of electronics initially. But now things have changed and you can see that now its South Korea and China who have taken over the charge. But when it comes to Super Computer, it’s Japan who has always won the race. Even in the year 2011 it was Japan that had topped the world due to Fujitsu’s K Computer with 10.5 petaflops.

Since the country has topped in this year, the country hopes that even now it should come ahead. So, it has invited the bids from various companies to build this machine has been invited. The winner will be announced on the first week of December and the code name for this machine is Al Bridging Cloud Infrastructure.


It is expected that by 2018 the machine will be floated in the online market. It is believed that the platform that Google or Microsoft uses right now will be the one to be used for this computer. These are the only news out till date for this particular super computer. The information has to be unfolded yet and people are quite excited about the same as and when it comes. So, let’s wait and watch how this thing is going to be executed for the future.





Whatsapp Video Calling Scam Links: Beware

Recently there’s news that there has been an update called as Whatsapp video calling feature and this update has just rolled out. If you wish to use this feature then you need to update the app. That’s it and you can start using this feature for sure. But spammers have been sending across the links to people saying that they should download the link and even share the same. With this there are chances that people are putting their data and personal information in danger.


The spammers send the spammed link in such a way saying that click on this link and accept the invite to use the Whatsapp video calling feature. This means that people will get an impression that only those people can use the feature that have got this link. Innocent people who do not know the fact might fall in these icy jaws. So, make sure that you do not click on these links as these are malicious and can actually create problems for your Smart Phone data.


Whenever you have the option showing the word activate, you must understand that it’s a problematic link and that you must not click on the same. It is therefore important to note that there is no need to send people these activation links as the feature is already posted on the platforms like Android, Windows and iOS. So, you can just go through these platforms and select for update. This feature is a hit and around 100 million Whatsapp Video Calls are made everyday. This means that already many people are aware of this. But a few who are not that smart technically might actually miss out on the feature and at such times the spammers come up and spread the wrong word. Innocent people have to put their privacy in danger and their data and important information would be at biggest risk.


There used to be Microsoft’s Skype and Google’s Duo till date. But now you also have Whatsapp video calling option and so they all compete together and bring up the best option for you. Select something that will be perfect for you or which you feel is quick and fast. Unless and until this announcement is made officially, you must never click on any link as it will create problems. So, make sure that you have found out the perfect options and you follow the same.



The Home Delivery of SIM Cards By Reliance JIO

There were reports in regards to Reliance Jio SIM cards being home delivered. So, now, the reports have been confirmed now. Reliance Jio has initiated the home delivery of SIM cards and the main target right now is the big cities. Often people feel that Reliance Jio is so much in demand that the customers have to actually take too much of efforts to get what they want. But Jio wants that people should keep away from the hassles and so the main aim of the company is to give the home delivery solution without them visiting the retail stores.




Earlier people thought that there would be a website made for the same and then people will give their applications on this site. But now, it seems that this is going to be pilot project and there would be invite system for this. There will be particular schedule and then based on that schedule there will be home delivery of the cards. The program is on the beta stage and it will start as per the areas in cities going on in alphabetical order as in Ahemedabad, Bengaluru, Chennai and Pune, Mumbai and so on.

Well, when we talk of invite systems most of the people will feel that it will be the users who can send across the invites. But in reality, that’s not the case. It is the Jio team that will send across the invitations. Even Reliance employees will not be given right for this. It’s the team which will select the influencers and then there will be home delivery based on this. It is estimated that if the people who have been selected for all these things can actually opt for the delivery schedule for as early as 30 minutes.

It is also important to note that JIO is also running a program for housing societies and so there would be hardly any hassle for the consumers to get the SIM cards. The medium of sending across should be KIOSK. Also, there are facilities for quick and instant eKYC activation and for that there is need for Adhar card copy. There is need for 4G enabled Smart Phone and then things can be initiated further.

Earlier there were reports in regards to Reliance Jio launching DTH and Broadband services. So, every day you will come across news on JIO which are quite interesting. Just wait and watch what else the service comes up with.  Now since you know what are the options for getting the home delivery of the SIM cards you should execute things in that way.

But now, most of the people are asking that what is the basic thing that is considered in order to send the invite? Well, it’s the company who will decide this. So, just wait and watch that what the basic things are coming up.