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Apple, Facebook, Google Battles to Provide Faster Mobile News

The fast expansion of the news products describes how mobile has become the battle zone for the tech companies. The tech giants of the US are turning to the news in their competition for mobile users by developing new and faster ways to deliver content, but the benefits for struggling media outlets is not clear till now.

Cindy Krum, the chief executive at MobileMoxie, a mobile marketing consultancy stated that “Mobile drives so much traffic as many people from all over the world begin their day by reading the news on their phone or tablet”.

Various news app expect to profit by attracting more news readers and the advertising dollars they bring.

Last month, an app was incorporated in the Apple’s updated iOS 9 mobile operating system, that is named Apple News. The content in  Apple News is delivered by more than 50 media partners, that includes the New York Times, Vogue and Vanity Fair.

Google, Fb and apple

Google, Fb and apple

Earlier this year Facebook has launched its app “Instant Articles”, in joint venture with various organizations of media. With this app the readers can access to the news 10 times faster, than the most news websites. The contents that are included in Instant Articles contains audio captions on photos. Moreover, the reader can like or comment on specific sections of the article rather than the entire news.

Google is said to be planning for a similar system in a joint venture with Twitter. This will allow the readers to load the entire article on their cell phone in a fraction of a second, as compared to current nearly 10 seconds.

This has definitely turned the mobile as a battleground for the tech companies, who want to keep the mobile users surrounded by their ecosystem, so that they can reach them with better products, services and promotions.

Rick Edmonds, media business analyst for the Poynter Institute for Media Studies, stated that “For now, the contract looks pretty favorable to the publishers”. But Edmonds cleared that the long tenure impacts are still not clear, particularly as to how the partnerships will affect the digital subscriptions or purchases of individual articles previously sold directly by the media outlets.

To make their  product more user friendly, the tech companies are paying more incentives to the media companies.

For Apple News, The New York Times has agreed to access 30 articles free per day, in comparison to the daily website or news application that allows the readers to access 10 articles per day. Still, it remains unclear whether these news apps will be able to help the news organizations to come across a lasting economic model to survive the digital age.

According to the reports of the Pew Research Center, the daily print circulation in US has been decreased up to 19 percent over the past decade and similar to this the print advertising has declined by 60 percent. Now its entirely on the news organizations to decide whether to go after digital readers on their own or to partnership with the tech firms to deal with that turn down.

Krum agreed by saying that “ the news organizations needs to adjust to the modern ways the consumers access the news. She further added that “It’s much more casual” than in the past.

A spokesman from New York Times said that “ it is important to ensure that The Times is available in a wide variety of places where people find their news and information,” mentioning that the daily can be reached through services such as Microsoft’s MSN News, Flipboard or Google Play Newsstand.


Apple can launch a way of deleting pre-installed apps

Apple products have been very popular in past years. However, these products lack the option of deleting apps that uses a lot of space on the devices. iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus don’t come in 32GB and thus users have to opt for 16GB instead of 64 or 128 GB models. This makes inconvenient for people to store enough information on their phones. People install some apps but then hardly use it. Unlike android, iOS devices do not have option of deleting or uninstalling the apps and many people have complaints regarding that. Apple has given a thought to it and is soon going to come up with a solution for the same.

With an interview with Buzzfeed, Apple CEO, Tim Cook revealed that they are working on methods to uninstall or remove the pre-installed apps which are not useful for the iOS users. According to him, this option was not considered as it is more complicated than it seems to be. There are certain apps in the iOS devices which are linked to something else on the product. Removal of those apps can cause severe damages elsewhere in the devices. Although, there are many other apps that work independently. Solution for removal of such apps will be soon launched by Apple. This feature will appeal the users and solve their problem of storage and space in iOS devices.



For instance, SIRI is tied to other apps in the iPhones and thus getting rid of Tips & Stocks apps will be complex. Not everyone might be using these apps, but for those who use, Stocks & Tips apps are equally important. However, Tim acknowledged the problems of users who do not use these apps and is working on finding some way to provide a solution for these customers.

The possibility of  Apple allowing the de-cluttering of apps by deleting the visible shortcuts of the non-essential applications like Apple Music, iBooks, Stocks, Newsstand, Tips, Passbook, Game Center, Reminders and many more without affecting any other iOS file is negligible. Also, he doesn’t support any promotional motivation enforcing the presence of few apps.

Apple is not alone in promotion of non-essential apps through its enforced and persistent presence. In Android’s play store distribution, even Google does not allow users to uninstall or delete apps like Gmail, Drive, Google Plus, Sheets, Games, Play Newsstand, Docs and Slides. This is also the case in Windows 10, 8 and Windows Phones. However, Android and Windows phones have a separate place where a comprehensive app drawer is located. It is differently situated and users can customize their home screen by only keeping the apps that they use daily.

Cook also discussed about some other feature additions to iPhone 6s like Live Photos. According to Cook, Live Photos has never been existed before and this feature is similar to discovering something new. However, many people have compared this feature with HTC’s Zoe and Lumia living images. These features were available with those brands for some period of time.

Besides, Tim also gave a brief about the apple’s long term commitment to Mac with the launch of iPad Pro and live demo of Microsoft office. The combination of these two features can be a great productivity tool in new tablets.

Cook believes that after a few years, people will stop purchasing computers. According to him iPad has all those things and functionalities that a PC has and people will go for iPads instead of PCs. But there are people who prefer using PCs and hence Mac will never get out-dated as they form a major digital solution for them.