Whatsapp Brings about Two Step Verification for Extra Security of your Account

For those who have been looking for better security, you need to know that Whatsapp has now come up with better levels of security. But this option is not compulsory. It has however been preferred even in the beta versions too since November. People feel that it is good to use such options as it would enhance security of the account. But there is a two way verification which you can think of. Here’s how to enable the two step verification for iOS.

When you change your phone then in the new phone you will have to set up this verification option. You will be asked the email address and also there will be need for a code that you have to put. If you are putting the code then keep it a six digit code and you will also be asked the email address.

In case of Android, there will be need for three step verification and first thing is that you need to go to the account settings and then the two step verification process will follow. Here you will also be given the option of email address as well as the passcode. So, to be on the safer side if you will also be given the email addresses option in case if you use the passcode.

These things also work for the beta users of Android. And to be more precise these things have been mentioned in the FAQ page too of the Whatsapp official page. The page says that the person should give accurate email address. This is because if by chance the passcode is missed then too with the accurate email address you will never lose any kind of information and also the older messages.

The best part is that in between the pass code will be asked to the people to ensure that they don’t forget the same. Also, since this feature is not compulsory, there is one more thing that would come up and that is, Whatsapp will ask that whether you want to carry out the security steps or not. If you say No, then you will be allowed to carry out the regular things on your Whatsapp account.


But if by have generated the pass code for verification and then you forget the same and you have not provided the email link then you might not be allowed to use the account for seven days. So, keeping all these things in mind you need to check out what options are good for you. We all need security and so for that it would be better to try this option. Whatsapp always releases some or the other thing for enhanced security and so by trying this there is no issue at all. So, what’s more on the cards is something we need to check out. Wait and watch and see what Whatsapp has for you. Keep a watch on this news and see what’s in for you.











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